GE General Electric Hotpoint RCA Dryer Drive Belt WE12X10014 WE12X82 WE12X42

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller generalapplianceparts (50,211) 99.4%, Location: Louisville, Kentucky, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 191501006187 GE General Electric Hotpoint RCA Dryer Drive Belt WE12X10014 WE12X82 WE12X42GE General Electric Hotpoint RCA Dryer Drive Belt WE12X10014 WE12X82 WE12X42PRICE:$8.99SPECS:This 87.8" belt is constructed of highly engineered, high performance and heat resistant materials. The outer fabric wrap is treated with oil and heat resistant, engineered synthetic rubber coated compound, specifically compounded for excellent wear resistance, proven through thousands of hours of testing. The components are made using the latest in belt technology available on a global basis.BRANDS:GE General Electric Hotpoint RCA Sears KenmoreDESCRIPTION:The belt on your unit is one of its simplest components but also one of the most important. Occasionally, the belt wears out or breaks from the constant movement while the unit is operating. Many applications share many of the same mechanical designs and systems, so replacing the belt on your application is a job you can accomplish in less than an hour.REPLACES PART NUMBERS:WE12X10014 WE12X82 WE12X42 WE12X82P WE12X0082 WE12X42R WE12X42P WE12X0042USED ON MODELS:363DDE8109VML 363DDE8200GAL 363DDE8509RCMAA 363DDE8509RCMWW 363DDE9200GAL 363DDE9600RCMAA BJLR473ET0WW BJLR473EV0WW BJLR473GT0WW BJLR473GV0WW BLLR113ET0WB BVLR333ET0WW BVLR333EV0WW BVLR333GT0WW BVLR333GV0WW CADE165RAL CADE165SAL CADE165SWH CADG265RAL CADG265RBL DBLR333ET0AA DBLR333ET0WW DBLR333ET1AA DBLR333ET1WW DBLR333GT0AA DBLR333GT0WW DBLR333GT1AA DBLR333GT1WW DBLR333T0WW DBLR453ET0AA DBLR453ET0WW DBLR453ET1AA DBLR453ET1WW DBLR453GT0AA DBLR453GT0WW DBLR453GT1AA DBLR453GT1WW DCCB330ET0AC DCCB330ET0WC DCCB330EV0AC DCCB330EV0WC DCCB330GT0AC DCCB330GT0WC DCCB330GV0AC DCCB330GV0WC DCLR333ET0AA DCLR333ET0WW DCLR333ET1AA DCLR333ET1WW DCLR333EV0WW DCLR333GT0AA DCLR333GT0WW DCLR333GT1AA DCLR333GT1WW DDC0580BBL DDC4307VEL 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DDC6000MFL DDC6000SBLAD DDC6000SBLWH DDC6000SCLAD DDC6000SCLWH DDC6400PAL DDC6400PBL DDC6400PCL DDC6400SBLAD DDC6400SBLWH DDC6400SCLAD DDC6400SCLWH DDE0580GAL DDE0580GBL DDE0580GCL DDE058DGAL DDE0590GBM DDE4000 DDE4000BAL DDE4000BBL DDE4000GAL DDE4000GBL DDE4000GCL DDE4000MAL DDE4000MBL DDE4000MCL DDE4000MDL DDE4000RAL DDE4100SBLWH DDE4107SBLWH DDE5100 DDE5100MAL DDE5100MBL DDE5100MCL DDE5100MDL DDE5100RAL DDE5100RALWW DDE5100SBLAA DDE5100SBLWW DDE5109VML DDE5109VNL DDE5109VPL DDE5207MAL DDE5211BAL DDE5211BBL DDE5211GAL DDE5211VHL DDE5213BAL DDE5213VHL DDE5300BBL DDE5300GAL DDE5300GBL DDE5300GCL DDE5310BAL DDE5700GAL DDE5700GBL DDE5700GCL DDE5706LAL DDE5710GAM DDE5806 DDE5806MAL DDE5806MBL DDE5806MCL DDE5806MDL DDE5808 DDE5808MAL DDE5808MBL DDE5808MCL DDE5808MDL DDE5900RAL DDE5944VEL DDE5944VJL DDE6350BBL DDE6350BCL DDE6350GAL DDE6350GBL DDE6407LAL DDE6500GAL DDE6500GBL DDE6608LAL DDE7000SBLAA DDE7000SBLWH DDE7000SBLWW DDE7007SBLAA DDE7007SBLWW DDE7100MAL DDE7100MBL DDE7100MCL 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DLL6850BFL DLL6850BGL DLL6850TA DLL7596ABL DLLR113ET0WB DLLR113ET1WB DRB1255KAL DRB1255KBL DRB1555KAL DRB1555KBL DRB1555MAL DRB1555MCL DRB1555MDL DRB1555RAL DRB2455KAL DRB2455KBL DRB2455MAL DRB2455MCL DRB2455MDL DRB2455RAL DRB2655RAL DRB2655RALWW DRB2885KAL DRB2885KBL DRB2885MAL DRB2885MBL DRB4200SBLWW DRB4400SBLWW DRB4600SBLWW DRB4800SBLWW DRB4900SAMWW DRB4900SBMWW DRL1555KAL DRL1555KBL DRL1555MAL DRL1555MBL DRL1555MCL DRL1555RAL DRL1555RBL