LOL Surprise Lil Secret Agent Purr Baby Cat Kitten Kitty Lils Pets Makeover GOLD

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller callistodesigns (37,201) 99.8%, Location: Tucson, Arizona, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 392336825674 BDon't buy 20-40 surprise toys at the store looking for the exact and specific one your kid wants - get this super popular and rare LOL pet doll and know with 100% certainty what it is you'll be getting! Instead just buy from the suckers that actually HAVE bought 20-40 balls looking for the one their kid wanted.... us :) For sale here is an adorable and brand new mostly unopened, mostly sealed, authentic, super hard to find, out of stock everywhere, LOL surprise lil makeover series little sisters, little brothers and lil pets series. They come accompany the hairgoals and come in the same curler style container that are included in the hairgoals capsules as well. These are the pets, and little sisters and brothers for all the other LOL dolls like series 1 & 2 Big tot sisters, Confetti Pop Series dolls, glitter series dolls, the Under wraps and eye spy series and now the #Hairgoals series as well as all the other lol surprise ball families :) if you want the HairGoals (which is the latest big sister series that has REAL hair like Barbie dolls complete with combs and hair clips as accessories) or the glam glitter lol balls, I have those for sale too, just see my other listings for those dolls- as well as Fuzzy Pets series- which is a collection of pets that come with real fur that you can wash off to reveal the pet you get. What will they think of next?!?!? This is for Lil Agent Purr baby this is a little glittery ultra rare kitty cat, and is so far only one of the only two lils in this series that comes in a gold container in this collection- of course this is only wave one so who knows what will come next in the wave two release. This is the lil pet that belongs to a very popular doll that comes exclusive ONLY if you were to have purchased the LOL Surprise Bigger Surprise which was that giant and expensive pink glitter suitcase sized box that was for sale around Christmas time. That contained this pet’s older sister as well as a bigger pet cat I think too. I am not sure because I never got that giant and expensive toy for my munchkin. Her big sister was a doll that was offered as a part of that large collection called bigger surprise and her name is Agent Baby. She is an exact match for her big sister with the golden glitter braided hair just like her pet as well. What is even more awesome is the the little sister is also available in this same Makeover series - so there’s a chance to get them both in this series! The lil sister is called Agent Baby and she’s the little baby sister to the Secret Agent doll that came with all kinds of wigs and face masks and all sorts of accessories. This happens to be the only other Gold container Ultra Rare pet in this series too. Perfect for your LOL collector or kid :) Agent Purr PET NUMBER - M-002 SAND SURPRISE - No Sand WATER SURPRISE - Color Change WHO'S PET - Agent 00L Agent Purr is an ultra-rare tiny pet from the Glitterati. She is the pet to lil agent baby also a glitterati doll from the makeover series. They all belong to the secret agent family introduced in the LOL Bigger surprise set. As soon as we saw this was a duplicate for us, we put everything in a ziplock bag ready to go for you. The only bag opened is the bag the pet came in. All other bags that contain all the accessories are sealed and ready to be opened by your little one so the unboxing can still happen. This is from a smoke free home. You'll get the secret message, the magic mirror as they call it which is a rainbow metallic iridescent lens that you can put over your iPhone camera to use as a filter to make rainbows in you photos, it also comes with all accessories sealed in their original bags, the pet of course, the collectors list, the collectible poster on the back of the list, and the three piece curler container that all the items come in as well as the original paperwork. So basically this comes with everything that came in the container initially except the layers on the outside. That is the only thing missing. So it will be like you purchased this new except you’ll have the luxury of knowing exactly which one you will be getting, insuring that you will not get a duplicate. Description of item: This listing is for the newest and coolest and most anticipated release yet from the LOL Surpise! Doll line called the Makeover Series Lils. These are not pre-orders. These are in my possession and in stock!! They are selling out everywhere