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Complete Modular Home Contemporary Steel Frame 1BR 1BA 560 sq ft

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Seller: greenterrahome (24) 0%, Location: Belleville, ON, Ships to: CA, US, Item: 122225731614 Complete Steel Frame Modular HomesWe are a manufacturer, not a dealer. Buy factory direct and save thousands.Any Size, Any Style, Anywhere in CanadaFrom $69K for 1BR 1BA 560 sq ft This is a Complete Home ready for your foundationUnlimited choice of styles, designs, fixtures, finishes & trims Ready for foundation, with green options such as live roof, solar & wind power, gray water recycling, composting, atmospheric water generator (AWG) and other green features. Click Here for Specifications and Inclusions Modular Homes CSA A277Modular Homes built to exceed CSA A277 Standard For placement on your footings or foundation as applicable and connections to services on your lot. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY CANADA NATIONAL BUILD PARTNERWe are a manufacturer, not a dealer. Buy factory direct and save thousands. Step 1 - DOWNLOAD FREE PLANS Download free set of plans and review with municipal planning department to ensure your lot zoning, setbacks and municipal bylaws will allow you to build the homes you wish to buy. Step 2: PURCHASE STRUCTURE AND SCHEDULE DELIVERY DATE TO YOUR SITE Call to speak to a sale rep and request a written quote for your custom designed home or structure. This is a Complete Home ready for your foundation Unlimited choice of styles, designs, fixtures, finishes & trimsUnits ship with complete engineered & stamped sets of permit drawings including foundation, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, energy efficiency plans, drawings, forms.Modular homes include builders standard kitchen cabinets, standard plumbing fixtures, standard laminate flooring throughout, tile in kitchen and bath, standard energy efficient windows & doors. Complete Modular Homes including appliancesReady for shipment to your lot and onsite services hook up.Complete Turnkey Pricing including Permits, Excavation and Service Hookups may also be available in your area. Designed and engineered in compliance with all national building codes. All steel framing provides true "Green" framing and are 100% recyclable. Steel framing is non-combustible; non-toxic and allergy free; and is termite, insect and rodent resistant. Exterior siding includes a choice of maintenance free vinyl or long lasting board batten, many other options available. A la cart "Green" options such as live green roofs, solar panels, wind power generation, gray water recycling, composting and green features allows you to customize your home with incremental green options as your budget allows. Pricing excludes land, onsite setup, connections, stitch up, permits, site work, utilities, services, foundation, and is based on FOB our factory in Trenton ON Canada Our homes are backed by our 25 year structural warranty program against any manufacturers defects as per terms and conditions noted on our warranty page included with each shipment. Specifications Include:Exterior Walls 5.5" Steel studs @ 16” OC spacingInterior Walls 3.5" Steel studs @ 24" OC spacingExterior Sheathing 5/8" OSBSub floor 3/4" Tongue and GrooveExterior Walls R22 Insulation inside plus R5 - 1" Rigid Insulation outsideCeiling R30-50 Insulation inside and R5-R12 Rigid Insulation outside based on climate zone and sales agreement noting specific requirementsFloors R22 Insulation inside and R5 Rigid Insulation outside for post and beam installations (optional cost)25 year Steel Roofing with optional green features such as solar, wind, live roofing, etc.See complete specifications list below. On-site assembly available nationwide via third party contractors WHATS INCLUDED The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the product, without notice or obligation, which may change materials, equipment, specifications or designs. Information contained herein is from the latest data available at the time of printing. Photographs and descriptions may contain some optional extras. All clients are urged to ensure that you have confirmed and signed a printed specifications sheet with your order to ensure that ongoing changes to our standard specifications do not catch you by surprise as we are constantly striving to improve and lower overall costs incurred by our clients so that they may add options personal to them once the home is out of the factory without incurring unneeded charges.Click Here for Specifications of Modular Homes CSA A277 Modular Homes built to exceed CSA A277 Standard – For placement on your footings or foundation as applicable and connections to services on your lot. All prices are FOB Factory. Better Structural Strength Because steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material, it is by nature a superior construction material. Steel does not rot, warp, split, crack or creep and will not expand or contract with moisture content. A steel framed home will always have straight walls and square