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Seller: Top-Rated Seller callistodesigns (37,216) 99.9%, Location: Tucson, Arizona, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 392336683236 Up for sale here is an adorable and brand new mostly unopened, mostly sealed, authentic, super hard to find, out of stock everywhere, LOL surprise pets series 4 WAVE 2 (with the hot pink balls - so rare) these are part of the latest release of what is called eye spy series where there's hidden messages everywhere and you need a special decoder spyglass to decode the messages. - these are the pets for all the other LOL dolls like lil' sisters, Confetti Pop Series dolls, glitter series dolls, all the other lol surprise ball families :) if you want the confetti pop girls lol balls, I have those for sale too just see my other listings for those girls- as well as Glam Glitter series and the lil Sisters as well! . This is for one ball only. This is for Short Stop Hop which is one of the most popular ones from this series and one if only 4 bunny rabbits! This is the pets that belongs to a very popular doll from the confetti pop series called ShortStop and her little sister lol shortstop also from the confetti pop series.. This bunny is an exact match for her with the exact baseball theme. Perfect for your LOL collector or baseball collector kid :) These come with new and rare stuff like little bottles of bubble making soap solution that make some of these animals blow bubbles!! And also rare and unusual and new in this series is UV reactive color changing sand!!! The kinetic sand that comes in the little boxes with the scoopers that have hidden treasures inside - some of the sand is color changing!! So there are all kinds of new surprises in this series of animals. SERIES 4 L.O.L. SURPRISE PETS! Discover 7 layers of surprise in each L.O.L. Surprise Pets! As you unbox each layer a new surprise in unveiled, hinting at which L.O.L. Surprise Pet you're going to get! ! Now theres a new way to unbox your accessories! Scoop in the litter box for surprises! And that's not all feed or bathe your Pet for an additional water surprise and mix & match your L.O.L. Surprise Pets accessories with your L.O.L. Surprise Tots and L.O.L. Surprise Lil Sisters. This new series of LOL pets come with some really special pets for some of the most popular dolls. There are ponies as well as owls and flocked pets and of course gold balls that have rare and limited edition glitter queens. This latest wave of this series has so so many cool additions. The most awesome is the Glitterati which is the rarest ones and they come with is a pet for independent queen as well as one for madame queen. also there is a twin set with a mini pup called flower doodle - flowerchild pet and she's in a gold ball with spikes pet puppy that looks like a tiny dog. vrqt gets an adorable pink bunny post from series 1 gets a pet brrr bb from series 2 get a pet owl I think. oh and the one of the ball is Ancient kitty meow that is the cleopatra looking confetti pop doll named pharaoh babe - her pet cat. there are many others and some of the others on this list are napping. There is also a pet owl for one of the most popular dolls from the very first original series of dolls series 1. There is also another owl that is flocked and super fuzzy and adorable and it's angel's pet from the confetti pop series. There is also a pet for cheer captain from the series 1 dolls. And one of the gold balls contains a gorgeous glitter encrusted pony that is the pet for "the queen" from the series 2 dolls. Also there is a black and solid dark goth like raven as a pet for Dusk the heavy metal-ish all black goth-like doll from confetti pop series opposites club. And just like her, her other half from the opposites club Dawn got a pet as well- it is an adorable dog with a matching rainbow shirt as Dawn and matching hairbow. And Showbaby from the confetti pop series has gotten a really adorable and super gorgeous pet pony called ShowPony. There is also a pet kitty cat for the doll named Cozy Babe from series 2 - her name is Cozy Kitty. Miss Punk from series 2 had now gotten herself a pet skunk with a matching hairstyle, sash and crown named Miss Skunk. And there is another skunk named Le Skunk Bébé who happens to be confetti pop's series 3 wave 1 SnuggleBabe's pet with her signature