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Seller: doibacbeo (809) 100%, Location: San Jose, California, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item: 113614598664 1 YEAR FOR 2 DEVICES IPTV SERVICES WITH OVER 7000+ CHANNEL FREE 1 DAY TRIAL UPON REQUEST. WORK WITH ALL ANDROID BOXES AND PC/MAC WEB BROWSER USA Channels (900+) US: NBCSN HD Boston US: 5 StarMax HD Movies US: A&E 720 US: A&E HD 1080 US: ABC HD Atlanta US: ABC HD Baltimore US: ABC HD Boston US: ABC HD Charlotte US: ABC HD Chicago US: ABC HD Cleveland US: ABC HD Columbus US: ABC HD Dallas US: ABC HD Denver US: ABC HD Detroit US: ABC HD Durham US: ABC HD Fresno US: ABC HD Hartford US: ABC HD Houston US: ABC HD Indianapolis US: ABC HD Kansas City US: ABC HD Los Angeles US: ABC HD Miami US: ABC HD Milwaukee US: ABC HD Minneapolis US: ABC HD Nashville US: ABC HD New York. 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Entertainment HD 1080 US: El Rey Network HD 1080 US: Eleven Sports Network HD US: EPIX 3 HD US: EPIX HD 1080 US: EPIX2 HD 1080 US: ESPN 2 720 US: ESPN 2 HD 1080 US: ESPN 720 US: ESPN Goal Line HD US: ESPN HD 1080 US: ESPN News HD US: ESPN U HD US: ESPN3 feed 1 US: ESPN3 feed 10 US: ESPN3 feed 11 US: ESPN3 feed 12 US: ESPN3 feed 13 US: ESPN3 feed 14 US: espn3 feed 16 US: Espn3 feed 17 US: Espn3 feed 18 US: Espn3 feed 19 US: ESPN3 feed 2 US: Espn3 feed 20 US: Espn3 feed 21 US: Espn3 feed 22 US: Espn3 feed 23 US: Espn3 feed 24 US: Espn3 feed 25 US: Espn3 feed 26 US: Espn3 feed 27 US: Espn3 feed 28 US: Espn3 feed 29 US: ESPN3 feed 3 US: Espn3 feed 30 US: Espn3 feed 31 US: Espn3 feed 32 US: Espn3 feed 33 US: Espn3 feed 34 US: Espn3 feed 35 US: Espn3 feed 36 US: Espn3 feed 37 US: Espn3 feed 38 US: Espn3 feed 39 US: ESPN3 feed 4 US: Espn3 feed 40 US: Espn3 feed 41 US: Espn3 feed 42 US: Espn3 feed 43 US: Espn3 feed 44 US: Espn3 feed 45 US: Espn3 feed 46 US: Espn3 feed 47 US: Espn3 feed 48 US: Espn3 feed 49 US: ESPN3 feed 5 US: Espn3 feed 50 US: ESPN3 feed 6 US: ESPN3 feed 7 US: ESPN3 feed 8 US: ESPN3 feed 9 US: ESPN3 feed15 US: Fight Network HD US: FNTSY Network HD US: Food Network 720 US: Food Network HD US: FOX HD Newport US: Fox Business Network 720 US: Fox Business Network HD US: Fox College Sports Atlantic US: Fox College Sports Central US: Fox College Sports Pacific US: FOX HD Albany NY US: FOX HD Atlanta US: FOX HD Austin US: FOX HD Baltimore US: FOX HD Belmont US: FOX HD Boston US: FOX HD Buffalo US: FOX HD Burlington US: FOX HD Cape Girardeau US: FOX HD Charleston US: FOX HD Charlotte US: FOX HD Chattanooga US: FOX HD Chicago US: FOX HD Cincinnati US: FOX HD Cleveland US: Fox HD Columbia US: FOX HD Columbus US: FOX HD Dallas US: FOX HD Davenport US: FOX HD Dayton US: FOX HD Denver US: FOX HD Des Moines US: FOX HD Detroit US: FOX HD Fargo US: FOX HD Flint US: FOX HD Fort Myers and Naples US: FOX HD Fort Wayne US: FOX HD Fresno US: FOX HD Gainsville US: FOX HD Green Bay US: FOX HD Hardeeville US: Fox HD Hartford US: FOX HD Hazleton US: FOX HD Honolulu US: FOX HD Houston US: FOX HD Indianapolis US: FOX HD Jacksonville US: FOX HD Kansas City US: FOX HD Knoxville US: FOX HD Lexington US: FOX HD Lincoln US: FOX HD Los Angeles US: FOX HD Macon US: FOX HD Madison US: FOX HD Memphis US: FOX HD Miami US: FOX HD Milwaukee US: FOX HD Minneapolis US: FOX HD Moorefield US: FOX HD Myrtle Beach US: FOX HD Nashville US: FOX HD New Orleans US: FOX HD New York US: FOX HD Oklahoma US: FOX HD Omaha US: FOX HD Orlando US: FOX HD Philadelphia 1080 US: FOX HD Phoenix US: FOX HD Pittsburgh US: Fox HD Portland US: FOX HD Raleigh US: FOX HD Richmond US: FOX HD Rochester US: FOX HD Sacramento US: FOX HD Salinas US: FOX HD Salt Lake City US: FOX HD San Antonio US: FOX HD San Diego US: FOX HD San Francisco US: FOX HD San Luis Obispo US: FOX HD Shreveport US: FOX HD Sioux Falls US: FOX HD South Bend US: FOX HD Springfield, ILL US: FOX HD Springfield, MO US: FOX HD St.Louis US: FOX HD Tacoma US: FOX HD Tallahassee US: FOX HD Tampa Bay US: FOX HD Tucson US: FOX HD Tulsa US: FOX HD Tyler US: FOX HD Waterville US: FOX HD West Virginia US: FOX HD Wichita US: Fox News 720 US: Fox News HD (opt3) US: Fox News HD 1080 US: Fox Soccer Plus HD. 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Real Monsters24/7: Alf24/7: Alias24/7: All in the Family24/7: American Dad24/7: American Horror Story24/7: Ancient Aliens 224/7: Ancient Aliens24/7: Andy Griffith24/7: Anime24/7: Are you Afraid of the Dark?24/7: Band of Brothers24/7: Batman The Animated Adventures24/7: Batman24/7: Battlestar Galactica24/7: Beavis and Butthead24/7: Ben 1024/7: Better Call Saul24/7: Beverly Hillbillies24/7: Bewitched24/7: Big Bang Theory24/7: Black Sails24/7: Blacklist24/7: Blaze and The Monster Machines24/7: Blindspot24/7: Bob's Burgers24/7: Body Beast24/7: Bonanza24/7: Boxing Wilder vs Ortiz(fixed)24/7: Breaking Bad24/7: Brooklyn 9924/7: Bruce lee - IP Man24/7: Bugs Bunny Classics24/7: Cantinflas24/7: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons24/7: Carol Barnet Show24/7: Catherine Tate Show24/7: Cheers24/7: Chespirito24/7: CHIPS24/7: Christian Movies24/7: Christmas Music24/7: Clint Eastwood24/7: Coach24/7: Cops24/7: Courage The Cowardly Dog24/7: Criminal Minds24/7: CSI Las Vegas24/7: CSI Miami24/7: Cuna De Lobos24/7: Danger Mouse24/7: Dave Chapelle24/7: Depeche Mode24/7: Desperate Housewives24/7: Destilando Amor24/7: Dexter's Laboratory24/7: Dexter24/7: Different Strokes24/7: Dinosaurs24/7: Disco24/7: Disney Classics24/7: Disney Shorts24/7: Doc Mcstuffins24/7: Doctor Who24/7: Don Omar Zumba Campaign24/7: Dora The Explorer24/7: Dragon Ball Super.24/7: Duck Tales24/7: Dukes of Hazard24/7: Eddie Murphy24/7: El Chavo24/7: Elvis Movies24/7: Elvis Music (updated)24/7: ESPNS 30 for 3024/7: Everybody Loves Raymond24/7: Facts of Life24/7: Family Guy24/7: Family Matters24/7: Fast & Loud24/7: FIFA World Cups24/7: Fraggle Rock24/7: Franco Escamilla Comediante24/7: Fresh Prince of Bellaire24/7: Friends 24/7: Fuego En La Sangre24/7: Futurama24/7: Gabriel Iglesias24/7: Game of Thrones24/7: Gargoyles24/7: George Carlin24/7: George Lopez24/7: Gilligan's Island24/7: Good Times24/7: Goofy Classics24/7: Goosebumps24/7: Gotham24/7: Grey's Anatomy24/7: Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy24/7: Growing Pains24/7: Gunsmoke24/7: Hair Bands24/7: Hannibal24/7: Happy Days24/7: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe24/7: Hell's Kitchen24/7: Heroes24/7: Homeland24/7: House MD24/7: I Love Lucy24/7: Insanity The Asylum24/7: Insanity Workout24/7: Inspector Gadget24/7: Jackie Chan24/7: Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred24/7: Jillian Michaels 6week 6pack24/7: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution24/7: Jillian Michaels Kickbox Fastfix24/7: Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs24/7: Jillian Michaels Shred it With Weights24/7: Johnny Bravo24/7: Johnny Test24/7: Julia Roberts Movies24/7: Justice League Unlimited24/7: Katt Williams24/7: Kevin Hart24/7: Knight Rider24/7: Kung Fu Movies24/7: La