DRL1555RCL DRL2455KAL DRL2455KBL DRL2455MAL DRL2455MBL DRL2455MCL DRL2455RAL DRL2455RBL DRL2455RCL DRL2655RAL DRL2655RALWW DRL2655RBL DRL2655RBLWW DRL2655RCL DRL2885KAL DRL2885KBL DRL2885MAL DRL2885MBL DRL4280SBLWW DRL4480SBLWW DRL4680SBLWW DRL4880SBLWW DRL4980SAMWW DRL4980SBMWW DVLR223ET0AA DVLR223ET0WW DVLR223ET1AA DVLR223ET1WW DVLR223EV0AA DVLR223EV0WW DVLR223GT0AA DVLR223GT0WW DVLR223GT1AA DVLR223GT1WW DVLR223GV0AA DVLR223GV0WW DWLR473ET0AA DWLR473ET0WB DWLR473ET0WW DWLR473ET1AA DWLR473ET1WB DWLR473ET1WW DWLR473GT0AA DWLR473GT0WB DWLR473GT0WW DWLR473GT1AA DWLR473GT1WB DWLR473GT1WW JBP22*F1 JHP67G*D2 NJLR473ET0AB NJLR473ET0WB NJLR473ET0WW NJLR473EV0AA NJLR473EV0WW NJLR473GT0AB NJLR473GT0WB NJLR473GT0WW NJLR473GV0AA NJLR473GV0WW NLLR113ET0WB NLLR113ET1WO NLLR113EV0WW NVLR333ET0AB NVLR333ET0WB NVLR333EV0AA NVLR333EV0WW NVLR333GT0AB NVLR333GT0WB NVLR333GV0AA NVLR333GV0WW SIG7010ET0WG SIG7010ET1WGAbout GeneralApplianceParts Here at we have a passion for Do-It-Yourselfers and home repairs. Our mission is to become the #1 source for all your appliance part needs. We have access to more than 2 million repair parts available and our repair guides, pictures and excellent customer support help guide you to the exact part you need.Customer ServiceHOMESHIPPINGRETURNSDISCLAIMERCloseShipping and Handling Information Items are shipped Monday through Friday(excluding holidays) with a 3:00 p.m. cutoff time. The majority of our orders are shipped with 24 hours of your payment clearing through paypal or your charge card. It is your responsibility to keep your shipping address updated on eBay and PayPal. Should the package be returned to us as undeliverable due to an error in the address you have on file, additional shipping costs will be collected to compensate for reshipping the item to you. Please note that our shipping process is quite efficient. We will attempt to process your address change, cancellation and order change as quickly as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide this service. Often, an item is pulled, packed and shipped within minutes of our receiving the order. Please review your order for accuracy before submitting it. USPS states on their website that their Express Mail service is a 1 or 2 day mail service. The time frame depends on your location and is determined by the Post Office. You may go to their website and click "Calculate a Price" to determine if your package will take one or two days to deliver. Your will receive an email with the tracking # once your label is printed. Tracking information is accessible once the item is delivered to the post office or picked up by UPS. When we are out of stock on an item, we may (at our discretion) choose to have the part shipped directly to you from our vendor. In these cases, the shipping carrier may change but we will attempt to have it delivered in the requested time frame. If we cannot keep to the original delivery time frame in these instances, we will notify you.For our International Buyers USPS First Class International mail is not trackable once it crosses the U.S. border. Delivery times vary by country and are not provided by the U.S. Postal System. Generally, our experience is that First Class International mail takes at least 3 weeks to deliver. Canadian Customers: Please ask about using UPS Standard as your shipping option. If timely delivery and the ability to track your package is important, it is an option worth considering. However, UPS does charge brokerage and misc fees for Canadian shipments, so make sure you understand these fees before using UPS Standard as your shipping option. If you desire the ability to track your package you will need to select either USPS Priority International, USPS Express Mail International or UPS as your shipping option. 