corners; therefore, homeowners will be relieved to find no aggravating nail pops or drywall cracks. Steel framing can take popular finishes like brick, stucco, stone or siding.Better Fire Protection The most frightening aspect of a house fire is the rapidity with which it can spread, a factor that's multiplied many times over by the easy availability of wood framing as fuel. Steel will not contribute fuel to a fire. If a fire does start in a steel-framed home, it's less likely to spread from the area of origin. Tragic loss, due to fires that ignite and spread in framing, can be limited by the use of steel framing.Better Mold Resistance Mold is a significant cause of poor indoor air quality and resultant respiratory ailments. Steel framing can help resist the onset and growth of mold. Mold requires an organic substrate such as wood to grow and thrive. Being inorganic, steel framing actually inhibits the growth of mold, and promotes a healthier, more comfortable living environment.Better Termite Resistance Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes each year. Termites wreak havoc, chewing through wood framing and weakening the foundation of a home. Some building departments require treatment to your foundation for termites before building, but section R202 of the International Residential Code states that steel framing is a "termite resistant material". Steel is resistant to termites, thus preserving the structural integrity of a steel-framed home, and providing it with years of security and durability against destructive pests, including termites and wood ants.Better for the Environment An average sized wood framed home requires at least 40 trees to be cut for framing. The framing for a typical steel framed home can be made from 6 recycled cars. The use of steel framing saves the nation's forests and has a positive impact on the environment. Because steel-framing is unaffected by temperature or humidity changes, the building is more energy-efficient, thus saving on fuel costs. The lower energy consumption helps the initiative to further conserving our natural resources. Benefits for the customer Steel has some major benefits. Firstly the price: Steel is competitive against timber and with a shorter build time, there is less labor to pay for. Peace of mind: There is a 50 Year Warranty on all steel framing. It will not rot, warp or expand, so the house stays watertight. And because it won't rot, it's also healthier to live in. Steel is resistant to fire, as well as borer and termites. A solid investment! Its greener: Light gauge steel is sustainable and a great environmental choice. There is also no waste. Every piece is cut to precise length, punched, predrilled, labeled and often assembled before it leaves the factory. Steel is 100% recyclable. Light weight steel is ‘green’ being the most recycled product in the world!The slender profile of steel, its strength and light-weight makes it an ideal option and no cranes are required to assemble the framework, which saves time and money.What would you prefer to do, chop down 40 to 50 trees or recycle 6 cars? That`s what it takes to prefabricate a steel frame for the average house.Many appreciate the simplicity of the screw-together framing, especially as there is no need for special tools.The light weight steel, now used in house frames, is ideal for environmentally sensitive sites as there is minimum disruption and disturbance to the native vegetation. It is particularly suited to sloping sites where access is difficult. In summary the benefits of a steel frame areSteel is lighter, stronger and straighter.Steel is not treated with dangerous and often toxic chemicals.Steel's quality is consistent. No bowing, bending, warping, twisting or movement.Steel is not affected by rain and no drying required prior to construction.Steel is not subject to rot or rust.Steel is non-combustible therefore a lower fire risk.Steel is environmentally friendly and the most recycled material in the world.Steel use does not lead to health issues. (i.e. resulting from sawing/handling chemically treated timber).Steel framing is a lot lighter than timber, therefore less weight results in less foundation movement When you are looking for strength, durability and quality, steel framing is the natural choice for brick, veneer and direct-clad construction of homes and similar low-rise buildings. Steel framing also offers other outstanding features and advantages such as:Steel frames do not absorb moisture and will not rot or grow toxic mold. As a result, they are considered non-allergenic and have a neutral impact on indoor air quality.Steel frames provide occupants with extra protection from lightning as energy is conducted straight to ground, and does not release destructively within the framework.Because of its properties including strength and lightness, steel framing is an excellent material to resist earthquakes.Steel framing resists fire. Under high heat it will deform but will not burn. Steel frames do not contribute to the spread of fire or increase the fire load. Fire resistance, with excellent fire hazard