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Seller: bobc22 (8,513) 100%, Location: Weedsport, New York, Ships to: Free Local Pickup, Item: 264226254222 n Hi, my name is Bob and at 72 I AM DESPERATE TO SELL, for the first time we are offering the empty building to developers for $495,000, I REPEAT empty. But I will give free with this ad 95% of the business FREE WHEN YOU BUY THE BUILDING Some of what is included is over a million at retail inventory , years of customer goodwill, the website, all fixtures, all furniture, all the glass, china , ALL books, FREE plus the office, security system,art shop, art inventory, wood shop and equipment, back stock- thousands of items not on display and so much more. You get this free, as a last ditch effort to find a buyer before I have to close it and auction it off with an estimated 20 auctions. AS A DEVELOPER you can get this building free by taking time and have the right auctioneer liquidate it over several months, but again that's not really what this ad is about, its about saving the business. We have finally toured some developers through the building, they all love it and are considering THE BUILDING empty.. But I would love to sell it as a business, with the building. Unfortunately in 3 years of price drops from 2.5 million full to 495 thousand empty , I have never toured a single prospective business buyer though the inventory and shops. Please if you have an idea as to how to make it work for you -- PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME 7AM TO 7PM EASTERN 315 567 1125 . . Age and the fact that my right arm shakes so badly ( DIAGNOSED THIS LAST CHRISTMAS WITH PARKINSON'S) dictates that I must find a new owner. You get almost everything that there is in our business, estimated 1-2 million in inventory at retail, the building that I have a million invested in and 30 years of my life, parking lot that has been purchased recently, internet sales.,silver importing contacts and perhaps the most important thing is customers bringing items FOR US TO BUY including gold and silver ART AND MILITARY . please read this whole long ad, I have designed it not to waste your time but rather to teach you some interesting things about the business in general and ours specifically plus some tricks to help you expand. YOU CAN CONTACT THE REAL ESTATE COMPANY TOO LOOK ON LOOPNET FOR PHOTOS AND OUR WEB PAGES BOB CHILSON CALL ME NOW 315 567 1125 TOM SALVISKI TOMS PROPERTIES,LLC Rock Realty Services, LLC585-705-4116 IN INTEREST OF FINDING THE RIGHT PARTY, WE ADDED NEW PHOTOS (ONE HOVERING OVER THE BUSINESS SHOWING ITS PROXIMITY TO THE THRUWAY), ANOTHER PHOTO FROM THE SKY OF THE SIDE PROFILE . We also have added a new concept that will help you in justifying this expense and that is to convert part of it to an antique co-op. Its been great to us, providing an good income and most of our needs,since we love antiques and enjoy them in our home. WHY UPSTATE NY. Its a popular misconception is that if you really want something old you need to go to New England and say the Boston area. Well that adage has been used for so many years that New England got picked very clean and is really difficult to find old estates barns and early accumulations in that area compared to my area near Syracuse( heart of upstate NY) .In my area, many of the famous artists lived and worked. lets look at a few. LC Tiffany worked in my area with a studio in Syracuse with homes and buildings displaying his works all around me. Ever hear of the Stickley's, well just a few miles from me is the now Stickley plant and before both Gustav, stickley bros and L &J worked in my area. Just a little to the west Roycroft worked, the area is the richest picking for original Roycroft furniture and copper. Also in the west close to me is avon pottery and Larkin furniture. . Just to the south a fellow by the name of Frederic Remington worked along with Carter and Steuben glass.. Numerous artists are in the area to like Adelaide ,Ellis not no mention just a few hours away is New york city where hundreds of artists worked including Wallace nutting and his Furniture factory in the area. I could go on with a book about the area but just one last example " arms" the area was rich in production, a couple of examples are Remington arms and Camillus knife. I had some Camillus knives walk through the door and paid around 200 for 10 unusual ones. one was a shinny combat knife that had a beautiful banners on it saying "United States Marine Corps"-mint unused condition(common in the area-workers would bring them home) I showed it to a couple of self proclaimed experts on knives(always get second and third opinions) and they said they had never seen one before and felt it was worth 200 but they were not interested. I sold it for world record as a