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NEW Unabridged Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet Life 16thC Renaissance Verona Italy

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Seller: ancientgifts (4,323) 100%, Location: Lummi Island, Washington, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 381785243897 Details: TRANSLATE Arabic Chinese French German Greek Indonesian Italian Hindi Japanese Korean Swedish Portuguese Russian Spanish Your browser does not support JavaScript. To view this page, enable JavaScript if it is disabled or upgrade your browser. Increase Sales by 18% and double your hits - Vendio Gallery Click here to see 1,000 archaeology/ancient history books and 2,000 ancient artifacts, antique gemstones, antique jewelry! Romeo and Juliet (Unabridged) by William Shakespeare with Glossary and Reader’s Notes. NOTE: We have 75,000 books in our library, almost 10,000 different titles. Odds are we have other copies of this same title in varying conditions, some less expensive, some better condition. We might also have different editions as well (some paperback, some hardcover, oftentimes international editions). If you don’t see what you want, please contact us and ask. We’re happy to send you a summary of the differing conditions and prices we may have for the same title. DESCRIPTION: Softcover: 111 pages. Publisher: Prestwick House; (2005). Romeo and Juliet is a play by William Shakespeare first performed in 1594 or 1595 A.D., and published in a quarto in 1597 A.D. The characters of Romeo and Juliet have been depicted in literature, music, dance, and theatre. The appeal of the young hero and heroine, whose families the Montagues and Capulets are implacable enemies, is such that they have become, in the popular imagination, the representative type of star-crossed lovers. Shakespeare’s principal source for the plot was “The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet”, a long narrative poem by English poet Arthur Brooke. The poem was written in 1562, a year before Brooke’s death in 1563. Brooke had based his poem on a translation of a tale by an Italian writer, Matteo Bandello (1485-1561). Shakespeare set the scene in Verona, Italy, during the month of July. Juliet, a Capulet, and Romeo, a Montague, fall in love at a masked ball of the Capulets and profess their love when Romeo later visits her at her private balcony on her family’s home. Because the two noble families are enemies, the couple is married secretly by Friar Laurence. When Tybalt, a Capulet, kills Romeo’s friend Mercutio in a quarrel, Romeo kills Tybalt and is banished to Mantua. Juliet’s father insists on her marrying Count Paris, and Juliet goes to consult the friar. He gives her a potion that makes a person appear to be dead. He proposes that she take it, and that Romeo then rescue her. Juliet complies. Unaware of the friar’s scheme, Romeo returns to Verona on hearing of Juliet’s apparent death. He encounters Count Paris, kills him, and finds Juliet in the Capulets’ burial vault. Romeo gives Juliet a last kiss, and kills himself with poison. Juliet awakens, sees dead Romeo, and kills herself. The families learn what has happened, and end their blood feud. CONDITION: New, never read. PLEASE SEE IMAGES BELOW FOR SAMPLE PAGES FROM INSIDE OF BOOK. PLEASE SEE PUBLISHER, PROFESSIONAL, AND READER REVIEWS BELOW. PUBLISHER REVIEW: REVIEW: "Two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Verona, where we lay our scene." With these first lines, Shakespeare’s timeless play of young love and untimely death begins; as in life, it is sometimes comic, sometimes tragic, always poignantly beautiful. While our emotions are moved by the imagery and rhythms of Shakespeare’s verse, our minds are delighted by the sharpness of his insights into life, death, and the human condition. Written in the mid-1590s, the play is regarded as one of the Bard’s earliest masterpieces. To make Romeo and Juliet more accessible for the modern reader, the Prestwick House Literary Touchstone Edition includes a glossary of the more difficult words, as well as convenient sidebar notes to enlighten the reader on aspects that may be confusing or overlooked. In doing this, it is intended that the reader may more fully enjoy the beauty of the verse, the wisdom of the insights, and the impact of the drama. REVIEW: William Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright widely regarded as the greatest writer of the English language, as well as one of the greatest in Western literature, and the world's pre-eminent dramatist. This lyrical tragedy of two star-crossed lovers and their feuding families is one of the world's most famous love stories. Starting in the late 1580s and for several decades that followed, Shakespeare's plays were popular entertainment for London's theatergoers. His Globe Theatre was the equivalent of a Broadway theater in today's New York. The plays have endured over the course of 400+ years. PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS: REVIEW: The magnificent, timeless drama is the world's most famous tale of "star-crossed lovers." The young, unshakable love of Juliet and Romeo defies the feud that divides their families--the Capulets and Montagues--as their desperate need to be together, their secret meetings, and finally their concealed marriage drive them toward tragedy. A masterwork that has long captured the hearts of audiences, this romantic tragedy has become part of the