1881 Antique Farm Recipes Cooking Mechanic Beer Bees Medical Blacksmith Gold

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller rickl711 (7,678) 100%, Location: Coventry, Rhode Island, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 202319593826 The Universal Assistant And Complete Mechanic Containing Over One Million Industrial Facts, Calculations, Receipts , Processes , Trade Secrets , Rules, Business Forms , Legal Items, etc. In Every Occupation, From The Household to the Manufactory By R. Moore Illustrated with 500 Engravings Published By R. Moore New York 1881 Hardcover . Decorated Cloth Binding. 5" x 7.5" 1,016 Pages. ( one thousand and sixteen pages ) 138 Years Old Receipts , Recipes , How To , Cures , Fixes , and other Practical Information on thousands and thousands of subjects for the Home , Farm , & Workshop . An amazing array of Useful facts , Tips , Advice , Building Instructions , Secrets , and How To Get-it-done for the Household , for Merchants , for Farmers , for Craftsmen and Artisans , and anyone else with work to do. A Treasury of down-to-earth info on how things were done in the 1800's. *** Very Good Condition *** Just slight binding wear. The binding is clean in very good condition. [ see the photos ] The hinges are tight. No writing. No markings. The pages are clean and in very good condition, throughout the book. The Contents includes: Baking , Cooking , & Preserving ; Receipts Numerous Recipes , including very many for Cakes , Ice Creams , and other desserts Grocers and Confectioners Receipts How to make cheap vinegar How to make vinegar in three days How to make excellent vinegar, cheap How to make white wine vinegar How to preserve eggs How to make liquid mucilage How to make candied lemon peel How to make baking powder How to make an ice chest How to make soap How to make transparent soap How to make English bar soap How to make best soft soap How to make soap without lye or grease How to make German yellow soap How to make hard soap with lard How to make white hard soap with tallow How to make variegated soaps How to make camphor soap How to make solid candles from lard How to clean and bleach tallow How to make imitation wax candles How to make adamantine candles from tallow How to make Belfast ginger ale How to make unfermented wine How to improve spoiled butter How to can fruit How to make teas How to make black teas How to make green teas How to make Java coffee How to make West India coffee How to make Turkey coffee Essence of coffee Coffee for pound packages How to flavor tobacco Flavor for cigar makers How to make maccaboy snuff How to make Spanish snuff How to make yellow snuff How to make perfumes for snuff Unerring tests for good flour How to make aerated bread How to make patent self raising flour How to cure butter How to keep butter during hot weather How to restore rancid butter How to make tomato catsup How to make the Northern Light burning fluid Test for burning oil Preserved or solidified milk A premium method of keeping hams How to preserve meats , salmon , lobsters and hermetically sealed How to make gherkins How to make mixed pickles How to preserve fruit juice without heat How to preserve fresh meat in summer Milkman’s process Custard powders How to make curry powder How to make Napoleon’s camp sauce How to make pickled onions How to make French patent mustard How to make common mustard How to keep cider sweet and sweeten sour cider How to make ginger wine How to make ice cream How to make Chicago ice cream How to make a substitute for cream How to make ginger beer How to make Philadelphia beer How to make cider without apples How to make cheap cider How to make spruce and ginger beer How to make hop beer, very fine How to make Edinburgh ale Bottling porter , brown stout How to make lemon beer How to make table beer How to make hop beer How to make mjolasses beer How to make root beer How to make Ottawa beer and ginger ale How to make cheap beer How to restore sour beer How to improve the flavor of beer How to make lemondade How to make cream soda How to make a freezing preparation How to make Sarsaparilla mead How to make portable lemondade How to make imperial cream nectar How to make a peppermint