rare prototype on ebay for a little over $4000. .The point is you have too be in an area of goods to have items to sell. The old saying is" you cant sell out of and empty truck" . My wife and I run this as a 2 person show, it needs at least 10 workers, but will get to that latter,its present relevance is this area is so rich in items that we sell at auctions locally but do not need to buy at auctions. we have so much material come in with a $1500 per year advertising budget that we cannot get to existing stock piles. Yes all we advertise in is 2 yellow pages and one local publication and just do not want anymore business. You can imagine the return in inventory with a normal radio, tv and paper budget of 1500 per week, but again that takes 10 people or being very fussy and buying only upscale 1000 dollar plus items if your going to advertise. NEW CONCEPT TAKE PART OF THE BUILDING AND PROVIDE CO-OPERATIVE SPACE . For years I have been asked for space or a showcase by dealers and never wanted to do the expansion. But now its apparent to me that its a great way to increase the gross of this business with very little extra capital expense. We have a great flyer made up about this concept and if you email me with your mailing address I send it to you or call me at 315 567 1125 and I will take that info down and send it to you. This concept will help you go to the bank and borrow funds if you do not have the total amount. A slow process of converting some space may be a comfortable idea, sell some inventory and create spaces out of areas not in use now or in use but can be better utilized as cooperative space. this slower transition may be better, than closing the Monkey and trying some big remodel. That way you can still take advantage of the powerful items walking in the door everyday and never skip a beat when it comes to business. You will still be able to do all the things listed below, but leave some of the tough big things to other dealers while you focus ton high dollar-low square feet, like gold and silver. WHY THIS BUILDING Not only is this structure beautiful it has a warm and comfortable feel to it with 10 foot ceilings not 18. The building was built around 1890, then employed 400 workers as a sewing factory and latter as Barr clock company. The biggest reason to buy this is that most brick buildings have there floors supported by the walls and with age many collapse like a house of cards. One 3 story brick in the next block crashed in the middle of the night -48 foot tall and was about 8 feet tall with the flat roof on the top of the pile, fortunately it was unoccupied at the time. In this structure the floors are all supported with massive wood beams and steel plates. You could remove the bricks and the structure would stand or you could remove the floors and the structure would stand. The floors are 1" thick hard wood maple or oak over 2 1/4" thick tong and grove planks. Its the unique structure that motivated me to buy it originally in 1985. I also loved the hip, not flat, roof that is even has a door and stairs to walk out on to do easy maintenance. Much or the roof is the original hand soldered seamless tin form 1890. A common misconception is that steel buildings are safer in a fire and generally that's not true unless there empty. Once you use them and fill them with furniture steel buildings collapse with the heat faster that wood can burn. So you have the ultimate in safety and security. Cared for, this 150 foot deep building will easily be here 100 years from now. It has an eight foot square 3500 lb freight elevator that functions, it was said to be the best steel bridge beam elevator Otis ever made. it was installed around 1950 and previous elevators used wood beams to support the cables that hold the elevator and are worthless today. This needs some newer controls and those are included in the price. You can even have it converted to a public elevator with public controls and automatic doors(not inc in the price) ALL fire escapes stairs are done to modern specs with double 5/8" fire stop sheetrock, building features new lighting and gas. The name PURPLE MONKEY came from a 7 foot tall carving that hangs in the grand entryway. It was purchased from a restaurant that went out of business and someone said " I would never sell that, I would name a business after it and no one would forget it the name" the idea stuck with us. GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS - This building falls into not one but several powerful and very unique government programs. The first is EB-5 a powerful opportunity that allows foreign investors to buy this and get a pathway for citizenship for them , their family and some workers in exchange for providing at least 10 jobs( remember this building housed 400 workers) Look this