Fuerza del Destino24/7: Las Aparicio24/7: Laverne and Shirley24/7: Leave it to Beaver24/7: Lewis Black24/7: Looney Tunes24/7: Lost In Space24/7: Louis CK24/7: Lucifer24/7: Luis Miguel24/7: Malcolm in the Middle24/7: Mana24/7: Married With Children24/7: Martin24/7: Marvels Agents Of Shield24/7: MASH24/7: MasterChef24/7: Merengue, Salsa & Bachata24/7: Miami Vice24/7: Mike Tyson24/7: MLB Homerun Derbies24/7: Monk24/7: Mr. Bean24/7: Mr. ED24/7: Muhammad Ali24/7: My Ghost Stories24/7: My Little Pony24/7: My Name is Earl24/7: MythBusters24/7: Nicki Doane Yoga24/7: Nina Conti24/7: Old School Hip Hop24/7: Once Upon a Time24/7: Oprah24/7: Orange Is The New Black24/7: Oscar de la Hoya24/7: Otro Rollo24/7: P90x Home Workout24/7: P90x Workout24/7: P90x2 Deluxe24/7: Paw Patrol (updated)24/7: Pedro Infante24/7: Peppa Pig24/7: Pinky and The Brain24/7: PiYO Beach Body24/7: PiYO Beachbody Deluxe Strength24/7: PJ Masks24/7: Pokemon24/7: Quantum Leap24/7: Reggaeton24/7: Ren and Stimpy24/7: Richard Pryor 24/7: Rick and Morty24/7: Robot Chicken24/7: Roseanne24/7: Rubi24/7: Sailor Moon24/7: Samurai Jack24/7: Sanford and Son24/7: Scooby Doo Where Are You24/7: Scrubs24/7: Seinfeld24/7: Sex & the City24/7: Shameless24/7: Sherlock24/7: Silicon Valley24/7: Small Wonder24/7: Smallville24/7: SNL Best of Celebrities24/7: Sofia The First24/7: Sortilegio24/7: Soul Train24/7: South Park24/7: Soy Tu Duena24/7: Spartacus24/7: Spider-Man The Animated Series24/7: Sponge Bob Square Pants24/7: Star Trek Voyager24/7: Star Trek24/7: Star Wars The Clone Wars24/7: Star Wars24/7: Super Bowls & More24/7: Superbowls 2016 & 201724/7: Supergirl24/7: Supernatural24/7: Survivor24/7: Tales from The Crypt24/7: Team Umizoomi24/7: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles24/7: Tejano (updated)24/7: Teresa24/7: The Amazing World Of Gumball24/7: The Arrow24/7: The Beatles24/7: The Bible24/7: The Brady Bunch24/7: The Care Bears24/7: The Chapelle Show24/7: The Cosby Show24/7: The Cure24/7: The Fairly OddParents24/7: The Flash24/7: The Flinstones24/7: The Green Hornet 196624/7: The Incredible Hulk24/7: The Jeffersons24/7: The Jetsons24/7: The King of Queens24/7: The Love Boat24/7: The Mentalist24/7: The Munsters24/7: The Office24/7: The Outer Limits24/7: The Simpsons24/7: The Smurfs24/7: The Sopranos24/7: The Three Stooges24/7: The Ultimate Fighter24/7: The Ultimate Zumba Fitness Experience24/7: The Vampire Diaries24/7: The Walking Dead24/7: Three's Company24/7: Through The Wormhole(Morgan Freeman)24/7: Tin Tan24/7: Tom & Jerry24/7: Tom vs Time24/7: Top Gear24/7: True Blood24/7: Twilight Zone24/7: UFC 221 & 22324/7: UFC 222 (fixed)24/7: UFC 225, 226, & Alvarez vs Poirier24/7: UFC 22724/7: V The Series24/7: Voltron24/7: Welcome Back Kotter24/7: WestWorld24/7: Will And Grace24/7: Wonder Woman24/7: WWE ROYAL RUMBLE HD24/7: X-Files24/7: X-Men24/7: Yoga Inferno .Jillian Michaels24/7: Yoga Meltdown Jillian Michaels24/7: Zumba Fitness Argentina Channels AR: El NueveAR: America HDAR: Canal 26 HDAR: Canal 9AR: Ciudad Magazine HD AR: DeporTVAR: EncuentroAR: Encuentro.AR: ESPN 2AR: Pakapaka AR: TelefeAR: Todo NoticiasAR: TV Publica HDAR: TyC Sports HD Brazil Channels (100+) BR: (FHD) Baby TVBR: (FHD) FOXBR: (FHD) FOX LifeBR: (FHD) Fox SportsBR: (FHD) FOX Sports 2BR: (FHD) FXBR: (FHD) NAT GEOBR: (FHD) NAT GEO WILDBR: (HD) ESPN BrazilBR: (SD) FOXBR: A&E FHDBR: AMC FHDBR: Animal Planet FHDBR: AXN FHDBR: AXN HDBR: Band NORDESTE FHDBR: BAND SPORTSBR: BAND.BR: Beinsport 1 HDBR: BoomerangBR: Boomerang FHDBR: Canal OFF FHDBR: Canal SonyBR: Cartoon FHDBR: Cartoon NetworkBR: Cinemax HDBR: Combate FHDBR: Combate HDBR: Discovery CivilizationBR: Discovery FHDBR: Discovery Home HealthBR: Discovery Kids FHD BR: Discovery TurboBR: DisneyBR: Disney JR FHDBR: Disney XDBR: Espn Brasil FHDBR: ESPN Brazil SDBR: ESPN HDBR: ESPN Plus HDBR: ESPN Plus SDBR: ESPN SDBR: Esporte Interativo FHDBR: Food Network FHDBR: Fox HDBR: Fox Sports 1 HDBR: FOX Sports 2 HDBR: GLOBO NewsBR: Globo PremiumBR: Globo Premium altBR: Globo SP altBR: H2 HDBR: HBOBR: HBO 2BR: HBO Family HDBR: HBO FHDBR: HBO PlusBR: History ChannelBR: History FHDBR: Mais Globosat HDBR: Multishow FHDBR: Nat Geo FHDBR: National GeographicBR: Nick JR FHD BR: Premiere Clubes FHDBR: RECORD TV HDBR: REDETV HDBR: SBT NORDESTE FHDBR: Space Brasil FHDBR: Space FHDBR: SporTV FHDBR: Studio Universal FHDBR: SyFy FHDBR: Syfy HDBR: TBS HDBR: TC ActionBR: TC Cult HDBR: TC FunBR: TC Pipoca HDBR: TC Premium HDBR: TC TouchBR: TCMBR: Telecine Action FHDBR: Telecine Fun FHDBR: Telecine Pipoca FHDBR: Telecine Premimum FHDBR: Telecine Touch FHDBR: TLCBR: TNT HDBR: TNT SeriesBR: TooncastBR: TV Brasil FHDBR: TV GloboBR: TV Globo altBR: TV Globo PremiumBR: TV Globo Premium altBR: Warner Canadian Channels (330+) CA: A & E FHDCA: ABC East SDCA: ABC HDCA: ABC SPARKCA: ABC Spark HDCA: ABC WESTCA: ACTION HDCA: ADDIK SDCA: ADDIK TV (FR) HDCA: AHCCA: AMCCA: AMC FHDCA: AMC HDCA: ANIMAL PLANETCA: Animal Planet HDCA: APTNCA: APTN HDCA: ARTVCA: ARTV (FR) HDCA: AssemblCA: BBC CANADACA: BBC CANADA HDCA: BBC KIDS HDCA: BBC TorontoCA: BBC World News HDCA: BBC WORLD NEWS SDCA: BETCA: BNN HDCA: BNN FHD*CA: BOOK TVCA: Bravo HDCA: BRAVO SDCA: CANAL D (Fench) HDCA: CANAL SAVOIR SD*CA: Cartoon NetWork HDCA: CARTOON NETWORK HD*CA: CASA (French)CA: CBC ATLANTIC FHDCA: CBC FRENCH HD*CA: CBC HDCA: CBC MONTREAL (French)CA: CBC MONTREAL SDCA: CBC NEWS NETWORK HDCA: CBC News Network HDCA: CBC NEWS TORONTO FHD*CA: CBC OTTAWA SDCA: CBC VANCOUVER HD*CA: CBS EAST HDCA: CBS HDCA: CHCH HD**CA: CINEPOP ( French ) SDCA: CITY HDCA: CITY MONTREALSDCA: CITY TORONTO HD*CA: CNN HDCA: CNN INTERNATIONAL SDCA: COMEDY EAST HDCA: COMEDY GOLD HDCA: COMEDY HDCA: COOKING CHANNEL SD*CA: COSMOCA: COTTAGE LIFE HDCA: CP 24 HDCA: CP24 HD*CA: CPACCA: CPAC HDCA: CPAC HDCA: Create HDCA: CRIME INVESTIGATION SDCA: CTVCA: CTV 2 VANCOUVER FHDCA: CTV ATLANTICCA: CTV HALIFAXCA: CTV HDCA: CTV KITCHENER HD**CA: CTV NEWS NETWORKCA: CTV NEWS TORONTO HDCA: CTV OTTAWA SDCA: CTV TORONTO HDCA: CTV TWO FHD**CA: CTV VANCOUVER FHDCA: CTV2 OTTAWA SDCA: CW 11 HDCA: CW HDCA: DAYSTAR TV FHDCA: DAYSTAR TV SDCA: DEJAVIEW HDCA: DISCOVERY CANADA HDCA: DISCOVERY SCIENCE HD*CA: DISCOVERY VELOCITY HDCA: DISNEY (French) SDCA: DISNEY CANADA HDCA: DISNEY CHANNEL HDCA: DISNEY HDCA: DISNEY JRCA: DISNEY JR HDCA: Disney XD HDCA: DIY NETWORK HDCA: DOCUMENTARY HDCA: DTOUR SDCA: E! FHDCA: E! HDCA: EKTA TVCA: ENCORE 1 SDCA: ENCORE 2 EASTCA: EVASION (French) HDCA: FAMILY CHRGDCA: FAMILY EASTCA: FAMILY JRCA: FAMILY JUNIOR HDCA: FAMILY WESTCA: FIGHT NETWORK CA: FOOD NETWORK HDCA: FOOD NETWORK SDCA: FOX CA|NADA HD*CA: FOX EASTCA: FOX FHDCA: FOX HDCA: FOX NEWS SDCA: FOX Q13 HDCA: FOX WESTCA: FTV SDCA: FX HDCA: FXX HDCA: FXX HDCA: FYI HDCA: FYI SDCA: Game TVCA: GH Canada TVCA: GINX ESPORTS TV CANADACA: GLOBAL HALIFAX SDCA: Global HDCA: GLOBAL TV SD*CA: GLOBAL VANCOUVER FHDCA: GOLFCA: GSNCA: GSN FHDCA: GSN HDCA: GUSTOCA: H2 SDCA: HBO 2 HDCA: HBO 2 SDCA: HBO HDCA: HBO HDCA: HBO SDCA: HGTV HDCA: HGTV HDCA: HISTORIO (French)CA: HISTORY CHANNEL