9Cell Battery for Lenovo IBM ThinkPad R60 R60e R61 R61e T60 T61 Z60m R500 T500

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller ben_dream (9,195) 99.6%, Location: shenzhen, guangdong, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 252347458181 Warranty: 12months Cell Type: Li-ion Voltage: 10.8V Capacity: 7800mAh Color: Black Product Type: Replacement battery( New) This is a brand new batteries Please ensure the product that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device. Replace Part Numbers: LENOVO 40Y6799 42T4504 42T4513 42T4544 42T4560 42T4561 42T4566 42T4572 42T5233 42T5246 43R9252 92P1137 92P1138 92P1139 92P1140 92P1141 92P1142 ASM 42T4545 ASM 92P1138 ASM 92P1140 ASM 92P1142 FRU 42T4504 FRU 42T4513 FRU 42T4651 FRU 42T5232 FRU 42T5233 FRU 92P1137 FRU 92P1139 FRU 92P1141 Fit Laptop Models: LENOVO/IBM ThinkPad R60 ThinkPad R60 0656 ThinkPad R60 0657 ThinkPad R60 0658 ThinkPad R60 0659 ThinkPad R60 9444 ThinkPad R60 9445 ThinkPad R60 9446 ThinkPad R60 9447 ThinkPad R60 9455 ThinkPad R60 9456 ThinkPad R60 9457 ThinkPad R60 9458 ThinkPad R60 9459 ThinkPad R60 9460 ThinkPad R60 9461 ThinkPad R60 9462 ThinkPad R60 9463 ThinkPad R60 9464 ThinkPad R60e ThinkPad R60e 0656 ThinkPad R60e 0657 ThinkPad R60e 0658 ThinkPad R60e 0659 ThinkPad R60e 9444 ThinkPad R60e 9445 ThinkPad R60e 9446 ThinkPad R60e 9447 ThinkPad R60e 9455 ThinkPad R60e 9456 ThinkPad R60e 9457 ThinkPad R60e 9458 ThinkPad R60e 9459 ThinkPad R60e 9460 ThinkPad R60e 9461 ThinkPad R60e 9462 ThinkPad R60e 9463 ThinkPad R60e 9464 ThinkPad R61 ThinkPad R61 7642 ThinkPad R61 7643 ThinkPad R61 7644 ThinkPad R61 7645 ThinkPad R61 7646 ThinkPad R61 7647 ThinkPad R61 7648 ThinkPad R61 7649 ThinkPad R61 7650 ThinkPad R61 7657 ThinkPad R61 8919 ThinkPad R61 8920 ThinkPad R61 8927 ThinkPad R61 8928 ThinkPad R61 8929 ThinkPad R61 8930 ThinkPad R61 8933 ThinkPad R61 8934 ThinkPad R61 8935 ThinkPad R61 8936 ThinkPad R61 8937 ThinkPad R61 8944 ThinkPad R61 8945 ThinkPad R61 8947 ThinkPad R61 8948 ThinkPad R61 8949 ThinkPad R61e ThinkPad R61e 7642 ThinkPad R61e 7643 ThinkPad R61e 7644 ThinkPad R61e 7645 ThinkPad R61e 7646 ThinkPad R61e 7647 ThinkPad R61e 7648 ThinkPad R61e 7657 ThinkPad R61e 8914 ThinkPad R61e 8918 ThinkPad R61e 8919 ThinkPad R61e 8920 ThinkPad R61e 8927 ThinkPad R61e 8928 ThinkPad R61e 8929 ThinkPad R61e 8930 ThinkPad R61e 8932 ThinkPad R61e 8933 ThinkPad R61e 8934 ThinkPad R61e 8935 ThinkPad R61e 8936 ThinkPad R61e 8937 ThinkPad R61i ThinkPad R61i 7642 ThinkPad R61i 7643 ThinkPad R61i 7644 ThinkPad R61i 7645 ThinkPad R61i 7646 ThinkPad R61i 7647 ThinkPad R61i 7648 ThinkPad R61i 7649 ThinkPad R61i 7657 ThinkPad R61i 8914 ThinkPad R61i 8919 ThinkPad R61i 8920 ThinkPad R61i 8927 ThinkPad R61i 8928 ThinkPad R61i 8929 ThinkPad R61i 8930 ThinkPad R61i 8933 ThinkPad R61i 8934 ThinkPad R61i 8935 ThinkPad R61i 8936 ThinkPad R61i 8937 Thinkpad T60 ThinkPad T60 1951 ThinkPad T60 1952 ThinkPad T60 1953 ThinkPad T60 1954 ThinkPad T60 1955 ThinkPad T60 1956 ThinkPad T60 2007 ThinkPad T60 2008 ThinkPad T60 2009 ThinkPad T60 2613 ThinkPad T60 2623 ThinkPad T60 2637 ThinkPad T60 6369 ThinkPad T60 6371 ThinkPad