program up on Goggle. this building is located just off the New York State Thruway and is the only building like it to qualify for EB-5 that we could find in NY on the t-way.. The next unique program is a program too revitalize main streets of small towns, very hard to get buildings in the program. the program is called MAIN STREET USA and it will pay for half or more of any building project, including additional offices , new windows and so much more, look that up also. Because this area is technically a depressed area with high unemployment there are many many local and state programs that this project qualifies for, all you have too say is "I can create jobs" and you will find numerous grants available. Remember I am 70 and want out, if these programs were available 10 years ago, I would be selling this business in house to one of my 20 employees today! THE WILD CARD- here in lies why most antique and art dealers retire as millionaires or more. If you run a bar, hardware store, restaurant or almost any business you can think of , your a victim of a flat percentage of the gross. As a hardware store when you sell a hundred thousand dollars you net 10% or 10 thousand. same with a restaurant. I recall the story of the oil painting that was on a bank wall for years and they had a sale and it was sold for ten dollars, not to long after, it made international news selling for over 10 million at one of the NEW YORK city big auction houses( 5 hours away). A few years ago I met a peppery 80 plus year old couple at a show and we were having a good conversation when out of the blue she said"I am still mad at him". I asked why and out came a fascinating story. she said you know those fake Declarations of Independent, well we found one in the back of an old frame and he insisted on putting back into the frame once the picture was centered and the glass cleaned. He did and we sold it for 15 dollars at the flea market. a few months latter we read that some one found and original in the back of an old picture they bought at a flea market for 15 dollars ,it sold for for some 17 million. Now the point is that everyday in this business a wild card can walk through the door. Not true in most all other business. I have had many big hits , most in the art world. When strange or unusual items come your way. as a suggestion if you do not know what it is, do not sell it till you find out-research research research . MULTIPLE SHOPS - With in this huge building sets several repair facilities . One not in use for years is our framing shop with and estimated 25 thousand prints and frames ready to frame or wax up and get on the market. this shop is complete and really needs 2 full time people to frame art and even expand to doing customer work and restoration. In a local town just a few miles away there is large conservatory that charges 150 to 200 and hour, they continue to grow and there is a large demand for that talent and a direction you can take the business if you wish. There is a furniture Restoration and repair facility with a wall of small to huge clamps, to glue most everything. That area is set up with a large air compressor and exhaust fan to spray paint if you wish. This area should employ at least 2. there is a large demand for re purposed furniture and painting is quick and lucrative compared to stripping and refinishing GOLD SILVER AND COINS. Again this is very old area and rich with old money gold and jewelry. You see my area used to be the playground for the rich and famous for the summers and lots of big homes-1860-1890. Homes that were never displaced or destroyed during the Civil war. Unlike the west and south, homes in my area correctly stored articles in the basements as well as the third or fourth floor, so people kept piling it up generation after generation till you could not move in some attics or basements, Down south homes were not made with basements and attics were to hot and destroyed goods fast. So we get coins old gold and silver walking through the door as well as guns. Our area has very simple rules for purchasing gold ,that amounts to taking down drivers licences only. some areas are so stringent that its about impossible. I will teach you how to buy gold. We repair and polish as many gold rings as possible, market those and scrap the rest, you get showcases for silver gold and costume plus inventory. , You also get a dear friend in India that runs the best production of quality sterling rings. You can expand our importing to wholesaling silver by the gram and with one person devoted full time to that endeavor gross over a million a year that way. We sell coins and you get what we have, we do this without advertising we get a lot that walk in the door. A concept that I can teach you, but do not currently do, is investment