SDCA: HISTORY HDCA: HISTORY HDCA: HLN FHDCA: HLN HDCA: HLN SDCA: HOPE TVCA: HPI TV (HORSE RACING)CA: ICI MONTREAL (French)CA: ICI VANCOUVER (French)CA: ID CANADA SDCA: IFCCA: INVESTIGATIODN ISCOVERYCA: JOY TV HDCA: JOY TV SDCA: KNOWLEDGE KIDSCA: KNOWLEDGE KIDS HDCA: KTLACA: KTLACA: LCN (French)CA: Leafs TVCA: LEAFS TVCA: LIFETIME HDCA: LIFETIME SDCA: MAKEFUL SDCA: MAX (French)CA: ME TV HDCA: METEO (French)CA: MIRACLE SDCA: MOI CIECA: MSNBC HDCA: MSNBC HDCA: MTIMECA: MTV 2CA: MTV SDCA: MUCH MUSICCA: MUSIQUE PLUS (French)CA: NAT GEOCA: NAT GEO HDCA: NAT GEO WILD HDCA: NBA TV SDCA: NBC EASTCA: NBC FHDCA: NBC WEST HD*CA: NBC WEST SDCA: NET TV TORONTOCA: NICKTOONCA: NTV SDCA: OLNCA: OLN HDCA: OLN HDCA: OMNI 1CA: OMNI 1 FHDCA: OMNI 1 HDCA: OMNI 2CA: OMNI 2 HDCA: OMNI BCCA: OMNI BC HDCA: OMNI EASTCA: OMNI HDCA: ONECA: ONECA: OOUTDOOR LIFE NETWORK HDCA: OUTDOOR LIFE NETWORKCA: OUTTVCA: OWN FHDCA: OWN HDCA: OWN SDCA: PARAMOUNT NETWORK HDCA: PBS EAST HDCA: PBS FHDCA: PBS HDCA: PBS Vermont HDCA: PBS WEST SDCA: PEACH TREECA: PEACH TREE HD CA: PEACH TREE HDCA: PEACH TREE HD*CA: Prime Asia HDCA: PRISE (French)CA: Punjabi TV CanadaCA: RDI (French)CA: RDS (French)CA: RDS 2 (French)CA: RDS INFO (French)CA: Sanjha Punjab canadaCA: SERIS (French)CA: SGSS MALTONCA: SHOWCASE EASTCA: SHOWCASE HDCA: SLICECA: Slice HDCA: SMITHSONIANCA: SPACECA: SPACE HDCA: SPACE HDCA: SPIKE TV / PARAMOUNT CA|NADACA: SPORTS NET 360 HDCA: SPORTS NET CENTRAL HDCA: SPORTS NET ONE HDCA: SPORTS NET ONTARIO HDCA: SPORTS NET PACIFIC HDCA: SPORTS NET WEST HDCA: SPORTS NET WORLD HDCA: SPORTSNET 360 FHDCA: SportsNet EASTCA: SPORTSNET ONE FHDCA: Sportsnet One FHDCA: SPORTSNET ONTARIO FHDCA: SportsNet Ontario HDCA: SPORTSNET PACIFIC HDCA: SportsNet WEST HDCA: SportsNet WORLD HDCA: SportsNet WORLD HD*CA: Stingray iConcerts FHDCA: Stringray ClassicaCA: SUPER ECRAN 1 (French)CA: SUPER ECRAN 2 (French)CA: SUPER ECRAN 3 (French)CA: SUPER ECRAN 4 (French)CA: Sur Sagar TVCA: TCM SDCA: TEHLKA TVCA: TELE LATINOCA: TELE QUEBEC (French)CA: TELE TOON (French)CA: TELE TOON EASTCA: TELE TOON WESTCA: TELEMAGINO (French)CA: Teletoon HDCA: TFO (French)CA: THE SHOPPING CHANNELCA: THE SHOPPING CHANNEL FHDCA: THE WEATHER CHANNEL HD*CA: THE WEATHER NETWORKCA: THE WEATHER NETWORK CANADA HD*CA: TLCCA: TLC HDCA: TLC HDCA: TMN 1CA: TMN 2CA: TMN 3CA: TMN 4CA: TRAVEL ESCAPECA: TREEHOUSECA: TREEHOUSE HD*CA: TSC SHOPPING FHD*CA: TSN 1 FHDCA: TSN 2 FHDCA: TSN HD 1CA: TSN HD 2CA: TSN HD 3CA: TSN HD 4CA: TSN HD 5CA: TV5 QUEBEC (French)CA: TVA GATINEAU (French)CA: TVA MONTREAL (French)CA: TVA QUEBEC (French)CA: TVA SPORTS (French)CA: TVOCA: UNIS TV (French)CA: V MONTREAL (French)CA: V QUEBEC (French)CA: VIE (French)CA: VISION TVCA: VRAK TV (French)CA: W NETWORK SDCA: WEATHER NETWORK (Toronto) HDCA: WEATHER NETWORK TORONTO HD*CA: WFNCA: WGNCA: Wild TVCA: WOMENS NETWORK SDCA: WORLD FISHING NETWORKCA: WSBKCA: YES TVCA: YES TV (Alberta)CA: YES TV (Ontario)CA: YES TV ALBERTA HD*CA: YES TV ONTARIO HD*CA: YOOPA (French)CA: YTVCA: YTV (East) HDCA: YTV WESTCA: Z TELE (French)CA: ZESTECA: ZESTE (French) Caribbean Channels (50+) CAR: BASHMENTCAR: BASHMENT 2CAR: JNN- JAMAICACAR:CANEL 11 (Haiti) | SDCAR:CARIB VISION (Caribbean) | SDCAR:CBC TV (Barbados) | HDCAR:CBC TV 8-BARBADOSCAR:CDM INTERNATIONAL- PUERTO RICOCAR:CN3 TV - TRINIDADCAR:CVM -JAMAICACAR:CVM TV (Jamaica) | SDCAR:ESTVCAR:EXCELSIOR TV (Haiti) | SDCAR:EXCELSIOR TV- HAITICAR:FAME RADIO LIVE- JAMAICACAR:FAMILIA DE LAFER- PUERTO RICOCAR:GBN (Grenada) | SDCAR:GINEN (Haiti) | SDCAR:GRENADA