EXTRAVAGANT Dan Gioh Ceremonial Mask Figure Sculpture Statue Fine African Art

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PB#003 DAN (DAN-GIOH, GIO, GIOH, GYO, YACOUBA, YACUBA, YAKUBA) Dimensions (widest/deepest when there is variance): - Height: 12.5 Inches / 31.75 Centimeters- Width: 9.0 Inches / 22.86 Centimeters- Depth: 3.0 Inches / 7.62 Centimeters ***Notice the wine flute in the photo -- to provide a visual cue to the dimensions. Material: Brown Pigments; Cloth; Metal; Cowrie Shells; Wood. Condition: Examine photos included within the listing. ***Special Note: Failure to pay in a timely manner will result in a relisting of the item. Thank you. Specific Remarks: Item is structurally solid. General Remarks: The 350,000 Dan live mostly in the western part of the Côte d’Ivoire and into Liberia, where the land is forested in the south and bordered by a savannah in the north. They make their living from farming cocoa, coffee, rice and manioc. They also live off game and fish. The Dan have the reputation of being fierce warriors, always battling their neighbors, the We, the Guro, and the Mano. From a cultural viewpoint the Dan are close to the We populations situated in forest regions of the south, and against whom they have waged innumerable wars. Lacking a central authority, the various groups had neither a political institution nor unity. The village is under authority of a chief and a council of elders. In addition, there were male associations that attempted to bring about a socio-political unity, reinforcing rules of behavior, demanding absolute loyalty and obedience from members, and giving an initiatory education to the young. These societies called upon the tutelary spirits of the bush. The most powerful, even today, is the secret society of the leopard, the go, which, without having fully achieved its stabilizing and unifying goal, nevertheless grows from one year to the next. The leopard society acts as a major regulator of Dan life and initiates young men during their isolated periods of three to four months in the forest. In order to attain adult status, all the boys and girls of the same age-group undergo an initiation that includes, in addition to specific teaching, circumcision for the former and clitoridectomy for the latter. To underline the transitional aspect of this trial, it takes place in the world of the bush – the realm inhabited by spirits who, like the ancestors, can play a mediating role between humans and supreme being Zran. Dan people have achieved notoriety for their entertainment festivals, which were village ceremonies, but are today performed largely for important visitors. During these festivals, masked performers dance on stilts. The go master, the head of the like-named society possesses the masks and guards them in a sacred hut. All Dan masks are sacred; they do not represent spirits of the wilderness, they are these spirits. Dan masks are characterized by a concave face, a protruding mouth, high-domed forehead and are often covered in a rich brown patina. There are a variety of Dan face masks, each of which has a different function. They may be the intermediaries, who acts between the village and the forest initiation camp, may act against bush fires during the dry season, used in pre-war ceremonies, for peace-making ceremonies, for entertainment. Over time, many among them have lost their original function and have been recycled into contexts related to entertainment, emerging only for festivals or events organized for visitors. Nonetheless, the great masks live on, their even more rare appearances being reserved for times of tension, when it is important they may exercise their role of social control and their faculty to reduce conflict or settle legal wrangles. The Dan also carried small masks (less than 8”), which are sometimes called ‘passport’ masks. They were sewn onto a piece of cloth and kept in a leather pouch and possibly worn in the small of the back. They are miniature copies of a family mask and sometimes received libations. These masks also act as witnesses during initiation ceremonies and protect the owner when he is away from home. Dan masks are the real treasures of African art tradition, ranging in their expressive powers from gentle tenderness to fierce aggression. The Dan statues are not representation