silver and gold. I have a lot of requests for, say 10,000 dollars in Walking Liberty coins. This I can teach you and set up with suppliers but it takes one person devoted to this sideline and a additional safe. A huge profit business based on high volume low percentage. You get a new security system and camera system. THIS AREA IS JUST ABOUT AS SAFE AND CRIME FREE AS ANYWHERE IN THE US AUCTION BUSINESS Again verifying the supply side, you can go every day of the week in a 30 mile radius to a virgin estate auction. Can you say that about your area-most likely not. We do not buy currently by auction but you would have to when you get employees. We get so much by buying estates that we actually sell at auctions. We will talk later about internet auctions. If your a foreign investor reading this ad and intend to ship/export American antiques out of the county, this is an ideal opportunity. If your buying and selling on line and locally this is a great opportunity. If you look at the main photo of the front of the building you will see a large garage door. That space was interior loading docks for years and is now our incoming items door. But it was designed to be and originally used as and auction gallery when I first bought the building.. If you want on Sunday afternoons only you can have public auctions in there, seating about 100 people. I say Sunday afternoons since the parking impact on the street is impossible to park 50 or 100 cars, except for Sunday afternoon when all the other business and the Post Office next door is closed. So you can sell by auction yourself. I have several auctioneers that will come down on a flat fee or do it yourself. There was nothing I enjoyed in the antique business more than auctioneering ,but my voice gave out a few years ago. INTERNET AUCTION AND SALES. If you go to my sales on the internet on eBay-see my store- you will see that I sell everything under the sun, but its not about that, its about the fact that you can hire experts in one field to sell on commission -items on eBay. Right now I have very little art or postcards up. You get a quarter million postcards in this deal and that alone should be handled by one person, that person should be putting some up every week on eBay.. Postcards we have on display are from 1 dollar to around 150 each. We have a wall of albums that go with this deal. We have about 25 thousand that have never been looked at in the office.I am getting off into inventory and lets get back to internet sales. You get one office just off the main selling area with 4 computers,thousands of small shipping items and stock shelves for some of the items on eBay. Currently only one computer is being used but that alone maintains 400 daily sales on eBay. You are not limited by that office as to where you can go with this. I would like to see you frame out another office just below the one mentioned and house 4 more computers and individuals selling easy ship items. An easy ship item is something that fits into a small 4x6 bubble mailer, like gold chains or rings, watches ,postcards and so much more. I can direct you on this set up and stay non gratis for months to get you started. Again, before you go to to that place that says" if its so easy why doesn't he do it" I remind you that if I were 50 and not 70 with Parkinson's-I would never sell this. I am not looking for sympathy here, but rather to convey a sense of urgency to this. I am more than a motivated seller. I am also a very blessed person to be here at 70 and still function and do everything I have ever done, just takes a little longer and with out medication. Back on track- remember I mentioned the Post Office, well its right next door and we walk everything to the post office saving valuable time and that's money. UPS and FED- EX are at the front door twice a day if you wish. loading of freight is done at the street with a fork lift next door and huge 20foot sidewalks that permit us to do all kinds of things -like loading unloading and sales. There is already installed lighting fast internet from TWCNY now Spectrum. So your not victimized by having only DSL. This is and area if immediate sales but there is no end to where it goes. We also suggest the use of Craigslist and in an expansion, one or 2 people should have virtually every item in the shop up on Craig. I get huge advertising benefit from free and occasionally paid for ads. On to some of the inventory you get INVENTORY- I am estimating that at retail you get some 3 million in inventory not to mention the building that I have a million invested in over the course of time since I bought it in 1985. As mentioned you get about a quarter million post cards that at retail are worth at least a half million. You get hundreds of pieces of furniture, these change daily but