FAMILY NETWORK CAR:HAITI TELE BOSTON RADIO | SDCAR:HOPE CHANNEL- PUERTO RICOCAR:HYPE TVCAR:ISLAND LUCK TV (Bahamas) | HDCAR:JAMAICA NEWS NETWORK | SDCAR:JAMROCK ONE- JAMAICACAR:KESKIYA (Haiti) | SDCAR:LOUANGE (Haiti) | SDCAR:METROPOLETV (Haiti) | SDCAR:MTM - JAMAICACAR:NAGO TV (Haiti) | UHDCAR:NAGO TV- HAITICAR:NEVISTV- ST.KITTS NEVISCAR:ONE CARIBBEAN TVCAR:PARLIMENT (Bahamas) | HDCAR:PLANET COMPASS (Haiti) | HDCAR:RETV (Jamaica) | HDCAR:RETV- JAMAICACAR:RTVC (Haiti) | SD CAR:SHOLOM TV (Haiti) | SDCAR:SPORTSMAXCAR:SPORTSMAX2CAR:STORM TV (Haiti) | SDCAR:TELE ECLAIR (Haiti) | SDCAR:TELE SUPERSTAR- HAITICAR:TELENORD - DOMINICAN REPUBLICCAR:TELENORD 10 - DOMINICAN REPUBLICCAR:TELENORD 8 - DOMINICAN REPUBLICCAR:TEN CRICKETCAR:TRIPOTAY LAKAY (Haiti) | SDCAR:TTEN- TrinidadCAR:TV JAMAICA | HDCAR:TV JAMAICA PRIME TIME SPORTSCAR:TVJ SPORTS- JAMAICACAR:TVJ- JAMAICACAR:VEGATEVE- DOMINICAN REPUBLICCAR:WSVI-TV 8CAR:ZIZ TV- ST.KITTSCAR:ZNS 13 (Bahamas) | HD Chile Channels CL: CNN (Chile)CL: EL PINGUINO TVCL: LA RED (Chile) CL: MEGA (Chile)CL: NIU TV(Chile)CL: TeleTrak (Chile) CL: TV Chile HDCL: TVN Ch Columbia Channels CO: TV Agro FHDCO: A&E FHDCO: Al Jazeera HDCO: AMC HDCO: Animal Planet HDCO: Antena 3CO: ArirangCO: AXN HDCO: AZ Corazon FHDCO: AZ Mundo FHDCO: Baby TVCO: BloombergCO: BoomerangCO: Cable Noticias HDCO: Canal Capital HDCO: Canal Claro FHDCO: Canal de las Estrellas HDCO: Caracol FHDCO: Caracol HDCO: Cartoon Network HDCO: CinecanalCO: CinelatinoCO: Cinelatino RecCO: Cinema DinamitaCO: Cinema PlusCO: CinemaxCO: City TVCO: Claro CinemaCO: Claro ConcertCO: Claro Musica ACO: Claro Musica BCO: Claro Sports Colombia HDCO: Claro Sports FHDCO: Claro Sports Latin America FHDCO: CNNCO: CNN InternationalCO: Comedy Central FHDCO: CristovisionCO: Data IFXCO: De PeliculaCO: DHE HDCO: Discovery Channel FHDCO: Discovery CivilizationCO: Discovery H&H HDCO: Discovery Kids FHDCO: Discovery ScienceCO: Discovery Theater HDCO: Discovery Turbo FHDCO: Discovery World FHDCO: Disney Channel HDCO: Disney Jr. CO: Disney XDCO: DWCO: DW AmericaCO: E! EntertainmentCO: El SembradorCO: EnlaceCO: ESPN 1 HD (fixed)CO: ESPN 2 HD (fixed)CO: ESPN 3 FHDCO: ESPN Plus HDCO: Euro ChannelCO: EWTNCO: Fox 1 HDCO: Fox Action HDCO: Fox Cinema HDCO: Fox Classics HDCO: Fox Comedy HDCO: Fox Family FHDCO: FOX HDCO: FOX Life HDCO: Fox Movies HDCO: Fox Series HDCO: Fox Sports 1 FHDCO: Fox Sports 1 HD ColCO: Fox Sports 2 FHDCO: Fox Sports 3 HDCO: France 24CO: FX FHDCO: GlitzCO: Golden FHDCO: Golden Premier FHDCO: Golf Channel HDCO: Gourmet FHDCO: H2CO: HBO 2 HDCO: HBO Family FHDCO: HBO FHDCO: HBO Plus HDCO: HBO Signature HDCO: Headline News HDCO: History FHDCO: Hola TV HDCO: HTVCO: I SatCO: IberoCO: Inti FHDCO: Investigation Discovery HDCO: KmusicCO: Lifetime HDCO: Mas Chic HD CO: MaxCO: Max Prime HDCO: Max Up HDCO: MTV FHDCO: MTV HitsCO: MTV Live FHDCO: Multi Premier HDCO: Nat Geo FHDCO: Nat Geo Kids FHDCO: Nat Geo Wild FHDCO: Nick 2 HDCO: Nick Jr. FHDCO: Nickelodeon FHDCO: NTN 24CO: Paramount HDCO: Pasiones HDCO: Radiola TV HDCO: RAICO: RCN 2 HDCO: RCN HDCO: RCN Telenovelas FHDCO: Red HDCO: Senal ColombiaCO: Sony FHDCO: Space HDCO: Studio Universal FHDCO: Sundance HDCO: TBS FHDCO: TCM FHDCO: Teleantioquia HDCO: TelecafeCO: TelecaribeCO: TelemundoCO: TelenovelasCO: TelepacificoCO: The Filmzone FHDCO: TLC HDCO: TNT HDCO: TNT Series HDCO: TooncastCO: TRO HDCO: TRU TV FHDCO: TVECO: UnicableCO: Universal Channel HDCO: VE Plus TVCO: VH1 HDCO: Warner HDCO: WIN SportsCO: Win Sports FHD French Channels