of ancestors or spirits. These figures, which were commissioned by powerful chiefs as three-dimensional portraits of their favorite spouses function as maternity figures with babies on their back. They are kept hidden inside houses and are only revealed during important occasions such as visits by foreign dignitaries. A woman who has distinguished herself through her hospitality and generosity will own a superb spoon of sculpted wood. This is a custom specific to the Dan. This woman’s role, in the heart of the village, is to receive and feed travelers, musicians participating in celebrations, and men who have come to help clear the fields. The spoon possesses the power to make one rich and famous and confers a sure authority over the other women. The spoons have several shapes: the most usual one has a handle fashioned after a human head, comparable to certain masks; others have handles that form pairs of legs. The carvers also produce chiefs' staffs and female figures that seem to be prestige items, as are small figures cast in brass. ***Special Note: Failure to pay in a timely manner will result in a relisting of the item. Thank you. 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Wasonga Wasukuma Wasulunka We Wee Wemba Wongo Woyo Yaka Yacouba Yacuba Yakuba Yaoure Yaure Yohure Yombe Yorba Yorouba Yoruba Yumbe Zande Zombo Zoombo Zukuma Countries Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Central African Republic (CAR), Chad, Comoros, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Senegal, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Swaziland,Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe Miscellaneous 18th 18th 19th 19th 20th 20th Terms [English] African Agriculture Ancestor Ancestry Animal Anthropomorphic Aphorism Art Artistic Association Authentic Belief Bird Black Blacksmith Bronze Camp Carving Celebrity Century Ceremonial Ceremony Chameleons Chi Wara, Chief, Circumcision, Cisola, Clan, Collection, Collector, Concentric, Creation, Creator, Crocodile, Cult, Culture, Cultural Dance Dancing Divination Diviner Doll Drum Drummer Egyptian Ekpu Ekuk Elder Empire Entertain Estate Find, Ethnic Evil Family Farm Farmer Farming Feather Fertility Festival Fetish Figure Figurine Fish Fishing Forest Gallery Gameboard Geh-naw, Geometric Ginna God Gold Goldsmith Granary Helmet Hunt Hunter Hut Ife Immortal Initiates Initiation Janus Jonyeleni Kaolin Kasai Kifwebe King Kingship Kissi Lake Tanganyika, Large Leopard Magic Mashona Mask Maskette Masqueraders Maternity Metalwork Museum Mvudi Mythological Mythology Negro Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Object Ogooue Old Order Pangolin Pattern Pigment Plank Pigment Power Figure, Primitive Private Provenance Proverb Python Queen Raffia Rank Rega Ritual River Royal Sacrifice Savannas Scarification Sculptor Sculpture Shrine Size Slit Gong, Society Spirit Statue Statuette Stool Stork Terra-cotta, Totem Tradition Traditional Tribal Tribe Unknown Village Vintage Warrior Wood Worship Yam Zoomorphic Terms [Spanish] Agricultura africana Ancestral Ancestros Animal Antropomorfo Aforismo Arte Asociación artística Auténtico Creencia Pájaro Negro Herrero Bronce Ceremonia de Ceremonia del Siglo de los Camaleones de Chameleons Chi Wara, Jefe, Circuncisión, Cisola, Clan, Colección, Coleccionista, Concéntrico, Creación, Creador, Cocodrilo, Culto, Cultura, Cultural Danza Danza Divination Diviner Muñeca Drum Drummer Egipcio Ekpu Ekuk Elder Empire Entertain Encontrar la finca, étnico Mal Familia Granja Agricultor Cultivar Feria Festival de la Fertilidad Fetiche Figura Figurita Pescado Pesca Bosque Galería Tablero de juego Geh-naw, Geométrico Dios de Ginna Gold Goldsmith Granary Caza del casco Caza del cazador Inicia Inicia Iniciativa Inicia Janus Jonyeleni Kaolin Kasai Kifwebe Realeza Rey Kissi Lago Tanganyika, leopardo grande Mágica Mashona Mask Maskette Masqueraders Maternidad Metalurgia Museo Mvudi Mitología Mitológica Negro Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Objeto Ogooue Antiguo Pedido Figura del poder del pigmento del tablón del pigmento del patrón del Pangolin, primitivo del proverbio de la proveniencia del primitivo Python Reina Raffia Rango Rega Ritual River Royal Sacrificio Savannas Escarificación Escultor Escultura Santuario Tamaño Slit Gong, Sociedad Espíritu Estatua Estatuilla