T60 6372 ThinkPad T60 6373 ThinkPad T60 6374 ThinkPad T60 6457 ThinkPad T60 6458 ThinkPad T60 6459 ThinkPad T60 6460 ThinkPad T60 6461 ThinkPad T60 6462 ThinkPad T60 6463 ThinkPad T60 6465 ThinkPad T60 6466 ThinkPad T60 6467 ThinkPad T60 6468 ThinkPad T60 6469 ThinkPad T60 6470 ThinkPad T60 6471 ThinkPad T60 8741 ThinkPad T60 8742 ThinkPad T60 8743 ThinkPad T60 8744 ThinkPad T60 8745 ThinkPad T60 8746 ThinkPad T60p ThinkPad T60p 1951 ThinkPad T60p 1952 ThinkPad T60p 1953 ThinkPad T60p 1954 ThinkPad T60p 1955 ThinkPad T60p 1956 ThinkPad T60p 2007 ThinkPad T60p 2008 ThinkPad T60p 2009 ThinkPad T60p 2613 ThinkPad T60p 2623 ThinkPad T60p 2637 ThinkPad T60p 6369 ThinkPad T60p 6370 ThinkPad T60p 6371 ThinkPad T60p 6372 ThinkPad T60p 6373 ThinkPad T60p 6374 ThinkPad T60p 6457 ThinkPad T60p 6458 ThinkPad T60p 6459 ThinkPad T60p 6460 ThinkPad T60p 6461 ThinkPad T60p 6462 ThinkPad T60p 6463 ThinkPad T60p 6465 ThinkPad T60p 6466 ThinkPad T60p 6467 ThinkPad T60p 6468 ThinkPad T60p 6469 ThinkPad T60p 6470 ThinkPad T60p 6471 ThinkPad T60p 8741 ThinkPad T60p 8742 ThinkPad T60p 8743 ThinkPad T60p 8744 ThinkPad T60p 8745 ThinkPad T60p 8746 ThinkPad T61 ThinkPad T61 6459 ThinkPad T61 6461 ThinkPad T61 6462 ThinkPad T61 6463 ThinkPad T61 6464 ThinkPad T61 6465 ThinkPad T61 6467 ThinkPad T61 6468 ThinkPad T61 6470 ThinkPad T61 6471 ThinkPad T61 8890 ThinkPad T61 8892 ThinkPad T61 8893 ThinkPad T61 8894 ThinkPad T61 8896 ThinkPad T61 8899 ThinkPad T61 8900 ThinkPad T61 8938 ThinkPad T61 8939 ThinkPad T61p ThinkPad T61p 6457 ThinkPad T61p 6458 ThinkPad T61p 6461 ThinkPad T61p 6462 ThinkPad T61p 6463 ThinkPad T61p 6464 ThinkPad T61p 6465 ThinkPad T61p 6466 ThinkPad T61p 6467 ThinkPad T61p 6468 ThinkPad T61p 6470 ThinkPad T61p 6471 ThinkPad T61p 8890 ThinkPad T61p 8892 ThinkPad T61p 8893 ThinkPad T61p 8894 ThinkPad T61p 8895 ThinkPad T61p 8896 ThinkPad T61p 8897 ThinkPad T61p 8898 ThinkPad T61p 8899 ThinkPad T61p 8900 ThinkPad T61p 8938 ThinkPad T61p 8939 Thinkpad R500 ThinkPad R61 (14.1" & 15.0" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen) ThinkPad R61 8914 ThinkPad R61 8918 ThinkPad R61 8932 ThinkPad R61 8942 ThinkPad R61 8943 ThinkPad R61e (15.4" widescreen) ThinkPad R61e 7649 ThinkPad R61e 7650 ThinkPad R61i 7650 ThinkPad R61i (14.1" & 15.0" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen) ThinkPad R61i 8918 ThinkPad R61i 8932 ThinkPad R61i 8943 ThinkPad SL300 ThinkPad SL400 ThinkPad SL400C ThinkPad SL500 ThinkPad SL500C ThinkPad T500 ThinkPad T61 (14.1" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen) ThinkPad T61 6457 ThinkPad T61 6460 ThinkPad T61 6466 ThinkPad T61 8889 ThinkPad T61 8891 ThinkPad T61 8895 ThinkPad T61 8897 ThinkPad T61 8898 ThinkPad T61p 6459 ThinkPad T61p (14.1" standard screens and 15.4" widescreen) ThinkPad T61p 6460 ThinkPad T61p 8889 ThinkPad T61p 8891 Thinkpad W500 This compatibility list is non-exhaustive. If your original part NO. or your laptop model NO. is not included in the compatibility list, but our battery may still fit your laptop. Please feel free to contact us to confirm the compatibility. 1、We only accept payment via PayPal. Payments are expected within 7 days after bidding is closed. 