if you go too the purplemonkeyantiques dot com ( you get this dot com with the sale) you will see hundreds of photos of the inventory on display. There is and estimated 100,000 books in new plastic boxes from estates, that I always thought I could get to once I opened the Monkey, but no, they come in the door faster than I can display them and these have sat since 1990 on skids( pallet jacks and electric ones are inc in this sale). One person or more can be dedicated to a small area doing book sales on ADVANCED BOOK EXCHANGE and ebay as well as better organizing the 3000 we have on display. Books are coming back strong and more and more people say they do not like to read e-books and its a great area to expand. I sold on ebay two first editions MARK TWAIN last month and A first edition -2 volume GRANTS MEMOIRS bought in an estate for 20 dollars with 50 other books in a box. These books are treasures not some old junk ex library books. The art department contains an estimated 25,000 oil paintings, prints and frames as well as racks or antique glass and a fletcher glass cutter and framing area and hundreds of tools and supplies.One deal alone is calendar cuts in 16x24, some 40 different multiple prints in wooden crates. Much of this came from e estates of listed artists from Syracuse 15 years ago. This really needs 2 full time people and a new unit heater in that area. the auction area or garage already has a separate heating system to heat as needed. How about records about 3 thousand on display and 10 times that on stock shelves and skids. . Records are a big seller, they have even offer them new today, seems the purist found out the original records carried better sound quality that tape, cd or cassette. The store has it all, a big inventory of boxed never graded collections and. just in is a 500 record 78 collection of PROMOS. We have numerous showcases and at least 50 thousand pieces of glass on display and in storage. thousand of tools. SHOWCASES of trains, hummels, costume jewelry and about anything you can think of. See the photos on the purplemonkeyantiques dot com site and make sure you add the s for antiques. at retail over 3 million. SAFETY OF THE AREA- GREAT SCHOOLS- Weedsport got its name from the Weeds family that ran the port here an the famous Erie canal. Then called the port of Weeds. its a classic historic area with history all around you. great schools, no crime to speak of and just good people. Its an area you can feel safe in and that so hard to find to day. And perhaps the best thing is home prices are affordable in case you needed more than one. You set right next to the post office to thr north and next door to the south is a most important connivance, two restaurants one of which is the OLD ERIE feature great food, The area is famous for its recreational lakes and a huge growing business is the wine, with several vineyard brands in town and the start of the Finger lakes wine trail. KNOWLEDGE - Before you become overwhelmed with more and there is more, let me say that you can do only one thing not all the above mentioned concepts. Its easy to do the above and make a place for everything you find in an estate or home, but maybe you just want to do art. Advertise for it, sell it , consign it, take it to The huge New York city auctions a few hours away. You can do this any way you want and liquidate what you do not want by auction. You will have your own ideas but any concept you wish to learn,I will take the time to teach you. My wife and i believe in politeness and kindness not snobbery. We are down to earth and love to see some family with grown children to help to run the various aspects of this or what you chose to keep Of course its a great idea for a single manager tyoe to step in and get government grants and hire it done by employees or contract percentage. You can contact our real-estates agent You will find her very helpful, pleasant and down to earth. You can contact me 7 days a week 8 am to 8pm eastern time and I will answer any questions you have. Bob Chilson 315 567 1125 Condition: 40,000 SQUARE FooT UNIQUE 1890 BRICK BEAM FLOOR SUPPORTED BUILDING IN 90% RESTORED CONDITION WITH 4 FLOORS OTIS ELEVATOR(STEEL BRIDGE 1950)-WORKING FASTEST SPEED INTERNET, GOOD HD ELECTRIC AND GAS, GOOD COMMERCIAL GARAGE DOOR FOR STREET LEVEL LOADING, GOOD DOORS, TOTALLY REDONE FOR THIS BUSINESS IN 1990, NEW HIGH EFFICIENCY FLORESCENT LIGHTS, NOT A FLAT ROOF -EASY MAINTAIN HIP, 3 FLOORS RESTORED TOP(NOW STORAGE) TO BE REDONE. NO PRESSING ISSUES-EXPANSION CONSIDERATIONS ONLY, Property Address: 8936 N SENECA ST, State/Province: New York, Seller State of Residence: NY, ZIP/Postal Code: 13166, Availability: For Sale, City: WEEDSPORT, Square Footage: 40000, Year Built: 1890

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