cordial How to make a silver-top drink How to make sangaree How to make soda syrups How to make Stoughton bitters How to make common small beer How to make common small beer How to make royal pop How to make raspberry syrup without raspberries How to make bottled soda water without a machine How to make oyster soup How to make mock terrapin How to make blackberry wine How to make mutton haricot How to make imitation apple butter How to make lemon syrup How to make superior raisin wine How to make raisin wine equal to sherry How to make port wine How to make American champagne How to make British champagne How to make British Madeira How to make currant and other fruit wines How to make blackberry and strawberry wines How to make Morella wine How to make London sherry How to make English patent wine from rhubarb How to make various wines How to make ginger wine How to restore flat wine How to make white wines How to make champagne cider How to make Berlin caraway cordial How to make stomach bitters equal to Hostetter’s How to make Boker’s bitters How to make curacoa cordial How to make curacoa d’Hollande How to make anisette cordial How to make ratafia How to make arrack punch syrup How to make syrups for soda fountains How to make butyric ether How to make amylo-acetic ether How to make milk punch How to make Glasgow punch How to make mint julep How to make cider nectar How to make half and half How to make apple toddy How to make apple punch How to make old man’s milk How to make perfect love How to make molasses candy Confectioner’s colors How to candy sugar How to make fig candy How to make raisin candy How to make Scotch butter candy How to make common lemon candy How to make peppermint, rose or horehound candy How to make popped corn How to make rock candy How to make orange rock candy How to make ginger candy How to make cream candy How to make red Verdun sugared almonds How to make superfine chocolate sugared almonds How to make superfine sugared filberts How to make coriander sugar plums How to make coriander in bottles How to make aniseed sugar plums How to make common twist candy How to make caramel How to make lemon caramel How to make cocoa nut candy How to make candy drops or pastilles How to make orange jasmine and cloves drops How to make saffron drops How to make heliotrope drops How to make pink drops How to make cinnamon drops How to make chewing gum How to make marshmallow and licorice drops How to make rose drops How to make lemon and orange drops How to make violet drops How to make coffee drops How to make chocolate drops How to make vanilla drops How to make imitation currant drops How to make peppermint drops How to make extemporaneous pastilles How to make orange flower candy tablets How to make vanilla candy tablets How to make peppermint candy tablets How to make liquor candy tablets How to make cinnamon candy drops How to make clove candy tablets How to make rose candy tablets How to make fruit candy tablets How to free molasses from its sharp taste How to make peppermint lozenges How to make ginger lozenges How to make gum pastilles or jujubes How to make Spanish licorice jujubes How to make stick apple sugar How to make currant and raspberry paste drops How to make vases, baskets, figures, animals, in grained sugar How to make Everton taffy How to make candy fruit How to make jellies without fruit How to make prize honey How to keep fruits fresh How to make acid drops How to make chocolate cream candy Medical Department , Health Recipes , Remedies , Diseases , Ailments , Symptoms , Treatments , Cures , Etc. Rules for Action How to ascertain the state of the lungs How to make a remedy for neuralgia How to make a headache remedy How to cure a cold Trichina A remedy for Diptheria Holloway’s Ointment and Pills Abernethy’s Pills Worm Lozenges Soothimg Syrup Infant’s Syrup Brandreth's Pills Davis’s Pain Killer Improved How to make a compound syrup of hypophosphites and iron Cure for Drunkenness Farnstock’s Vermifuge Swain's Vermifuge Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral Treatment for Spasms Radway’s Ready Relief Radway’s Renovating Resolvent Ayer’s Sarsaparilla Brown’s Bronchial Troches Russia Salve Dentist Composition for