at record speed though and I only got a few so get while the gettin’s good. These are almost a miniature version of the hairgoals and come in the same kind of cylinder type container as the hairgoals. Please note that each one can contain EITHER a lil sister or lil brother or lil pet. The lil pet is similar to the previous series pet balls where you may have previously gotten a ultra rare gold ball that came with a twin or a triplet. So you know those are the pets but smaller so that would be the size of these. Also please note that this is for one container containing 5 surprises. The lead image shows the front and the back of the same exact item. These are called lils - and will contain either a lil doll or lil pet. There is no choice. Before I saw these in person I thought there was a line of pets and a line of lil sisters but it’s all the same thing and what’s inside is a surprise. The ones I am most excited about in this series is the Confetti Pop series Pharaoh babe get a baby sister. Then the Bebe Bonito and her big sis get a pet owl!!! And the Eye Spy series of the lil sister and big sister of the Babe in the Woods get a pet puppy named pup in the woods. He’s cute. And for all those who purchased the store front and the 3-in-1 display case that got the exclusive doll that comes with that. Her name was Instagold and she was solid gold colored. She get a little sister and they also both get a pet!!! It’s an adorable bunny named Instabunny! How exciting. And for the people that have been collecting for the longest time like us, and got the series one Leading Baby - or was it Leading Lady? I can’t remember - anyway she FINALLY gets a baby sister named Lil leading lady. She was one of my favorites from the original vanilla scented ones back in the day of the series 1 originals. And then the series 4 eye spy and under wraps series that was named Caddie QT - she was a golfer type doll with adorable argyle leggings - well she is getting herself a LIL BROTHER!! Yes I said that. A little brother. In fact this series has more boys than ever. Caddy boi is his name. So punk boi and lil punk boi won’t have to play alone anymore. If your daughter separates then like mine does. Ha ha And I think that either sis cheer or cheerleader one from series 2 or 1 gets a lil brother and a pet. There is a pup cheer and a cheer boi. I’m not exactly sure who they belong to - maybe the sis cheer from under wraps wave 2. And then Oops baby and lil Oops Baby from the eye spy and under wraps series get a pet named Oops Hammy or Oops ham and he’s a little adorable hamster! And then Under Wraps series 4 wave 2 fierce gets herself a really cute pet cat!! Her name is Fierce Meow and I think this is my favorite. It just looks like the cutest one so far personally. Oh wait never mind there is a tie with the kitty that belongs to Witchay Babay from #Hairgoals series. Or lil wit hay babay from the eye spy series they get a cat too named withay kittay- now it may be I like this one so much because Hair Goals is one of my favorite series of it may just be that cats are my favorite animals. Either way this cat is darn darn cute!!!! Also the lil bebe bonito from eye spy and Bebe Bonita from Under Wraps gets themselves a pet owl. Her name is Cuervo Bonito. And he looks like he fits in perfectly with that family for sure. And then I think I already mentions lil pharaoh babe and there are a few new ones that don’t go to any pre-existing dolls except for maybe matching outfits of the day clothes or something and then the last but not least is another Confetti Pop doll gets a pet! Riptide and Lil riptide get a pet Hamster named Hammy Tide! All in all these are adorable and now I’ll attach that toy review for you. It's time for the big reveal, because L.O.L. Surprise! got a fabulous makeover! From new surprises to new looks to totally new ways to unbox, the Makeover Series is all about transformation. L.O.L. Surprise! Lils have so many 'lil surprises to unbox. Will you get a pet or a lil sis? Or even a lil brother?! L.O.L. Surprise! Lils come in a real hair curler - unbox it to find 5 surprises! 