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Seller: Top-Rated Seller ancientgifts (4,752) 100%, Location: Lummi Island, Washington, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 123983782493 When ordering from the US, parcels may be subject to import tax and duty charges, which the buyer is responsible to pay. The Search for Nefertiti: The True Story of an Amazing Discovery by Dr. Joann Fletcher. NOTE: We have 75,000 books in our library, almost 10,000 different titles. Odds are we have other copies of this same title in varying conditions, some less expensive, some better condition. We might also have different editions as well (some paperback, some hardcover, oftentimes international editions). If you don’t see what you want, please contact us and ask. We’re happy to send you a summary of the differing conditions and prices we may have for the same title. DESCRIPTION: Hardback with Dust Jacket: 452 pages. Publisher: William Morrow, an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers; (2004). Her power was rivaled only by her beauty. Her face has become one of the most recognizable images in the world. She was an independent woman and thinker centuries before her time. But who was Egypt's Queen Nefertiti? After years of intense research, Dr. Joann Fletcher has answered the questions countless researchers before her could not. While studying Egyptian royal wigs, she read a brief mention of an unidentified and mummified body, discovered long ago and believed to belong to an Egyptian of little importance. This body happened to have a wig, which Dr. Fletcher knew was a clear sign of power. After examining the hairpiece and the woman to which it belonged, to the astonishment of her colleagues she identified this body as the missing remains of Queen Nefertiti. The search for Nefertiti had ended. She had been found. But the questions were just beginning. Nefertiti first rose to prominence in Egyptology in 1912, when a three-thousand-year-old bust of the queen was unearthed and quickly became a recognizable artifact around the world. But pieces of Nefertiti's life remained missing. The world had seen what she looked like, but few knew about her place in history. Virtually nothing is restringsd about Nefertiti's early years. What is known about her life starts with her rise to power, her breaking through the sex barrier to rule as a virtual co-Pharaoh alongside her husband, Akhenaten. Upon his death she took full control of his kingdom. The Egyptian people loved her and celebrated her beauty in art, but the priests did not feel the same way. They believed Nefertiti's power over her husband was so great that she would instill her monotheistic beliefs upon him, rendering their own power obsolete. Egyptologists concur that it was these priests who, upon Nefertiti's death, had her name erased from public record and any likeness of her defaced. This ultimately led to her being left out of history for three thousand years. In The Search for Nefertiti Dr. Fletcher, an esteemed Egyptologist, traces not only her thirteen-year search for this woman, whose beauty was as great as her power, but also brings to the forefront the way Egypt's royal dead have been treated over time by people as varied as Agatha Christie and Adolf Hitler. She also explores how modern technology and forensics are quickly changing the field of archaeology and, in turn, what we know about history. CONDITION: New hardcover w/dustjacket (464 pages). Morrow (2004). Unblemished except VERY slight edge and corner shelf wear to dustjacket and covers, and very mild rubbing to dustjacket (dustjacket is matte black and so shows rub marks very easily, even merely from being shelved between other books). Pages are pristine; clean, crisp, unmarked, unmutilated, tightly bound, unambiguously unread. Very minimal shelf wear consistent with new stock from an open-shelf book store (such as Barnes & Noble, etc.). Otherwise unblemished except that there is a black remainder mark (a line drawn with a black marker) on the bottom edge of the closed page edges indicating that the book is unsold surplus inventory (not visible of course on individual opened pages, only to the mass of closed page edges). Satisfaction guaranteed. In stock, ready to ship. No disappointments, no excuses. PLEASE SEE IMAGES BELOW FOR SAMPLE PAGES FROM INSIDE OF BOOK. PLEASE SEE PUBLISHER, PROFESSIONAL, AND READER REVIEWS BELOW. PUBLISHER REVIEW: REVIEW: Dr Joann Fletcher is Consultant Egyptologist for Harrogate Museums and Arts and has studied human remains at several sites in Egypt, including working on the oldest royal tomb in the Valley of the Kings. The author of seven books and numerous articles, Joann is a contributor to the BBC's History website and the Guardian's science section, and is a regular consultant to publishers. She has lectured extensively in the UK and abroad. She developed the UK's first national Egyptology qualification for the Awarding Body Consortium, and as Egyptology consultant for several television companies she makes regular TV appearances. Joann is also Honorary Research Fellow at the University of York. PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS: REVIEW: Egyptologist Fletcher (Honorary Research Fellow, Archaeology, University of York) recently gained fame through her proposed identification of a mummy sealed in a side chamber of the tomb of Amenhotep II in the Valley of the Kings