Taburete Cigüeña Terra-cotta, Totem Tradition Tribu tribal tradicional Desconocido Village Vintage Adoración de madera del guerrero batata Zoomórfico Terms [French] Agriculture africaine Ancêtre Ancêtre Animal Anthropomorphisme Aphorisme Art Association artistique Authentic Croyance Oiseau Noir Forgeron Bronze Cérémonie de Cérémonie de Cérémonie de Célébration de Chameleons Chi Wara, Chef, Circoncision, Cisola, Clan, Collection, Collectionneur, Concentrique, Création, Créateur, Crocodile, Culture, Culture Danse Danse Divination Diviner Poupée Drum Drummer Égyptien Ekpu Ekuk Ancien Empire Entertain Estate Trouver, Ethnic Evil Famille Ferme Fier Fertilité Fétiche Figurine Poisson Pêche Forêt Galerie de tableaux Geh-naw, géométrique Ginna God Gold Goldsmith Granary Chasse au casque Chasse au chasseur Ife Immortal Initiate Initiation Janus Jonyeleni Kaolin Kasai Kifwebe Roi Roi Kissi Lac Tanganyika, Grand Léopard Magic Mashona Mask Maskette Masqueraders Maternité Métallurgie Musée Mvudi Mythologie Mythologie Nègre Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Objet Ogooue Ancien Ordre Pangolin Pattern Pigment Plank Figure Puissance Pigmentaire, Primitive Provenance Proverbe Python Reine Raffia Rang Rega Ritual River Royal Sacrifice Savannas Scarification Sculpteur Sculpture Taille du Sanctuaire Slit Gong, Société Spirit Statue Statuette Tabouret Stork Terra-cotta, Totem Tradition Tribu tribale traditionnelle Inconnu Village Vintage Guerrier Bois Adoration patate douce Zoomorphe Terms [German] Afrikanische Landwirtschaft Ahnen-Vorfahren Tier Anthropomorph Aphorismus Kunst Künstlerischer Verein Authentisch Glaube Vogel Schwarzer Schmied Bronze Camp Carving Celebrity Century Ceremonialzeremonie Chamäleon Chi Wara, Chief, Beschneidung, Cisola, Clan, Sammlung, Sammler, Konzentrisch, Schöpfung, Schöpfer, Krokodil, Kult, Kultur, Kultur Tanztänzer Divination Diviner Doll Schlagzeuger Ägyptisches Ekpu Ekuk Ältester-Reich-Unterhalt-Zustand-Suche, ethnisches Übel Honorare in USD Honorar berechnen Die Honorargestaltung von lizenzpflichtigem Material hängt davon ab, wie Sie dieses Bild einsetzen wollen Galerie Spielhalle Geh-naw, Geometrisch Ginna Gott Gold Goldschmied Kornspeicher Helm-Jagd-Jäger-Hütte Ife Immortal Initiiert Initiierung Janus Jonyeleni Kaolin Kasai Kifwebe König Kingship Kissi Tanganjika-See, Großer Leopard Magic Mashona Maske Maskette Masqueraders Mutterschaft Metallarbeit Museum Mvudi Mythologische Mythologie Neger Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Objekt Ogooue Alten Auftrag Pangolin-Muster Pigment-Planke Pigment-Power-Figur, primitives privates Provenienz-Sprichwort Python Königin Raffia Rang Rega Ritual Fluss Königlich Sacrifice Savannas Skarifizierung Bildhauer Skulptur Schrein Größe Schlitz Gong, Gesellschaft Spirit Statue Statuette Hocker Stork Terrakotta, Totem Tradition Traditionelle Stammes-Stamm Unbekannt Dorf-Weinlese Krieger Wood Worship Süßkartoffel Zoomorphisch Terms [Italian] All'agricoltura africana Ancestor Antenati animale antropomorfo Aforisma Art Association artistico autentico La fede Uccello Nero Fabbro bronzo Campo intaglio Celebrity Century cerimoniale Cerimonia Camaleonti Chi Wara, capo, Circoncisione, Cisola, Clan, Collezione, Collezionista, concentrico, Creazione, creatore, Coccodrillo, Culto, Cultura, culturale Ballare ballo Divinazione Diviner Doll Batterista Egiziano Ekpu Ekuk Elder Impero Entertain immobiliare Trova, Male Etnica Family Farm coltivatore piuma fertilità Festival Fetish figura figurine Pesce Pesca Foresta Galleria Gameboard GEH-Naw, geometrica Ginna Dio Oro Goldsmith Granaio Casco cacciatore Hut Ife Immortal Iniziati Initiation Janus Jonyeleni Caolino Kasai Kifwebe re regalità Kissi Lago Tanganica, Grande Leopard Magia Mashona Maschera Maskette maschere nei maternità in metallo Museo Mvudi Mitologia Mitologia Negro Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Oggetto Ogooue Vecchio Ordine Pangolin modello pigmento Plank pigmento alimentazione Figura, Primitive privata provenienza Proverbio Python Regina Rafia Classifica Rega Ritual Fiume Reale Sacrificio savane scarificazione Scultore Scultura Santuario Dimensioni fessura Gong, Società Spirito statua statuetta Sgabello Stork Terra-cotta, Totem Tradizione Tribù tribale tradizionale Sconosciuto Village Vintage Culto Warrior legno patata dolce