1) Magic Mirror 2) Secret Message 3) Fashion Accessory 4) Outfit 5) L.O.L. Surprise Lils doll. The curler package can be used in your hair, and it also doubles as a bed or a bath. Dunk Lils in water to discover a color change water surprise! Collect all the adorable new characters and surprises with L.O.L. Surprise! Lils. * L.O.L. Surprise! Lils have so many 'lil surprises to unbox. * Will you get a pet or a lil sis? Or even a lil brother?! * L.O.L. Surprise! Lils come in a real hair curler package with 5 surprises. * Curler package can be used in hair; also doubles as a bed or bath. * Dunk lils in water to discover a color change water surprise! * Collect them all! Specifications Brand L.O.L Surprise Character L.O.L Surprise! Gender Female Age Group Child Color Pink For LOL Makeover Series 5 Lils, MGA is changing it up again! In previous series, lil sisters were launched around the same time as big sisters and had their own balls. For Series 5, MGA has launched Makeover Series 5 Lils that put all the potential small siblings into ONE surprise. Here’s our parent guide to Series 5 Lils so you can know BEFORE you buy (and manage your little one’s expectations). 1. Series 5 Lils are lil sisters, lil brothers, and lil pets. Unlike previous series, all these guys have been grouped together in 1 package. We’ll give all the names later, but your little one will get one of 6 lil sisters, 2 lil brothers, or 10 lil pets. Lil pets can be dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, or rabbits. 2. She won’t know which one she will get. For Series 5 Lils, lil sisters, lil brothers, and lil pets are grouped into one surprise cylinder. That’s right…in Series 5 she can get a lil sister, a lil brother, or a lil pet. She won’t know which! The packaging is no indication of which person or animal is inside because there is a pet on one side and a baby on the other. Be sure to manage her expectations ahead of time. There are more pets than people in these little cylinders, so there is a strong chance she will get a lil pet. 3. The surprise packaging is a big pink cylinder. Series 5 Lils are part of the Makeover Series so they continue the theme. The cylinder looks like all the other Makeover Series packages with a light pink and pink argyle print. Why is it a cylinder and not a ball? The cylinder is actually a big hair curler…so cute. 4. The package features 2 cuties. Series 5 Lils is the first package to feature 2 cuties on the front. One side has Lil Jet Set QT, the little sister to Jet Set QT from #OOTD outfit of the day (completely worth buying by the way). The other side feature their pet bunny, Jet Set Hop Hop. 5. LOL Series 5 Lils have 5 surprises. If your little one is into LOLs, you know the 5 surprises for the lils by now: 1. Water surprise sticker 2. Secret message sticker 3. Shoes 4. Accessory 5. Doll There’s also a makeover mirror included that’s just like the one on the cylinder. 6. There are 2 new lil brothers in LOL Series 5 Lils Series. We love the LOL lil brothers. They are super cute and a bit less controversial than the boy big tots. LOL Series 5 Makeover Series brings 2 new boys, both in the Athletic Club. Lil Caddy Boi is the lil brother to Caddy Cutie from Series 4 Under Wraps Eye Spy wave 1. Lil Bro Cheer is the lil brother to Sis Cheer from Series 4 Under Wraps Eye Spy wave 2. 7. Lil pets are not full size pets. Series 5 Lils is also the first time that lil pets are launched as a standalone. Lil pets are the same as the “pet babies” found in the Biggie Pets. They are small size pets. Unlike full size pets, lil pets don’t come with kinetic sand, pooper scooper, or pet bed. If your little one is more into the full size version, check out the washable Fuzzy Pets from series 5. 8. All Series 5 Lils color change. Just like the lils that have come before, all lil sisters, lil brothers, and lil pets in Series 5 Lils color change. Most change in COLD water, except Cuervo Bonito and Pup in the Woods, which change in WARM water. 9. There are 18 lil sisters, lil brothers, and lil pets in Series 5 Lils Wave 1. LOL Series 5 Lils Now that you know everything about them, it’s time to meet the lils! All lil sisters, brothers, and pets change color as their water surprise. 6 Lil Sisters * Lil Agent Baby * Lil Leading Baby * #Lilinstagold * Her Lil Majesty * Lil Jet Set QT * Lil Pharaoh Babe 2 Lil Brothers * Lil Caddy Boi * Lil Bro Cheer 10 Lil Pets * Agent Purr * Pup in the Woods * #Instabunny * Jet Set Hop Hop * Pup Cheer * Oops Ham * Fierce Meow * Cuervo Bonito * Witchay Kittay * Hammy Tide New York Times article on LOL surprise. Why Do You Love a L.O.L. Surprise? The hottest toy of the year was a glittering, baby-pink plastic suitcase that we buy without knowing what’s inside. According to our e-commerce and big-box retail overlords, the hottest toy this holiday season was the L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise. It didn’t reach fist-fighting-in-store-aisles levels of frenzy; it’s no Tickle Me Elmo, and it’s not 1996. But, according to NPD Group, a market research firm, L.O.L. Surprise! was the best-selling toy brand of the year (excepting December, for which sales numbers haven’t been released), and L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise was the top-selling toy in November. So, what is the L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise? It is a glittering, baby-pink plastic suitcase that one buys without knowing what’s inside. It is filled with doe-eyed plastic dolls and many sparkly accessories (including wigs, handbags and green tennis rackets) and each item is individually wrapped in enough plastic packaging to occupy a doll-size landfill. It is also bigger than the L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise, which was the hottest toy of last season. and with a promised 60-plus surprises, it contains the most trinkets of any toy in the L.O.L. Surprise! canon. The whole thing weighs 3.3 pounds and costs $89.99. It is made for children ages three and up — a population, I figured, that includes me. In November, L.O.L. Surprise! hosted a fashion show in Los Angeles. Celebrity child models — including North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, making her runway debut dressed up like the dolls, which have names like “Thrilla,” “Oops Baby,” and “Shapes,” and their famous parents shared every detail of the spectacle on Instagram. I carefully examined footage posted by Ms. West and Busy Phillips but still could not determine what, exactly, made L.O.L. Surprise! such a big deal. Certainly, the dolls and their pets and accessories are clad in the mesmerizing jewel-tone color scheme that must be kryptonite to little girls everywhere (Lisa frank Limited Too in the ’90s). But the real fun of L.O.L. Surprise!, according to the brand, is the drawn-out experience of unwrapping the gift. MGA Entertainment, the toy company behind Bratz dolls, launched the L.O.L. Surprise! franchise two years ago in a bid to capitalize on YouTube’s unboxing trend and there are now many videos of children (and more adults than one might expect) employing L.O.L. Surprise! toys for that very purpose. It’s brilliant marketing. The package that I ordered arrived in a box bigger than my head. I feverishly ripped into it, and encountered dolls (one, wearing a shiny pink diaper and swaddled in layers of wrapping; others, encased in baby-blue orbs and carrying sunglasses and miniature to-go cups), along with tons of tiny wrapped boxes, many with Lewis Carroll-esque tags like, “PICK ME!”, “UNBOX ME!”, “ME FIRST!”, and the more unsettling “LET ME OUT OF HERE!” The items crying out for freedom included a shimmering Britney Spears-style newsboy cap and a hot pink crop top that read “MEOW.” Were these good collectibles? I wasn’t sure. According to the L.O.L. Surprise! website, all of the items — surprises — sit somewhere on a Pokemon-style rarity spectrum, from “ULTRA RARE” to “FABULOUS,” which may as well be “BASIC.” The doll “Baby Next Door” for example, is ULTRA-RARE. The “Thrilla” doll, meanwhile, is FANCY, which is just one step up from FABULOUS. There was little in the way of discernible narrative. (Are the dolls friends? Sisters? Aliens? Hard to say. They are only grouped in terms of rarity.) But from three “secret clues” in the package, I learned that the dolls (and I, by extension) were on a mission to find a missing pet. The dolls are identified as “secret agents” so I guess it’s all part of their job. One of the tiny items — a plastic pizza box, stamped with “” — led me to a website that shed a bit more light on the story: The dolls were diverted from a “top secret mission" when their cat went missing, and the search to get it back took them through both a pizza place and a wig shop called “Unbeweavable.” Some time into the third layer of the suitcase, I unwrapped a spotted cat with its own disc-shaped litter box, sand included. This, I gathered, was how I solved the mission. Allegedly, the many dolls and tiny unboxable trinkets in my L.O.L. Surprise! weren’t meant to make me, or anyone else, L.O.L. in the traditional, internet sense of the term. L.O.L. stands for Little Outrageous Littles, though that detail is not listed anywhere on the L.O.L. Surprise! site. The items are little, yes, but outrageous little, in a descriptive sense, feels like a stretch. If there is outrage, it should be directed at the amount of plastic wrap; after unwrapping 60-plus items, I had filled a small kitchen trash bag with packaging. The L.O.L. Surprise! took me exactly 59 minutes to fully unbox. It was an experience both interminable but also not nearly long enough to quench my newfound need to unwrap even more. Condition: New, Brand: L.O.L., Product Line: LOL Surprise! by MGA, Type: Doll, Packaging: Original (Unopened), Features: Set With Several Accessories Blind Bag Surprise

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