literary heritage of all peoples in all nations. REVIEW: Tragic tale of star-crossed lovers, feuding families and timeless passion contains some of Shakespeare's most beautiful and lyrical love poetry. This inexpensive edition includes the complete, unabridged text with explanatory notes. Ideal for classroom use, it is a wonderful addition to the home library of anyone wanting to savor one of literature's most sublime paeans to young love. READER REVIEWS: REVIEW: Romeo and Juliet is a compelling romantic tragedy which I first read at secondary school. I suppose that since the play is simple, it was a good introduction for me to the wealth of Shakespeare's genius. I thoroughly enjoyed the moving exchanges between Romeo and Juliet. Here were two families, the Capulet and Montague that were in perpetual feud. The quarrel was going on for a long time that no one in the two families really cared to find out the root cause and if it could not be resolved. All that the two families cared about was to kill each other wherever possible. Romeo (a Montague) falls in love with Juliet (a Capulet). However, because of the long-running feud between their families, they were married in secret by Friar Lawrence. They decide to flee Verona since Juliet was due to be married to another man. Romeo gets banished from Verona following his killing of Tybalt when he was avenging the death of his friend Mercutio. With the dilemma that Romeo and Juliet were having, Friar Lawrence and Juliet come up with a plan for Juliet to take a poison that would make her appear dead and Romeo would come and take her when she wakes up 48 hours later. However, Romeo was not aware of the plan and when he turns up and sees Juliet apparently dead, he decides to kill himself. When eventually Juliet wakes up, she finds her lover dead so she also kills herself. When the two feuding families discover what happened, they decide to end their feud. For those who want to start learning Shakespeare, this is a good place to start. The play is first class, simple and straightforward romantic tragedy. I love the play as it highlights the ultimate futility of all conflicts and teaches the often unfortunate and unnecessary tragic consequences of such conflicts. REVIEW: Innocent love is the most pure... and the sight of those who are in that beautiful whirlwind of its hypnotic clutches is a sight to behold. Is it true? "Is youth wasted on the young." Sometimes, sometimes not. Romeo and Juliet is the most known western love story of all time. Why? This is not an easy question to answer, however, personally, I would never go back to those extremes of pure love; that game playing, jealousy, love-making so innocent,(wonderful) and the relationship inevitably ending in tragedy. What makes this 500 year old love story one of a kind is its "truth", that we are essentially envious beings, and pure love is something we all either unconsciously or consciously yearn for...and attempt to destroy. Shakespeare was a clever fellow: with the sacrifice of these two lovers, at last, the feuding families ended their years of fighting... the Montague's & Capulet's. Peace fell upon Verona. Does true love always end in tragedy? A good question. Shakespeare’s classic is considered a "love story"; but the Bard revealed pure love's true irony...young love so pure, so intense, so true, the god's become envious and tragedy is pure love's ultimate end. Very sad, but very true. As the cliché goes: "nothing ventured nothing gained". Re-read this beautiful story and reflect that true love just might conquer all. REVIEW: I'm not a believer in love at first sight, so I always thought the premise was a bit silly. I didn't come to love this play until I taught it to a group of ninth graders during my semester of student teaching. I had read the play in school, but was never given the opportunity to do more than merely read it. My students were encouraged to act it out and to watch clips from several versions to see how a different director's perspective could change the story. The most fun day was when the class divided up into Montagues and Capulets and hurled Shakespearean insults at each other. People get scared of the language, but that's really the best part of Shakespeare. Revel in it! REVIEW: "Oh Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." Two rival families, the Montagues and the Capulets, vie for pre-eminence in Renaissance Italy. Paris, a young nobleman, has asked to marry Juliet, Capulet's 13-year-old daughter, but has been told that she is far too young. Romeo, the son of Montague, goes to a Capulet pary in disguise, and meets Juliet. They fall in love and secretly get married, but Romeo is banished after a family fight in which his friend Mercutio and the Capulet Tybalt are killed. Amid the growing tension, Capulet changes his mind and insists that Paris and Juliet must be married within two days. Distraught but cleverly scheming, Juliet takes a potion which gives her the appearance of death. Romeo, discovering her, believes she is dead and posions himself. On waking, Juliet discovers the dead Romeo by her side and kills herself. The tragedy of their untimely deaths finally reconciles the families and brings peace to the town. REVIEW: The peace in the streets of Verona has just been disturbed for the third time by the two great warring families: the Montegues and the Capulets. It is a family quarrel that spans generations and fuels the emotions of the youngsters of the families