matching hair. Also Sprints has gotten herself a pet bunny that has her signature athletic look. And there is also another cute bunny rabbit that is the pet for Snow Angel named Snow Bunny. Touchdown from the Confetti Pop series athletic club has gotten herself a pet with a signature hairstyle that is undeniably belonging to touchdown and is totally adorable, and her name is Touchdown Ruferree. It appears the series 2's very popular and highly sought after doll named coconut QT has acquired a pet hamster named Coco Hammy. Which, I am sure may come in a goldball with another small one although not entirely sure of that. What I have heard is that there is a special and never before special thing happening in this series - which is there is one special rare gold ball with 3 pets in it!! There is the raven that belongs to dusk and 2 little mice that are all three together in one gold ball!! I know one of the mice belongs to the series 2 rare gold ball queen called Sugar Queen but not sure who the other pet mouse belongs to. There is a pet cat named BabyCat that is confetti pop's sleepover club baby doll's pet. There are a lot of new things in this series. This is the first time they have ever had a spy glass and decoder messages. And also this series has some pets that come with a bubble bath solution. I have no idea why and what exactly you're supposed to do with that. But there is also a message that you are supposed to figure out on the back of the checklist and to figure that message out you have to open many many many balls. And while you're opening these balls there are hidden messages on every single layer. One layer will have a collar symbol and the letter "E" all over it and then the next letter will have a heart with the letter "T" all over it. - now mind you none of these messages or letters and symbols are visible UNLESS you have the secret decoder spy glass that comes inside the ball. These layers without that spy glass just looks like little triangles and designs like that. Also the secret message that you get in the first layer is also illegible without the spy glass decoder too. So once you open one you can decide and see all these secret messages. Even the balls inside the ball that have all the accessories, doll and scoopers inside have messages on them as well that can only be seen with the specialty decoding spy glass. 100 % Authentic MGA EYE SPY LOL SURPRISE PETS! L.O.L Surprise Pets offers 7 layers of surprise! Each layer unveils a hint of which L.O.L. Surprise Pet you're going to get! Match the pet to the L.O.L. Surprise Doll to complete the family. Now there's a new way to unbox your accessories. Scoop in the litter box for prizes! Includes: * Secret message sticker * Collectible sticker sheet * Water bottle/or bottle of bubble bath solution * Scooper * Shoes/clothes/collar/bracelets * various other Accessories * LOL Surprise Pet with water surprise * Collectable Poster IN HAND AND READY TO SHIP! These were the hottest and most hard to find toy of the year! It was voted best toy of the year and most Collectible. These are the latest release of this entire L.O.L. Ball doll series. They have had LOL Pets, LOL little sisters, LOL glitter series, and then series one and series 2, then 3 and now series 4! This is the most recent release and practically impossible to find. Every time I go to target they have an empty box with no balls in the box ever! You will receive 1 unopened, sealed, authentic, US Seller owned, blind bag style surprise ball with a special, rare, series 4, LOL Surprise Pet ball that has a super special edition doll inside with a total of 7 layers and 7 surprises that include usually a litter box filed work kinetic sand where you dig through to find shoes or roller skates for your four legged friend, as well as also outfits, shoes baby, sunglasses or regular glasses, tiaras, crowns, hats, headbands, bunny ears, roller skates, stickers, and all other sorts of accessories and supplies that perfectly match up and are perfectly sized up for your LOL Pets and dolls. These accessories are perfect for all the lol pets and dolls. They have interchanges accessories. All the LOL Bigger doll figures, called big sisters dolls, glitter series and confetti pop ones have interchangeable accessories and so do all the pets and lil' Sisters. So you can switch and swap all