FR:BeinSport1_HDFR:BeinSport2_HDFR:BeinSport3_HDFR:BeinSportMax10FR:BeinSportMax4FR:BeinSportMax5 FR:BeinSportMax6FR:BeinSportMax7FR:BeinSportMax8FR:BeinSportMax9FR:EUROSPORT_2_HDFR:EUROSPORT1_france FR:EXTREME_SPORT_HDFR:INFOSPORTFR:SFR_SPORT1FR:SFR_SPORT2FR:SFR_SPORT3FR:SFR_SPORT5 Latino Channels LA: (FHD) BABY TVLA: (FHD) FOX ActionLA: (FHD) FOX CinemaLA: (FHD) FOX ClassicsLA: (FHD) FOX ComedyLA: (FHD) FOX FamilyLA: (FHD) FOX MoviesLA: (FHD) FOX SeriesLA: (FHD) NAT GEO WILDLA: 26 TV ArgentinaLA: 4 RTVDLa: A&E LatinoLA: A3 Series HDLa: ADN 40 HDLA: AMC HDLa: Animal PlanetLa: Aristegui NoticiasLa: AXNLA: AXN HDLa: AYM SportsLa: Az Click HDLA: Az CorazonLa: Bein Sport Ñ HDLA: Bein Sports Ñ 1080La: BoomerangLa: Canal 2 NicaraguaLa: Canal 38 CarnavalLa: CANAL 4 (ARG)La: Canal 9 (Argentina)La: Capital TVLa: Cartoon NetworkLa: Cartoon Network HDLa: CDF PremiumLa: CGTNLa: Cinecanal HDLa: Cinecanal PlusLA: CinemaxLA: Cinemax Action HD PeliculasLA: Cinemax East HD PeliculasLa: Cinemax FHDLA: Cinemax HD PeliculasLA: CNT SportsLA: Colorvision RDLa: Comedy Central HDLa: De PeliculaLA: Digital 15 RDLA: Directv Sport +LA: Directv Sport 2LA: Discovery Channel HDLa: Discovery Channel HD 1080La: Discovery CivilizationLA: Discovery Home & HealthLA: Discovery Home & Health HDLa: Discovery KidsLa: Discovery ScienceLa: Discovery Theater HD 1080La: Discovery TurboLa: Disney ChannelLa: Disney JRLa: Disney XDLa: Distrito ComediaLa: DW Español AlemaniaLa: E! HDLA: Ecuador TVLA: EcuaVisaLa: El Financiero BloombergLa: El GourmetLA: El TreceLa: ESPN 2 HDLa: ESPN 3 HDLa: ESPN Deportes 1080LA: ESPN Deportes 720La: ESPN HDLA: Food NetworkLa: FoxLa: Fox Action HDLa: Fox Cinema HD 1080La: Fox ClassicsLa: Fox ComedyLa: Fox Deportes HDLa: FOX Family HDLA: Fox HDLa: Fox LifeLA: Fox Life 1080La: Fox MoviesLA: Fox Movies HDLA: Fox Series HDLA: Fox Sports 1 Centro America HDLA: Fox Sports 1 Sur America HDLA: Fox Sports 2 Centro America HDLA: Fox Sports 2 HDLA: Fox Sports 2 Sur America HDLA: Fox Sports 3 Centro America HDLA: Fox Sports 3 HDLA: Fox Sports 3 Sur America HDLa: FXLA: FX FHD La: Galavision HDLA: Gama TVLa: Garage TVLa: GlitzLa: GoldenLa: Golden EdgeLA: GolTVLA: GolTV HDLa: H2La: HBO 2 HDLA: HBO East HD PeliculasLa: HBO FamilyLA: HBO Family HD PeliculasLa: HBO HD 1080La: HBO PlusLA: HBO Plus HD PeliculasLA: HBO Plus West HD PeliculasLa: HBO SignatureLA: HBO SIGNATURE HD PeliculasLA: HBO West HD PeliculasLa: History Channel HDLA: IndiePlex HD PeliculasLa: Investigation DiscoveryLa: LifetimeLa: LOGOS BOLIVIALa: Max HDLa: Max PrimeLa: Max Prime 2La: Max UP HDLA: MicroVision Canal 10 RDLA: MoreMax HD PeliculasLA: MovieMax HD PeliculasLA: MoviePlex HD PeliculasLA: Movistar DeportesLa: MTV HitsLA: MTV MusicLA: Naranja TV RDLa: Nat GeoLA: Nat Geo HDLA: Nat Geo Mundo HDLa: Nat Geo WildLA: Nat Geo Wild HDLA: NBC Universo HDLA: Nick 2La: NICK Jr HDLa: Nick ToonsLa: NickelodeonLA: Nickelodeon HDLa: Oromar TV EcuadorLA: OuterMax HD PeliculasLa: Paramount ChannelLa: Power HD ArLA: PPV 9 Annabelle: CreationLA: PPV 1 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyLA: PPV 10 All NighterLA: PPV 11 All Eyes on meLA: PPV 12 Amityville: The AwakeningLA: PPV 13 Acts of VengeanceLA: PPV 14 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyLA: PPV 15 AnnihilationLA: PPV 16 Atomic BlondeLA: PPV 17 Baby DriverLA: PPV 18 Captain FantasticLA: PPV 19 Batman AnimationLA: PPV 2 GringoLA: PPV 20 Duck Duck GooseLA: PPV 21 AnimeLA: PPV 22 Batman NinjaLA: PPV 23 Cars 3LA: PPV 24 Blade of the