to the point where they cannot even look upon one another without wishing to kill each other. In this poisonous atmosphere, Romeo, a Montegue, and Juliet, a Capulet, fall in love. At first, Romeo and Juliet are shocked when they find out who each other is but love wins out over family hatred. Romeo wants to marry the girl and seeks the help of Friar Lawrence. The clergyman is initially stunned by this latest development but realizes that this marriage would end the quarrel. He marries them that day but then tragedy strikes. No one else knows of this secret marriage when Tybalt, a nephew of Lord Capulet challenges Romeo to a duel. Tybalt discovered that Romeo crashed his uncle’s party and wanted to kill him. Romeo knows he is now related to Tybalt by marriage and declines a duel. Mercutio, Romeo’s good friend, thinks Romeo has become a coward and fights Tybalt on his behalf. Romeo tries to break up the fight and in doing so Mercutio is slain. Romeo, in vengeful anger, slays Tybalt and is banished from Verona. To Romeo, banishment is the same as death. He’s lost his wife and family. But the good friar convinces him that he can make everything all right and will send for him later. But more bad luck strikes the "star-crossed lovers." Lord Capulet insists that Juliet marry Paris. The friar once more has a plan to save the day and gives the girl a potion that simulates death. When she wakes up forty-eight hours later Romeo will be there to take her away. The problem is Romeo never gets the friar’s message and his servant tells him Juliet is dead. Romeo plans to poison himself and die with Juliet like Quasimodo with Esmirelda in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." More bad luck. Romeo dies before Juliet wakes up. When she awakens she discovers Romeo and kills herself. The families learn from the friar all that transpired and in their shock were able to set aside their quarrel. "Romeo and Juliet" is a beautiful play about love conquering hatred and healing a serious interfamily wound. As in most tragedies many people had to die before this healing could come about. The two lovers understood the risk that they were taking but were willing to die for their love, and in doing so they healed two families. REVIEW: The language wraps you up and transports you to a time and land like no other. It's full of love, hate, brutality, and loyalty. All these emotions get tangled up and mixed together. That lends itself to an amazing set of circumstances. There is no greater love story than Juliet and her fair Romeo. All other love stories are measured against this one and you will get lost in this classics story. It's a true classic. REVIEW: This was my first Shakespeare and it certainly won't be my last. While some people dislike this book for the "love at first sight" "stupidity" of the two, I think you need to try to get past that. I definitely agree that Romeo and Juliet are morons, but it makes for a nice story. Would you really want to watch a play about two people who court each other for years, get married to the happiness of their families, and have prosperous children? I sure wouldn't. So what if know in their right mind would ever act like? The play is written beautifully and it doesn't lag. REVIEW: "From forth the fatal loins of these two foes, a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life; whose misadventur'd piteous overthrows, doth with their death bury their parents' strife." This is part of the opening prologue from William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet." From this passage you can get a clear picture of the events that take place in this play. "From forth the fatal loins of these two foes," from these selected words you are safe to say that this play is about two different families. "A pair of star-crossed lover;" you can see that there are two people in love. " Doth with their death, bury their parents' strife;" this means that their parent's have been feuding for a long time, and only in their children's death do their parents realize the seriousness of their actions. "Romeo and Juliet," is a romantic tragedy, as are most of William Shakespeare's plays. This reading is fiction, although, it seems so real, because it relates with some modern issues. "Romeo and Juliet," is my favorite book. William Shakespeare's characters in most of his plays go against their parent's or have to choose between them. I agree with what Shakespeare shows in this play; it helps young adults relate to his books. In "Romeo and Juliet," the two young adults have to choose if they want to be together because they're in love or turn the other way because their parent's don't get along. This book really makes me think; if I was in this situation my decisions would be very hard, I wouldn't be able to make up my mind as fast as Romeo and Juliet did. I think anyone that has a chance to read this and has an opportunity to dissect it, it's a good idea because it really makes you think; what would you do in this situation. REVIEW: This tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's best known plays. It shows how pride and grudges can cause tragedies so it is better to let a problem go than hold a grudge. This story starts out with Romeo and his cousins walking around in the market place when all of a sudden Juliet’s cousins come by. They argue over a bit thumb and start to brawl. One of Romeo's cousins die and Tibalt dies as well. Then there is a party in which Romeo