Filling Decayed Teeth Poudre Metallique How to extract Teeth with little or no pain How to make a Tooth Wash to remove blackness Dentists nerve paste Alloys for Dentists’ moulds and dies Dentists Emery Wheels Nitrous Oxide, or Laughing Gas How to Inhale Laughing Gas Magnetic Painkiller for Toothache and Acute Pain Cure for Lock Jaw New Method of Embalming ( for Human or for Animal Taxidermy ) Nitrate of Silver Clifford’s shampoo compound Clifford’s Hair Dye Bay rum Hair invigorator Razor strop paste Oil of roses Balm of Beauty Oriental cold cream Shaving cream Circassian cream Freckle cure Yankee shaving soap Bloom of youth Cologne water Bogle’s Hyperion Fluid Lyon’s Kathairon Phalon’s Hair Restorative Mrs. Allen’s Water Batchelor’s Hair Dye Christadoro’s Hair Dye Phalon’s Instantaneous Hair Dye Harrison’s Hair Dye Professor Wood’s Hair Dye Alpine Hair balm Glycerine Preparation Crystalline Cream Macassar Oil Ox Marrow Bear’s Oil Extract of Patchouli Sea Foam for Barbers Pyrogallic Hair Dye Fine shampoo liquid Barber’s shampoo mixture Cheap Bay Rum Liquid for forcing the beard Court plaster Balm of a thousand flowers New York Barber’s Star Hair Oil Frangipanni Jockey Club Ladies Own Kiss Me Quick Upper Ten India Cholagogue Febrifuge Wine Barrell’s Indian Liniment Cod Liver Oil Paregoric Cough Syrup Vegetable substitute for calomel Dynamic power of various kinds of food Remedy for small pox Reliable small pox remedy Portable bath Fly paper Sir James Clarke’s Diarrhea and cholera mixture Druggist’s colors Bottled Seidlitz water Medicated cough candy Ague pill Bug poison For Female Complaints Green Mountain Salve English remedy for cancer How to remove tumors Cancer cure Taylor’s remedy for deafness Cure for earache Ottawa root beer Remedy for rheumatism and stiff joints Asthma remedies Composition powder French remedy for chronic rheumatism ...Plus Many, Many More Farmers , Stock Owners , Horse Shoeing , Livery , Veterinary Receipts , &c. Rarey’s Directions for Breaking and Training Horses Cruelty to Horses Rarey’s Liniment Rarey’s Wizard Oil Rarey’s Directions for Shoeing Horses ( Farrier , Blacksmith ) How to Prevent Horses Kicking in the Stall How to Cure Broken Legs Lampas Swelling Gravel Halter-pulling How to recruit a hide-bound horse How to prevent horses from jumping How to cure Big Leg How to treat sore breasts The check rein on horses Itch How to treat stoppage of urine How to cure balky horses Dr. Cole’s King of Oils Sloan’s Horse Ointment How to make Mexican Mustang Liniment How to make Merchant’s Gargling Oil How to make Arabian Condition Powders How to make Blistering Liniment Medicated food for horses and cattle Lotion for mange How to treat strains and swellings Hoof-bound wash How to toughen hooves How to treat scratches How to treat cough How to treat split or broken hoof How to cure colic How to cure distemper How to cure founder in 24 hours Cure for staggers A cure for ring bone and spavin Another cure Bone Spavin Cure , a $300 Recipe Another very valuable recipe for ring bone How to make a splint and spavin liniment How to treat poll evil and fistula Diagram of a sound horse Points in a horse Diagram showing 47 diseases of the horse How to tame horses The best remedy for heaves in horses How to cure bots in horses How to make liniment for sweeny How to treat looseness or scouring in horses and cattle How to treat scours and pin worms in horses and cattle How to make a very strong English stable liniment How to cure colic in horses and persons How to make liniment for 50 cents a gallon Shoeing horses Horse ail Treatment for saddle and harness galls Langtrea Preparation Grease heel A valuable remedy for heaves How to distinguish and cure distemper Remedy for founder How to make a physic-ball for horses Physic for cattle How to treat hoof-ail in sheep Superphosphate of lime Superphosphate in 24 hours How to make a fertilizer for tobacco How to make home-made poudrette How to make home-made guano How to dissolve large bones for manure without expense Substitute for super phosphate How to double the usual quantity of manure on a farm Twenty dollars worth of manure for almost nothing Ashes from soil by spontaneous combustion Substitute for barn manure