accessories with other dolls in your collection as well, for example my daughter has some Big Sisters Glitter series dolls and all the accessories for those dolls and these Confetti Pop dolls are the same size and interchangeable. These are perfect toys to trade with friends and switch and swap with other friends. They are actually really adorable. And the way they open is an incredibly clever marketing strategy for this company. I thought they were a little silly when I first bought one for my daughter but now I find them incredibly adorable and very clever. They are just cute, super super cute! This is a highly sought after toy. When I do a recent search to see the most recent successful purchases and sales through eBay - just today one sold for $26.75! And then the day before a 2 piece lot successfully sold for $47! I can understand the craze. My child is literally bonkers over these. And these here is the only current way to get your hands on the 4th season of the Eye Spy L.O.L. Surprise Pets balls with the chance to get the rare gold balls as well. I just got my hands on only few of these. Everywhere online it says these are 'soon to be in stock', or 'out of stock' or 'find in stores only' & no way to order and ship out ever! They only refer you to see if your local store has them and then when you do a search of the nearest 100 miles of stores, they all say out of stock! There seems really no way to purchase! I went all over the city on a major scavenger hunt looking for these and I only got them because I know someone who works at target and they had only 3 of them and they were not even put out on the shelf. They went from being in the back stock room - to me- & now hopefully to you! So be the FIRST to get your hands on one!! I always ship out within 24 hours of payment and promise you'll get it crazy fast because it is in my possession. All the photos are stock images show exactly what you'll get as far as the photos of unopened balls, any and all of the photos that show ACTUAL dolls and accesories are only examples of what you COULD get. These are blind bag style presents. You never know what you will get. Some of these dolls are so rare you can resell them for $85 each, and most are still re-sellable for more than paid for, if you decide to resell for any reason. My daughter has gotten duplicates before and we've resold opened ones for three times the price as unopened. It's the best toy ever - it holds its value and it is often more valuable once opened and played with - can't beat that!! Everything I sell is from a smoke free home. I hope this can find a good home out there with another little munchkin :) I will combine shipping and give discounts for multiple purchases of anything I sell. L.O.L. Surprise! dolls were on a TOP SECRET mission when their pet went missing! Find surprise clues across the Eye Spy Series to help find their pet! Unbox 7 surprises with each L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series Pet. Unbox the spy glass to find codes and unlock surprises! As you unbox each layer, a surprise is unveiled, hinting at which L.O.L. Surprise Pet you're going to get! L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series Pets includes puppies, kitties, bunnies and even skunks, ponies and owls! Match the pet to the L.O.L. Surprise! Doll to complete the family: Showbaby, Lil Showbaby and Showpony! There's a new way to unbox your accessories! Scoop in the litter box for surprises! Feed or bathe L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series Pets for a water surprise! Collect them all! Dimensions (Overall): 3.45 inches (H) x 3.45 inches (W) x 3.45 inches (D) Weight: .25 pounds Material: Plastic Includes: 1 figure Suggested Age: 6 Years and Up Number of Figures: 1 Includes 7 Layers of Surprises! (1) Spy Glass (2) Secret Message Sticker (3) Water Bottle (4) Scooper (5) Accessory (6) Accessory (7) L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series Pet. Feed L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series Pets with the water bottle or bathe her to find out if she cries, spits, tinkles, or color changes! Also, look for the mystery bubble surprise! Scoop in the litter box for surprises! Litter box included. Look for rare, color-changing litter. Ball becomes pet bed and purse carrying case. Collector's poster. LOL surprise dolls