2、Payment must be received within 2 Business Days after the auction closed. If you are not sure of paying for the item, please do not place bid on it. Non-payment may lead to your account suspension at eBay. 3、All the payment must be prepaid. Item send by Singapore (or China) post Registered Airmail, After the package has been shipped. Approximate days to receive items are: We ship worldwide. International Air Registered Parcel Service to all buyers in the world. Items are usually shipped out within 2 business days after full payment is received and verified. We provide items Shipment tracking number. U.S. shipping: China Post (ePacket)-USPS eBay Shipping Tool. (You will be able to query the real-time package status in your ebay.) Shipping time is: About 7-20 business days to: Most of Asia countries About 7-17 business days to: USA About 10-22 business days to: Australia,UK,Canada,Spain,Ukraine,Greece About 12-25 business days to: Israel,France,Slovakia,Most of European countries About 14-35 business days to: Russia,Argentina (Business day, excluding Saturday, Sunday.) Other countries may be about 35-45 business days arrive. More than expected over the date, you have not received the items. Please contact us and we will contact carriers for you to track items. Note: Please verify and update your shipping address on eBay during checkout. We ship the package to your shipping address in eBay, instead of the one in Paypal. Please tell us your shipping address if it is different from the one in eBay. We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable addresses. 1.All of our brand new items come with a 30-Days money-back guarantee. 2.Defective goods must be returned within 1 months from the delivery date, The Warranty of our compatible batteries is 1 year.We do not responsible for any extra costs. 3.Man-made damage by abuse or wrong operation is not covered by this warranty. 4.No product liability insurance is assumed 1.For the new battery,please full charge/discharge for 2-3 cycles.it can make the battery release the highest energy. 2"Full charge"means the battery discharge to 0% and charge to 100%,then deep it charging for more 2 more hours,and be sure don't discharge it during the charging. 3"Full discharge"means the battery discharge from over 100% to 0%,and ensure don't charge it during discharging. 4.Make the battery"full charge/discharge"for 1 or 2 times in each 3 months,it can extend the battery service life. 5.Please take out the battery when the laptop is not used for long time. If you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way please give us an opportunity to try and make it right before leaving feedback. We will answer your question within 1 working days. Condition: New, Compatible Brand: For Lenovo, Compatible Product Line: For Lenovo ThinkPad, Compatible Model: IBM ThinkPad R60 R61 R61 T60p T61p SL400 SL500, MPN: Does Not Apply, Brand: Unbranded/Generic, Capacity: 7800mAh, Number of Cells: 9-cell, Voltage: 10.8V, Country//Region of Manufacture: China

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