Sheep-dipping composition Oat or wheat straw made equal to hay Death for vermin on plants or animals Remedy for curculio in fruit trees How to make grafting wax How to cultivate tobacco How to preserve potatoes from rot How to pack fruits for long distances Thorley’s Condimental Food Cure for swelled bag in cows How to increase the flow of milk in cows A home-made machine for removing stumps How to sprout onions How to renew old orchards How to destroy the moth or miller How to keep milk sweet and how to sweeten sour milk How to make cheap and good vinegar Mr. Culley’s red salve to cure the rot in sheep How to improve the wool of sheep by smearing How to mark sheep without injury to the wool How to prevent the fly in 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fertilizing properties How to seed oats How to seed wheat How to produce the pear in perfection Salt and its uses How to kill the potato bug How to relieve choked cattle How to farrow cows How to cook food for cattle How to fatten sheep Hay racks for sheep Food for Birds Bee Keeping Construction of Bee Hives Directions for making the American Bee Hive ( over 4 pages ) Useful hints for beginner bee keepers How to extract honey Hatching and fertilization of Queen Bees How to prevent New Swarms from leaving the Hives The Nucleus system of Swarming When and How to Swarm the Bees Hens made to protect bees How to kill bee moths Lumbermen , Builders , Contractors , Mill Owners , Ship Builders , Ship Owners , Navigators , Quarrymen , Stone Cutters , Merchants and Business Men How to prevent wood from cracking How to bend wood Fire proofing for wood Cutting logs in the western pine forests Breaking a log jam Seasoning and preserving timber Buying and selling timber Russian way of stopping holes in ships How to raise the body of a drowned person How to get rid of rats How to make hydraulic cement How to make engineer’s cement How to make stone cement How to make glue How to make cheap waterproof glue How to make prepared liquid glue How to make grindstones from common sand How to make polishing powder for specula On saw mills : How to get the most lumber from saw logs Comparative resilience of different kinds of lumber Velocities of wood-working machinery Quantity and cost of supplies for horses and lumbering crews in the woods How to repair broken saws Velocity of wheels, pulleys, drums, etc. Construction of trussed roofs Anti-fouling composition for ships Measurements and calculations of the tonnage of vessels and ships of the United States For a double-deck vessel Self-acting nautical pump Goods proportioned in stowage Lightning calculator for merchants , seamen , contractors , &c. Cost of English merchantmen by ton How to find the Meridian Captain Boyton’s new device to save life from piers and to throw a line from a ship Mechanical & Scientific Facts Hardness of Woods Age of Animals Cannon Balls Horse Power of Screw Propeller Value of Metals Measures Strength of materials Expansion of materials Etc. Dyers , Bleachers and Clothiers Department , Textiles , etc. How to make Saxon Blue Dye How to make Green Fustic Dye How to make Blue Dye for hosiery How to make indigo and logwood dye for cloth Dye for wool or silk New bleach for wool, silk or straw How to fix dyes How to make scarlet with lac dye Muriate of tin or scarlet spirit How to make scarlet dye with cochineal How to make Purple Dye How to make chemic blueing or extract of indigo How to make Drab Silver Dye How to make Chrome Black Dye for wool How to make Red Madder dye How to make Dark Snuff Brown on wool How to make wine color dye How to make Pink Dye for Wool How to make dark Blue dye How to make Orange Dye How to make Sky Blue on Cotton How to make a brown dye on wool How to make Brown on Cotton How to make Brown on Wool and Silk Solitaire How to make Fuller’s Purifier for cloths How to make Green on Cotton How to make Pink Dye for Cotton How to make Purple Dye for Silk How to make Yellow on Silk How to make Purple on cotton How to make Black on Cotton How to make Red Dye for wool How to make Yellow on cotton How to make Violet Dye on silk or wool How to make Slate dye on Silk How to make Lilac Dye on Silk How to make Green Dye on Silk How to make