zoomorphic Terms [Portuguese] Agricultura Africana Ancestral Ancestral Animal Aphorism Antropomórfico Art Associação Artística Autêntico Crença Pássaro Preto Ferreiro Bronze Camp Carving Celebrity Century Cerimônia Cerimonial Chameleons Chi Wara, Chefe, Circuncisão, Cisola, Clã, Coleção, Colecionador, Concêntrico, Criação, Criador, Crocodilo, Culto, Cultura, Cultural Dança Dança Divination Diviner Doll Drum Drummer Egyptian Ekpu Ekuk Elder Empire Entertain Encontrar Estate, Ethnic Evil Família Fazenda Fazendeiro Feather Fertilidade Festival Fetiche Figurine, Peixe, Pesca, Floresta Galeria Gameboard Geh-naw, Geométrico Deus Ginna Gold Goldsmith Granary Capacete Hunt Hunter Hut Ife Immortal Inicia a Iniciação Janus Jonyeleni Kaolin Kasai Kifwebe Rei Realeza Kissi Lago Tanganyika, leopardo grande Magic Mashona Mask Maskette Masqueraders Maternidade Metalwork Museu Mvudi Mythological Mitologia Negro Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Objeto Ogooue Ordem Antiga Pangolin Padrão Pigmento Plank Pigmento Poder Figura, Primitive Província Privada Provérbio Python Rainha Raffia Posição Rega Ritual River Royal Sacrifício Savannas Escarificação Escultor Escultura Tamanho Santuário Slit Gong, Sociedade Espírito Estátua Statuette Stool Stork Terracota, Totem Tradição Tribo tribal tradicional Desconhecido Aldeia Vintage Adoração de madeira do guerreiro inhame Zoomórfico Terms [Danish] Landbruget i Afrika Ancestor Stamtræ Animal Anthropomorphic aforisme Art Kunstnerisk Association Authentic Tro Bird Black Blacksmith Bronze Camp Carving Celebrity Century Ceremonial Ceremony kamæleoner Chi Wara, Chief, Omskæring, Cisola, Clan, Collection, Collector, Koncentrisk, Creation, Skaberen, Krokodille, Cult, Kultur, Kultur Dans Dancing Spådom Diviner Doll Drum Drummer Egyptian Ekpu Ekuk Ældste Empire Entertain Estate Find, Etniske Evil Family Farm Farmer Farming Feather Fertilitet Festival Fetish Figur Figur Fish Fishing Forest Galleri Gameboard Geh-Naw, Geometrisk Ginna Gud Gold Goldsmith Granary Helmet Hunt Hunter Hut Ife Immortal Indleder Initiation Janus Jonyeleni Kaolin Kasai Kifwebe kong Kingship Kissi Tanganyikasøen, Large Leopard Magic Mashona Mask Maskette Masqueraders Maternity Metalwork Museum Mvudi Mytologiske Mytologi Neger Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Objekt Ogooue Old Order Pangolin Mønster Pigment Plank Pigment Power figur, Primitive Private Provenance ordsprog Python Dronning Raffia Rank Rega Ritual River Royal Sacrifice Savannas scarification Sculptor Skulptur helligdom Størrelse Slit Gong, Samfund Spirit Statue Statuette Stool Stork Terra-cotta, Totem Tradition Traditionel Tribal Tribe Ukendt Village Vintage Warrior Wood Worship Yam zoomorphic Terms [Dutch] Afrikaanse landbouw Ancestor Voorouders Animal Anthropomorphic Aforisme Art Artistic Association Authentic Geloof Bird Black Blacksmith Bronze Camp Carving Celebrity Century ceremonie Chameleons Chi Wara, Chief, Besnijdenis, Cisola, Clan, inzameling, collector, Concentric, verwezenlijking, schepper, krokodil, Cult, Cultuur, Culturele Dancing dans Divination Diviner Doll Drum Drummer Egyptische Ekpu Ekuk Elder Empire Entertain Estate zoeken, Etnische Evil Family Farm farming Feather Vruchtbaarheid Festival Fetish figurine Fish Fishing Forest Gallery Gameboard Geh-naw, Geometric Ginna God Gold Goldsmith Graanschuur Helm Hunt Hunter Hut Ife Immortal Ingewijden Initiation Janus Jonyeleni Kaolien Kasai Kifwebe Koning Koningschap Kissi Lake Tanganyika, Large Leopard Magic Mashona Mask Maskette Masqueraders Maternity Metaalbewerking Museum Mvudi Mythologische Mythology Negro Ngombo Nkisi Nimba Nkookwa Ntomo Nwantantay Object Ogooue Oude Orde Pangolin Pattern Pigment Plank Pigment Macht figuur, Primitieve Private Provenance Spreekwoord Python Koningin Raffia Rank Rega Ritual River Royal Sacrifice Savannas Scarification sculptor heiligdom grootte Slit Gong, Vereniging Spirit standbeeld Kruk Stork Terra-cotta, Totem stam stammen traditie traditioneel Onbekend Village Vintage Warrior Wood Worship Yam zoömorfische Condition: Item is representative of its age. Rare collectibles/antiques often pass from collector-to-collector. Buyer is not to anticipate perfection as if the item was a manufactured good and/or brand new (unless noted)., Tribe: Dan

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