decides to invade. He meets Juliet and falls in love with her. She ends up falling in love with him too but their love can't happen because of their families’ feud against one another. They decide to flee because she was going to be wed with someone else. Juliet comes up with a plan that never reaches Romeo's ear. The plan was that she would take a poison that would put her in a deep sleep where it appears that she is dead. Romeo shows up and sees a stiff body of her loved one and he takes his own life with a poison bottle. Juliet wakes up and sees her lover dead so she takes her life away with a dagger. The priest shows up alone with the enemy families. They see what happened and decided not to have a problem between them anymore. This is a simple summary of the great play of Romeo and Juliet. It is a tragedy that something horrible has to happen in order for the families to figure out that their fight was unnecessary. This is a great play that everyone should know and should have the moral of this story in their minds when they have grudges. I always ship books Media Mail in a padded mailer. This book is shipped FOR FREE via USPS INSURED media mail (“book rate”). The shipment will include free USPS Delivery Confirmation (you might be able to update the status of your shipment on-line at the USPS Web Site and free insurance coverage). If you are concerned about a little wear and tear to the book in transit, I would suggest a boxed shipment - it is an extra $1.00. Whether via padded mailer or box, we will give discounts for multiple purchases. International orders are welcome, but shipping costs are substantially higher. Most international orders cost an additional $12.99 to $33.99 for an insuredshipment in a heavily padded mailer, and typically includes some form of rudimentary tracking and/or delivery confirmation (though for some countries, this is only available at additional cost). There is also a discount program which can cut postage costs by 50% to 75% if you’re buying about half-a-dozen books or more (5 kilos+). Rates and available services vary a bit from country to country. You can email or message me for a shipping cost quote, but I assure you they are as reasonable as USPS rates allow, and if it turns out the rate is too high for your pocketbook, we will cancel the sale at your request. ADDITIONAL PURCHASES do receive a VERY LARGE discount, typically about $5 per book (for each additional book after the first) so as to reward you for the economies of combined shipping/insurance costs. Your purchase will ordinarily be shipped within 48 hours of payment. We package as well as anyone in the business, with lots of protective padding and containers. All of our shipments are sent via insured mail so as to comply with PayPal requirements. We do NOT recommend uninsured shipments, and expressly disclaim any responsibility for the loss of an uninsured shipment. Unfortunately the contents of parcels are easily “lost” or misdelivered by postal employees – even in the USA. That’s why all of our shipments include a USPS delivery confirmation tag; or are trackable or traceable, and are insured. We do offer U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, Registered Mail, and Express Mail for both international and domestic shipments, as well United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (Fed-Ex). Please ask for a rate quotation. We will accept whatever payment method you are most comfortable with. If upon receipt of the item you are disappointed for any reason whatever, I offer a no questions asked return policy. Send it back, I will give you a complete refund of the purchase price (less our original shipping costs). Most of the items I offer come from the collection of a family friend who was active in the field of Archaeology for over forty years. However many of the items also come from purchases I make in Eastern Europe, India, and from the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean/Near East) from various institutions and dealers. Though I have always had an interest in archaeology, my own academic background was in sociology and cultural anthropology. After my retirement however, I found myself drawn to archaeology as well. Aside from my own personal collection, I have made extensive and frequent additions of my own via purchases on Ebay (of course), as well as many purchases from both dealers and institutions throughout the world - but especially in the Near East and in Eastern Europe. I spend over half of my year out of the United States, and have spent much of my life either in India or Eastern Europe. In fact much of what we generate on Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay goes to support The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as some other worthy institutions in Europe connected with Anthropology and Archaeology. I acquire some small but interesting collections overseas from time-to-time, and have as well some duplicate items within my own collection which I occasionally decide to part with. Though I have a collection of ancient coins numbering in the tens of thousands, my primary interest is in ancient jewelry. My wife also is an active participant in the "business" of antique and ancient jewelry, and is from Russia. I would be happy to provide you with a certificate/guarantee of authenticity for any item you purchase from me. There is a $2 fee for mailing under separate cover. 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