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Seller: Top-Rated Seller ancientgifts (4,569) 100%, Location: Lummi Island, Washington, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 123025035708 The Genius of Alexander The Great by N.G.L. Hammond. PLEASE NOTE: It is likely that we have additional copies of this book, in both higher (more expensive) and lower (less expensive) grades. It is also likely that we have both paperback and hardcover copies (paperback tending to be less costly). Please write us for further details. DESCRIPTION: Hardback with Dust Jacket: 220 pages. Publisher: The University of North Carolina Press; (1997). By the time of his death in 323 B.C., Alexander III of Macedonia had built an empire that stretched from the eastern Mediterranean coast through Asia Minor and into the Indus Valley. A former student of the philosopher Aristotle, Alexander succeeded his father, Phillip II as King of Macedon in 336 B.C. He spent the next thirteen years subduing and consolidating the lands of the Persian Empire. Even before his sudden death at the age of thirty-two, Alexander had achieved mythical status throughout his kingdom. In the centuries that followed, his life became the subject of countless chronicles and biographies. N.G.L. Hammond, the foremost expert on ancient Macedonian history, here presents a new account of Alexander's fabled career. Through careful analysis of ancient sources; the writings of Diodorus, Justin, Curtius, Plutarch, and Arrian; Hammond has effectively separated the work of reliable contemporaries from fictional reports of Alexander's accomplishments. The resulting narrative, enriched by a lifetime of research, pronounces the Macedonian conqueror a man truly deserving of the title "Alexander the Great". According to Hammond, Alexander was a visionary statesman and general, the force behind a kingdom that rose above racism and nationalism to enjoy peace and prosperity. His intellect and charismatic personality earned him the respect, admiration, and even devotion of his subjects. These same qualities also help explain Alexander's endurance as a source of fascination into the present day. N.G.L. Hammond is Professor Emeritus of Greek at Bristol University, and an honorary fellow of Clare College, Cambridge University. His many books include, "Alexander the Great: King, Commander, and Statesman" and the three volume "History of Macedonia". CONDITION: New hardcover w/dustjacket. Unblemished, unmarked, pristine in every respect. Satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed. In stock, ready to ship. No disappointments, no excuses. PROMPT SHIPPING! HEAVILY PADDED, DAMAGE-FREE PACKAGING! PLEASE SEE IMAGES BELOW FOR SAMPLE PAGES FROM INSIDE OF BOOK. PLEASE SEE PUBLISHER, PROFESSIONAL, AND READER REVIEWS BELOW. PUBLISHER REVIEWS: REVIEW: In what respects was Alexander 'Great'? This work sets out to answer this question. As a commander of men of many races, Alexander was and still is incomparable. As a statesman he envisaged and largely created an ecumenical kingdom which rose above racialism and nationalism and which enjoyed peace and prosperity, extending from his birthplace in Macedon to the borders of Kashmir. His intellect and charismatic personality so fascinated those he conquered that they served in his army and administration and made him the hero of their quasi-mythical romances. This book sets out to show that we have much to learn from this genius of a man who achieved so much before his death at 32. REVIEW: An account of Alexander the Great which may claim to be close to the actual facts of his career and the nature of his personality. Hammond has based his work on a detailed analysis of the surviving historical narratives. The picture which emerges is of a man who did more than any almost any other individual to change the history of civilization. The narrative is designed primarily for the general reader, for it has no footnotes. It includes twenty figures and more than a dozen plates that illustrate the events in Alexander's life, as well as a bibliography, an appendix of references to the author's studies, notes on illustrations, and a chronological table. PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS: REVIEW: Hammond (author of "Philip of Macedon"), the greatest living expert on ancient Macedonian history, now offers a brilliant account of the life of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king who pacified Greece, destroyed the Persian Empire and brought Greek civilization to the Indus River and beyond. Drawing upon a lifetime of research into and understanding of his subject, Hammond has crafted a superb overview of Alexander's achievements prior to his unexpected death in 323 B.C. The narrative covers the entire span of Alexander's life. Designed for the general reader, the book contains no footnotes and only a brief bibliography for those interested in additional reading. Ancient writers portrayed Alexander both as a genius and as a lustful conqueror. To obtain the truth about Alexander's character, Hammond has included detailed analyses of these authors' work and their probable sources, as well as his own informed opinions about which views are more correct. Hammond concludes that Alexander was indeed "great," overcoming Greek racism and nationalism to forge a cosmopolitan empire that might have enjoyed a long period of peace and prosperity had the king not died suddenly. Readers will delight in descriptions of Alexander's military engagements, diplomacy, humane treatment of conquered enemies (he appointed Persians as provincial governors, to the consternation of his generals and soldiers), his religious preferences and more. This is a classic study of one of history's great figures by the scholar who knows the most about him. REVIEW: The works of only a handful of Alexander scholars are intensely anticipated; Hammond is one of them. In his 90th year, he has produced a highly readable account of the ancient world's greatest conqueror. The paucity of references may bother some, but Hammond sends them to his bibliographies in "The Cambridge Ancient History 6". Hammond does a good job of not losing the reader in a maze of sources; even someone not previously familiar with Arrian and Plutarch will gain new understandings of how and why Alexander acted as he did. There are historians (E. Badian, for one) who would not agree with Hammond's high opinion of Alexander's motives. Nonetheless, the articulate fashion in which Hammond guides the reader through