ImmortalLA: PPV 25 Blade RunnerLA: PPV 26 The Darkest HourLA: PPV 27 1/1LA: PPV 28 Day of the Dead: BloodlineLA: PPV 29 The Keeping HoursLA: PPV 3 Gods not Dead: A Light in DarknessLA: PPV 30 Blind DateLA: PPV 31 The MansionLA: PPV 32 KnockLA: PPV 33 Gnome AloneLA: PPV 34 InvisibleLA: PPV 35 In the FadeLA: PPV 36 Le PortraitLA: PPV 37 American MadeLA: PPV 4 A Question of FaithLA: PPV 5 Breaking InLA: PPV 6 The Avengers Infinity WarLA: PPV 7 TullyLa: PromarLA: RetroPlex HD PeliculasLa: RitmosonLA: RTSLA: Showtime Beyond HD PeliculasLA: Showtime East HD PeliculasLA: Showtime HD 1080 PeliculasLA: Showtime HD PeliculasLA: Showtime West HD Peliculas La: Sony ChannelLa: Sony Channel HDLa: SpaceLA: Starz Black HD PeliculasLA: Starz Cinema HD PeliculasLA: Starz Comedy HD 1080 PeliculasLA: Starz Comedy HD PeliculasLA: Starz East HD PeliculasLA: Starz Edge HD PeliculasLA: Starz Encore Action PeliculasLA: Starz Encore Black HD PeliculasLA: Starz Encore Classic 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Francisco HDLa: Telemundo Tucson HDLa: TelenovelasLA: Telesistema Canal 11 RDLa: Telever Canal 12 RDLa: TLCLa: TNTLA: TNT HDLa: TNT SeriesLa: TooncastLa: TopLatinoLA: TRA Noticias RDLA: Travel HDLa: Tru TvLa: TV Maná ArgentinaLa: TV MartiLa: TVE HDLa: TYC HD SportsLA: TyC Sports HDLA: Unimas Dallas HDLA: Unimas Georgia HDLA: Unimas Hawaii HDLA: Unimas HDLA: Unimas Miami HDLA: Unimas New York HDLA: Unimas Washington HDLa: Universal ChannelLA: Univision Dallas HDLA: Univision DC HDLa: Univision Deportes HDLA: Univision Georgia HDLA: Univision Hawaii HDLA: Univision HDLA: Univision Miami HDLA: Univision NetworkLA: Univision New York HDLa: Univision TDNLa: VH1 ClassicsLa: VH1 HDLa: VTVLa: WarnerLa: WobiLA: WORO-TV Teleoro Canal 13 PRLA: Xtremo Channel RD Mexico Channels MX HBO Plus HDMX Space HDMX: (FHD) FOXMX: (FHD) FOX ActionMX: (FHD) FOX LifeMX: (FHD) FXMX: (FHD) NAT GEOMX: (FHD) NAT GEO KidsMX: (HD) TP A&EMX: (HD) TP A3 SERIESMX: (HD) TP ADN40MX: (HD) TP AFORE AZTECAMX: (HD) TP 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IndieRadio: JazzRadio: K-PopRadio: Kids Movie Soundtracks Radio: Kidz Only!Radio: Latin JazzRadio: Light ClassicalRadio: LoungeRadio: Love SongsRadio: MetalRadio: MexicanaRadio: Music Choice MaxRadio: Musica UrbanaRadio: New WaveRadio: OperaRadio: Party FavoritesRadio: Pop & CountryRadio: Pop HitsRadio: Pop LatinoRadio: PunkRadio: R&B ClassicsRadio: R&B SoulRadio: RapRadio: Rap 2KRadio: ReggaeRadio: RockRadio: Rock HitsRadio: Rock LatinoRadio: RomancesRadio: Singers & SwingRadio: Smooth JazzRadio: Soft RockRadio: Solid Gold OldiesRadio: Sounds of The Seasons Radio: SoundscapesRadio: Stage & ScreenRadio: Teen BeatsRadio: Teen RitmosRadio: Throwback JamzRadio: Today's CountryRadio: Toddler TunesRadio: TropicalesRadio: Underground Hip-HopRadio: Y2KMC: 90'SMC: Brits HitsMC: Dance/EDMMC: Hip-Hop And R&B MC: Hit ListMC: IndieMC: Kidz Only!MC: MexicanaMC: Musica UrbanaMC: Pop & CountryMC: Pop HitsMC: Pop LatinoMC: R&B SoulMC: RapMC: Rap 2KMC: RockMC: Teen BeatsMC: Throwback JamzMC: Today's CountryMC: Toddler TunesMC: TropicalesMC: Y2K Other Unsorted - Croatian, Dutch CR: ColosalDE: Sky Bundesliga 1 HDDE: Sky Sport 2 SD DE: Sky Sport HD 2DE: Sky Sport_HD 1DE: Sport 1 HD DE: Sport 1HDDE: Sport Time TV 1DE: Sky Sport 1 SD Condition: New, Max. Resolution: 1080p, Modified Item: No, Custom Bundle: No, Media Streaming: Internet TV/Video, Brand: Unbranded/Generic, Non-Domestic Product: No

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