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While we strive to update our listing pictures as quickly as possible, an outdated picture is not grounds for return. If you receive a part updated by the manufacturer in the last 90 days, it will be considered as correctly shipped. We have a 14 day return policy starting from date of delivery (confirmed by the carrier). You must obtain a return authorization to return the part within this time frame. We must receive the item being returned within 21 days of delivery date. Parts are not eligible for return for any reason if we are not notified within the 14 day time frame. Damaged parts must be reported to us within 24 hours of the delivery date. This is to insure that we can file a claim with the carrier when applicable. Please send an email describing the damage and attach pictures of the part and the packaging for our inspection. A RMA # must be obtained prior to returning any part. There is a 20% restocking fee on all parts that were shipped correctly (waived on exchanges) All items being returned must be in their original packaging and accompanied by any instruction manuals and other paperwork. All items must be in a brand new (without signs of installation) and resaleable condition. All parts are inspected for signs of installation upon our receipt of them. The customer is responsible for all return or replacement shipping charges including insurance. However, we will reimburse the return shipping charges (least expensive available) for incorrectly shipped items. Original shipping charges are not refundable unless the part was shipped incorrectly or damaged in transit. We recommend that the customer insures items being returned. Items being returned which are lost/damaged in transit are not the responsibility of the seller. However, we will assist in the buyer's efforts to file a claim with their carrier.CloseDisclaimer Of Liability In no way shall General Appliance Parts be liable for any loss, damage, fire, explosion, injury, including any incidental or consequential damages, or death as a result of ordering and/or installing any parts from our website or from the results of any action taken due to reading information found on our website. All information provided through live chat, email or the product details is for general information purposes. The information is provided as a courtesy to our customers to enhance their understanding of their appliances, it is not to be taken for instructional purposes on how to repair their system.Disclaimer Of Liability for ordering and installing parts General Appliance Parts suggests having all parts, accessories and equipment installed by a qualified heating and air conditioning technician. If a customer attempts to install a part, accessory or equipment, he or she should have a thorough understanding of electricity, reading wiring diagrams and the work to be performed. In no way shall General Appliance Parts be liable for any loss, damage, injury, including any incidental or consequential damages, or death as a result of ordering and/or installing any parts from our website or from the results of any action due to reading information found on our website. General Appliance Parts will not accept returns that are damaged due to misuse, miswiring or improper installation. Condition: New, Brand: GE General Electric Hotpoint RCA, MPN: WE12X10014 WE12X82 WE12X42

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