properties so you just can’t ignite it, and it does not add fuel to the fire.Steel framing cannot be attacked by vermin or insects such as borer moth and termites.Lightweight steel frames means less strain on builders/erectors and therefore provides a safer work site. Steel is strong and light...The wall frames and roof trusses can be positioned and screwed together in even the most remote locations without needing access to the power gridLightweight steel allows you to build safely and competitively on sloping sites even on the most difficult terrain. We can supply you with a floor system to sit on top of adjustable stumps which makes assembly very easy and you can trailer in most components.Steel frames can be used in all climate conditions.Steel beam depths are around half that of timber beams offering greater usable space and lower costs than that of other materials.Lightweight steel's superior strength and flexibility provides increased spanning capabilities meaning fewer columns/stud support requirements and therefore more usable space.You can get open-plan living at a competitive price, as steel is 40% stronger than wood and approximately 10% of the weight.Hi-tensile steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of most conventional building materials.Steel does not warp, bow or twist due to shrinkage, ensuring no long term movement problems with the framing and trusses.Unlike timber, steel does not creep and long term deflection is minimal.Consistent quality and dimensions ensures ease of use and long life.Wide availability, so the preferred design can be built virtually anywhere in the world.Low maintenance requirements, requiring low cost and effort to keep its design qualities intact.Trade familiarity, so there is always ready access to the skills to modify or extend the building.Reliability, therefore no need to replace steel building products because of technical improvements, changes in fashion or new research requirements.Design freedom, to easily create optimum architectural forms to suit client needs and local building conditions. You do not need heavy lifting equipment and cranes. This is particularly true on difficult blocks.Difficult sites or unusual designs are especially amenable to light weight, high strength steel solutions.Prefabricated frames are easy and quick to assemble and on-site wastage is almost eliminated. Frames fit together with logic and simplicity and being dimensionally stable once erected they will not move or warp.Prefabricated steel frames are straight and true which makes it easier and faster to achieve a high level of internal finish on the walls, the floors, the ceiling. This saves time and money, and some trades actually prefer to work on steel frames because they do not have to pack out, or plane off and compensate for warps, twists and knots.Our steel frames are pre-punched for quick and easy installation of plumbing and electrical services. Grommets are also supplied free of charge to isolate and protect all wiring and pipes.Lightweight steel is easy to handle and move on site, you do not need cranes and other heavy equipment.Our product range supports on-site efficiencies and your ability to perform most tasks yourself with limited assistance or specialized skills. The only additional tools needed, from that of a traditional timber-frame build, are tin snips and a battery-powered drill for screwing kelly screws.GreenTerraHomes' open web design allows the passage of ducting, plumbing and electrical services with ease. The time saved is a major advantage and cost saving. Benefits of our steel framing packages for the builder Faster & easier to install: Perfectly straight walls & ceilings no warping, buckling, moisture, swelling or movement, no delays waiting for frames to dry. Every piece comes labeled and cut to length reducing work & waste on site, with pre-punched holes for pipes & wiring reducing the work of other trades. Trouble free: It's an end to end process from design to construction, while still offering design flexibility. Steel frames are durable and do not distort, so there are fewer call backs. GreenTerraHomes will assist on your first few jobs with on-site training & supervision if needed. There is almost no set-up cost to start steel framing as you will already have most of the tools. Strong, light-weight: GreenTerraHomes uses 18 gauge steel, 30% thicker than most other steel frames in Canadian structures. This thicker steel specification combined with very high strength to weight properties means frames never distort, are easy to handle, have greater strength for longer spans and higher walls where needed. Cost competitive: Steel is the building material of the future. GreenTerraHomes will be ensuring that framing prices are competitive with conventional timber framing, allowing you to enjoy the additional onsite advantages of faster, smarter construction. 25 Year Frame Warranty: We use high quality galvanized steel, well-tested fasteners and technology from simpson - world leaders in steel framing technology. 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