Alexander's life is outstanding. REVIEW: Famed for such works as "A History of Greece to 322 B.C.", Hammond has distilled a lifetime of Alexander studies into a brief summary for the general reader of what the Macedonian conqueror did and why. To keep it readable, Hammond includes no footnotes; an appendix refers the skeptical reader to the author's more detailed works. Beginning with Alexander's boyhood, the book recounts his amazing military feats in the Balkans, Asia, and Egypt, ending with his premature death of malaria at 32. The prose is dense and many of the facts familiar; even so, the tale's particulars can still inspire gasps of astonishment, as when Alexander successfully leads his army across the lethal desert of Gedrosia. The biographer openly admires his subject, lauding him not only as history's greatest general but as a charismatic and enlightened leader who aimed to foster prosperity and peace. A clearly written book, the distillation of a life's work, Hammond's careful descriptions of military maneuvers and the diagrams illustrating successive stages of the operations have a clarity that is often sadly wanting in such accounts. Brings the kind of expertise needed to unravel the truths about a figure of legendary grandeur and accomplishment. A solid introduction to history's greatest conqueror by an expert on his life and times. REVIEW: Modest in size, Hammond's biography of Alexander of Macedon possesses several large virtues. It is thoroughly grounded in the best available sources; it places Alexander in the context of both the values, religious and secular, of his time and the history of Macedon; and it carefully analyzes the less glamorous aspects of his astonishing military campaigns, such as logistics, a branch of war he and his father Philip virtually invented. Because of its brevity, those who already possess some knowledge of classical history will get the most out of it, but the clarity of Hammond's writing may inspire others to learn some of the background they lack. Hammond comes down unequivocally on the side of argument over Alexander that regards him as a rare genius in both war and statecraft. Those who have been waiting for a scholar who shares that verdict with Mary Renault, pronounced in her famous novels about Alexander, will applaud Hammond. READER REVIEWS: REVIEW: Well-detailed, highly entertaining and informative. Few figures in the history of the world have attained the mythical status and timeless quality of Alexander The Great. The man and myth continue to fuel the imagination of every new generation. This is no surprise when one reads about the man's achievements and how they changed the world. The lore of the story relies in the classic, epic sense of adventure that courses through it, it is a tale that takes us through various cultures, characters and to the stretches of the known world. N.G.L. Hammond is clearly an admirer of Alexander and tells his story here with the flare of homage and reverence. "The Genius of Alexander the Great" gives us a story of boldness and the quest for knowledge and truth. Alexander comes off as a highly intelligent, cultured commander who embarks on a quest to defeat a mammoth Persian empire and bring Greek culture into the civilizations of Asia and beyond and to also introduce their cultures to the Greeks and Macedonians. Hammond describes in great detail the battles Alexander wins against Persian king Darius, who is ruler of the world before the Macedonian king steps ashore. The book is also a fascinating exploration of Greek history, taking us deep into the cultural traditions and aspects of Alexander's world. One realizes you cannot judge Alexander by the standards of our time, this is one figure that demands to be judged by the standards of his own time and era. If one takes the book to heart with careful attention, you realize what sets Alexander apart from conquerors like Caesar, Napoleon and Hannibal is that his goal was simply to achieve a sort of greatness in the style of Achilles ("The Iiliad" was a constant companion during the Asiatic campaign). Hammond's book is also a wonderful gallery of characters. The most memorable aside from Alexander would have to be his free-spirited mother Olympias, who here is depicted dancing wildly in Dionysian cults, handling snakes and indulging herself in orgiastic rituals such as the "Bacchae". There is also Alexander's talented, brilliant father Philip, the philosopher Aristotle and others. It's evident that Alexander lived in special times for the history of civilization and he was simply there to add his mark. And Hammond writes it all with a novelistic style that engrosses the reader and transports you there clearly and vividly. From Macedonia and Persia to Egypt and India, Hammond takes us on a journey to understand how there are daring, epic moments in history that live on forever. A wonderful read and memorable book. REVIEW: Mr. Hammond's study of the campaigns and generalship of Alexander is an insightful look at perhaps the greatest General in world history. What is most interesting is that the book does not necessarily focus on the specific battles of Alexander, but on Alexander as a general. In a very real way, his accomplishments as a general are greater than his conquest of Persia. The book does discuss the battles of Alexander and describes what happened and why it happened. Hammond does a good job of putting the reader in the head of Alexander. The book is well written and maps help explain what is going on. For those who are interested in Alexander or how he accomplished so much so quickly, this book is a must. REVIEW: This is the last book written by Professor Hammond on Alexander the Great and it really is a nice piece of work. Some people may claim that he tends to over-glorify Alexander but I don't believe so. His analysis is very balanced and his criticism is not based on 20th century values and ideals, which is a problem with other authors on the same subject. If you're looking for a good book on Alexander the Great, do start here. REVIEW: This book, although mainly intended to explain Alexander the Great's political system and success, also has a great amount of information to offer on the most brilliant military campaigns of all time. Anyone interested in an amateur understanding of battles, not to mention polytheism and Macedonian social code, would find this book a vast ocean of useful facts. I always ship books Media Mail in a padded mailer. 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