Brown on Silk How to make Brown Dye on Cotton or Linen How to make Mulberry on Silk How to make Mulberry on Silk How to make Green Dye on wool and Silk How to make Orange Dye How to make Blue on Cotton How to make Solfering and Magenta Dyes on White Woollen, Silk, or Cotton and Woollen Mixtures How to make Liquid Dye Colors How to cleanse wool How to starch lustre How to Dye Hats How to make Chestnut Brown on Straw Bonnets How to make Violet Dye on Straw Bonnets How to make Silver Grey Dye on Straw How to make Lime Water for Dyers Use How to make Dark Steel Color How to render Anilene Colors Soluble in Water How to make Aniline Green on silk How to dye Aniline Scarlet How to make Bismarck Brown for Dyeing How to make Aniline Blue How to make Aniline Red How to make Aniline Violet and Purple How to make Aniline Black for Dyeing How to make New Mordant for Aniline Colors How to dye Aniline Yellow How to dye with Alkali Blue and Nicholson’s Blue How to make Anilie Brown Dye How to extract oil spots from finished goods How to Preserve Goods and Clothing from Mildew How to bleach feathers How to clean straw bonnets How to make Crimson How to make Cinnamon or Brown on Cotton and Silk How to make Aniline Black on Silk or Cotton How to color straw hats or bonnets a beautiful slate How to clean ostrich feathers How to clean furs How to make Washing Fluid How to dye Chip or Straw Hats How to make Dyes for Hats How to make Waterproof Stiffening For Hats How to bleach straw How to bleach straw goods How to make Varnish for Faded Rubber Goods How to bleach linen How to make Dye for Feathers How to make Colors for Artificial Flowers How to make Black Varnish for Chip and Straw Hats An easy method of preventing moths in fur or woolens How to formulate a clothing renovator How to make a waterproof for porous cloth How to remove grease How to waterproof clothing How to renew old silks How to make Potter’s Invisible Waterproofing How to make Dyes for Furs How to raise a nap on cloth How to make a black reviver for cloth Photography made easy Portraiture Apparatus Dark Room Positive Process Negative Process Manipulation Printing Process Remarks on Making Photographs Photography Rules Hunting and Trapping To Trap the common Black Bear The Grizzly Bear Baits for Trappers Trapping Mink Trapping Wolves or Foxes Trapping the Otter Muskrats Pine Martin The Fisher Martin The Woodchuck or Ground Hog A Table for Trapping ; Traps Sizes , etc. Traps Furs To Deodorize a Skunk Skin Removing Skunk Smell from Clothing Preserving Insects Trapping Hawks or Owls Shooting Birds How To Select Furs How to Clean Furs Plus Much, Much More Special Laws of States Table for Miners of Gold , Silver , Precious Stones , Ores Mineral Wealth of North America Mining in Colorado How To Find Mineral Deposits Mineral Veins Mine Description Details of Mining Mining Machinery Smelting Gold and Silver Mills Treatment of Gold Ores Metallurgy of Silver Roasting & Treatment of Silver Ores Ore Mixtures Refining Gold & Silver Furnaces Blow Pipe & other Assays Metallurgy Synopsis Valuable Processes in Various Trades Watchmaker & Jewellers Receipts , Gilders , Gold & Silversmiths , Diamond Cutters , Lapidary , Enamellers , etc. ( 45 pages ) Machinists ( another 45 pages ) Blacksmiths , Tool Makers , Locksmiths , etc. Working with Brass , Iron , Bell , etc. Gunsmith , Engraving , Dies , etc. Printing , Publishing , Paper , etc. Water Wheels , Gearing , Hydraulics , etc. For Mill Owners , Manufacturing , Factories ( 50+ pages ) Engineers , Engine Drivers , Firemen , Engine Builders , Locomotive Shops , etc. ( Trains , etc. ; 80 pages!) Painters , Cabinet Makers , Architects , Bronzers , Masons , Builders , Glass makers , Decorators , etc. ( 50+ pages ) And More! Carefully Packed for Shipment to the Buyer. Have A Look At My Many Other Books. Condition: Very Good, See The Photos and See Details Below., Year Printed: 1881, Country/Region of Manufacture: United States, Topic: Cooking Farm Recipes Blacksmith Mechanic Craftsman, Binding: Hardcover, Region: North America, Subject: Home & Garden, Original/Facsimile: Original, Language: English, Special Attributes: 500 Illustrations

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