balls (Wikipedia) In a world where babies run everything, little rockers rebel against nap time and teacher's pets become class presidents with "Free Pizza Fridays!" In this world, all work is play and nothing is dull cuz it's all a lil' surprising and outrageous! LOL Lil' Outrageous Littles -Wikipedia LOL Surprise Series 3: Confetti Pop The first series to pop open the ball Has a new wave for lil sisters L.O.L Surprise Series 3 Lil Sisters These are the upcoming Lol Surprise Dolls. New charm fizz and lil sisters are out. This series has a new surprise. This series we have 9 layers instead of 7 layers. The new surprise is heat color change. But the other new surprise is the question mark, it is water coming out of their ear. List Of Dolls * The Glitterati: * Boss Queen 3-001 * Madamme queen 3-002 * Independent Queen 3-003 * Goo-Goo Queen 3-004 Pearl Surprise: * Treasure 3-005A * Precious 3-005B Opposites Club: dawn3-006 * Dusk 3-007 Glam Club: Showbaby 3-008 * Black-tie 3-009 * Flower Child 3-010 Theater Club: * Angel 3-011 * Unicorn 3-012 * Pharaoh babe3-013 Athletic Club: * Touchdown 3-014 * Sprints 3-015 * Short Stop 3-016 * Spike 3-017 Retro Club: Go-Go Gurl 3-018 * Foxy 3-019 * Beatnik Babe 3-020 Rock Club: funky QT3-021 * Cheeky babe 3-022 * Grunge Grrrl 3-023 * Punk Boi 3-024 Swim Club: * Rip tide3-025 * Vacay-babay 3-026 * Waves 3-027 * SPF Q.T. 3-028 Sleepover Club: * Baby doll3-029 * Snuggle babe 3-030 * Sleeping b.b 3-031 * Sleepy Bones 3-032 S.T.E.M Club: * Can do baby3-033 * V.R.Q.T. 3-034 * Glamstronaut 3-035 * P.H.D.B.B. 3-036 LOL Surprise Doll Ball Pop came from MGA. The series featured are series 1 and series 2 and series 3! Series 2 The Glitterati L.O.L. Surprise Confetti Pop! Welcome to the L.O.L. Surprise Unofficial Manual Wikipedia L.O.L. Surprise! - Series 3 Confetti Pop Tots Dolls Balls Series 3 Dolls | Big Sisters * Independent Queen * Goo-Goo Queen * Unicorn * Grunge Grrrl * Sleepy Bones * Beatnik babe * Foxy * Spike * Short stop * Angel * Glamstronaut * Pink boi * Waves * P.H.D.B.B. Dolls | Little Sisters * Lil Cosmic Queen * Lil Sugar Queen * Lil Boss Queen * Lil Madame Queen * Lil Independent Queen * Lil Dawn * Lil Dusk * Lil Court Champ * Lil Short Stop * Lil Touchdown * Lil Coconut Q.T. * Lil Pranksta * Lil Unicorn * Lil Angel * Lil Showbaby * Lil Flower Child * Lil Go-Go Gurl * Lil Foxy * Lil Beatnik Babe * Lil Waves * Lil SPF Q.T. * Lil V.R.Q.T. * Lil Glamstronaut * Lil P.H.D.B.B. * Lil Babydoll * Lil Sleeping B.B. * Lil Sleepy Bones * Lil Cheeky Babe * Lil Grunge Grrrl * Lil Punk Boi LOL Pets L.O.L Surprise Pets is series 3. This new series contains the same seven layers except for a doll,a pet. You can dig up the sand for a surprise. The pets includes the doll's pet All the different Clubs that pets and dolls belong to are the following: The Glitterati: P-001- Crystal Bunny P-002- Splash Meow-Maid P-003-Kitty Kitty P-004- Pup Bee Opposites Club: P-005- Fancy Haute Dog P-006- Fresh Feline P-007-Sugar Pup P-008- Spice Kitty Glam Club: P-009-Royal Kitty-Cat P-010- Miss Puppy P-011- It Kitty P-012- Dollmation Glee Club: P-013-Mc-Hammy P-014- Ruff Rocker P-015-Bunny Hun P-016- D.J.K9 Theater Club: P-016 Su-Purr Kitty P-017 Bunny Wishes P-018- Pupsta P-019-Baby Dog Athletic Club: P-020- Roller Kit-10 P-021-Hoops D.O.G.G P-022- Sur-Fur Puppy P-023-Rolls Cosplay Club: P-025- Neon Kitty P-026-Midnight Pup P-027- Hop Hop P-028-Fuzzy Fan Storybook Club: P-029 - Cottontail-Q.T P-030- Hops Kit-Tea P-031- Heart Barker P-032- Trouble Squeaker Retro Club: P-033- Cherry Ham P-034- B.B Pup P-035- Purr Baby P-036- Jitter Critter One of the most adorable things about collecting these high quality and brilliantly marketed dolls are that they have families. It is possible to get a big sister and a little sister and a pet that all resemble one another and look alike and it's really adorable and adds an additional layer to the collecting fun that these toys are already known can get a whole LOL family! I'm a fan - my kid is a fan and now - hopefully - you will be a fan too. It is hard not to become a little crazy about them once you see just how adorable they all are on person :) Condition: New, Brand: L.O.L., Character Family: LOL Pets, Type: Pets & Animals, Doll Size: 3in., Features: Set With Several Accessories Blind Bag Surprise

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