as Queen Nefertiti. Her quest became the subject of a 2003 documentary on the Discovery Channel. Written for the non-specialist, this excellent companion book provides all of the background information needed to understand the significance of Fletcher's theory. The author approaches her research from a somewhat different angle, specializing in ancient Egyptian hairstyles, clothing, and adornments. Unlike Joyce Tyldesley's more traditional "Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen", Fletcher bases her reconstruction of Nefertiti's career on the theory proposed by J.R. Harris and Julia Samson in the 1970s that claims she was made coregent with her husband, the heretic Pharaoh Akhenaten, and reigned alone as king after his death. The author carefully presents the precedents for queens who reigned as kings in ancient Egypt, her experience working with mummies, an overview of the 18th dynasty, and an account of her two expeditions to examine the mummy in question. The narrative conveys Fletcher's enthusiasm for her work and is supplemented with an excellent bibliography. REVIEW: Oftentimes, the best scholarship uses the investigation of one thing (such as a historical episode or a scientific anomaly) to speak to wider human and cultural truths. Fletcher's study of the life of the legendary queen Nefertiti is scholarship in just this sense. A learned and intensely personal book, it spans Fletcher's near-lifelong involvement with the study of Egyptian culture, from her first trip to Egypt as a teenager in 1981 to her most recent excavation in February 2003. Along the way, she provides the reader with a concise introduction to ancient Egyptian history as well as a rough guide to the shifting ideological landscape of professional Egyptology over the last 200 years. Colored by patriarchal assumptions and the personal ambitions of the men who first excavated the desert, Egyptology tends to focus on the most powerful men of ancient Egypt: kings ruling their country (and families) with unquestioned authority. This book is in part an attempt to correct such biases and challenge reigning assumptions about gender roles in ancient Egypt. Fletcher specializes in the study of "everyday" objects like hair, jewelry and clothing that are often passed over or discarded by Egyptologists. The sections of the book devoted to them offer compelling revelations about the identities of anonymous royal figures and the complex relations among and within dynasties. Ultimately, whether or not readers agree with the hypothesis Fletcher draws from her thrilling examination of the so-called Younger Woman (who she believes is Nefertiti) interred in tomb KV.35 in the Valley of Kings is irrelevant; this book is an inspiring record of a life devoted to the highest scholarship. 24 pages of color photos. REVIEW: The narrative conveys Fletcher's enthusiasm for her work and is supplemented with an excellent bibliography. The book is fascinating. Fletcher picked up on the tiniest of clues to track down what she believes could be the missing queen. Highly recommended. READER REVIEWS: REVIEW: Anyone with a mild interest in things Egyptian was stunned and excited while reading the Sunday Times Magazine, two-part "The Nefertiti Discovery" June 8th and 13th 2003. This was followed up by a Discovery Channel Program later in the year, plenty of E-Mail site responses and eventually the book. There is even a Discovery Channel website that highlights some of the most compelling evidence with plenty of pictures of Joann and suspected King Nefertiti: https://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/nefertiti/nefertiti.html. The impact of the findings was somewhat like detonating a small nuclear device; the fall-out has lingered and produced camps for and against the evidence fighting it out in the atomic winter. The Amarna period in ancient Egypt is fascinating and the possibility of Nefertiti being discovered was for me, a show stopper. The build up to this book were the articles in Weekend Magazine and programs on channel four. With my appetite wetted I was waiting in anticipation for the book to be published and ordered it in advance on the strength of Joann's TV appearances. This was first excursion into the book-world of Joanne Fletcher having only seen her on the box as a high profile authority on mummification. I had no idea about her writing style and wondered if her terminology and content would leave me confused, high and dry. However, Joanne has a no-nonsense attitude and communicates well to those of us lacking a formal education in Egyptology. The book is without jargon, very readable and difficult to put down once started. The story line is supported by maps of Egypt, Egypt and Nubia, Thebes, 13 black and white figures, 2 black and white X-Ray plates and approximately 50 excellent color photographs. The twelve chapters of the book are split into the initial 5-chapters where Joann introduces herself and formative years linking into the enigmatic Amarna period. The Tomb where the suspected Nefertititi has rested, KV 35 is dissected in chapter 6 and in chapter 7 Joann discusses some high achieving females. In making a case for Nefertiti as King, Joann reviews previous female Pharaohs such as Cleopatra, Tawosret, Hatshepsut, Sobeknofru and Neithikret. This makes interesting reading because I feel there is a general misconception amongst the general public that only Hatshepsut of the 18th Dynasty made it to the top slot. The Armarna period is covered in Chapters 8 to 10. The visit to the side chamber where the suspected Nefertiti has slept all these years is brought to life in chapters 11 and 12 where the author takes the reader into the Crime Scene Investigation and has you studying the plentiful supply of images. It is worth emphasizing this is not a book specifically on the life and times of Nefertiti although we are presented with a series of snapshots and brilliant insights. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Nefertiti, the Amarna Period or someone who just wants an insight into the world of the Egyptologist. REVIEW: The first bit of the book is taken up with a bit of biography on Fletcher's background in Egyptology, which is interesting enough. It is indeed interesting to see how a Yorkshire lass like myself comes to study Ancient Egypt, and Fletcher comes across as an interesting character throughout and is clearly nothing like the fusty middle aged male sorts who dominate historical study. Indeed her passion for the subject is refreshing and makes the book all the more readable because of it. The next and largest chunk of the book looks into the history of Ancient Egypt, with a focus on the dominant female characters, and the Amarna royals. I found the sections on female pharaohs and the role of women in Egyptian politics and religion fascinating. It is clearly well researched and offers a view not tainted by sexism and the refusal of some Egyptologists to give female Egyptians the credit and status they deserve. Whether you believe Nefertiti et al ruled as pharaoh or not, it seems wrong to play down the role and successes of women when the Egyptians themselves did not do this. Fletcher's insights on this matter are illuminating and enjoyable to read. I also found the section on the Amarna Period to be fascinating. It served particularly to set Akhenaten's reign in context for me. He is always portrayed as being wildly radical and heretical king, and indeed this is true to an extent. However, Fletcher clearly shows that the move from the traditional religion towards worship of the Aten had been occurring for some time. Akhenaten and Nefertiti moved it on at a greater pace and took advantage of it, but they did not "create" this God for their own convenience as some would have you believe. The last section on the mummy Fletcher believes is Nefertiti is fascinating as far as it goes. Overall this is a good read for anyone interested in Egyptology. Nefertiti is a fascinating character in the history of this unique country and Fletcher provides an interesting insight into her life. REVIEW: I loved the anecdotal nature of the book, the sense as you leaf from page to page that anything and everything may be coming your way. When Joann was a teen, for example, her aunt told her a story of World War II hi-jinks on top of the Great Pyramid. There had been a competition, Joann was told, in which her uncle and his army buds had participated. Each would mount the Great Pyramid and attempt to hit a gold ball off the Pyramid and clear its sides. None of them could do it, even the most vaunted of sportsmen. In this way Dr, Fletcher really helps us to visualize the vast scale of the Pyramids. She's no Ivy Compton Burnett when it comes to dialogue, but you do get the picture of a young woman who's deeply in love with archaeology and with the romance of discovery. If the mummy in question turns out to be the legendary Nefertiti, then we will all have greater access to one of the most romantic figures of all time, one who had a great influence on 20th Century fashions. Think of Liz Taylor in Cleopatra! I am no expert on ancient Egypt but after reading this wonderful book I feel I have a better grip on the issues that surround archaeology at the present time, and you can't take that away from every book. This one is a lavish and thoughtfully produced history of two women reaching out to each other from across a distance of centuries and cultures. REVIEW: A fascinating hypothesis making for some very interesting reading. I'm not sure I find all the arguments for the case convincing, but the book is worth reading alone for the wealth of information contained in it about ancient Egypt and the Egyptians of the Amarna Period. Some excellent color plates too showing artifacts I'd never seen before. That alone was sets this book apart from the flock of others out there which seem to use and reuse the same photos. Highly recommended! REVIEW: A large book this: the kind that looks as if you are getting worth for your money. If you are looking for a book that gives you a grounding in Egyptology, then this is the book for you. Simply told and in a not too academic style it promises much. There is also a glimpse into what it takes to become an Egyptologist. The author taking us on a tour of her life as she pursues with a passion the life of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The focus of the book, as the title states, is the Search For Nefertiti. The argument is clear and convincing enough. Taken as it is from a specialist in Ancient Egyptian clothing and hair. The focus of the argument is put well and is as convincing as any other so far. As a book: it is a first class read. As a study of Egyptology: again it is a first class read whether you are a new-comer or old hand. It is a well written and highly readable book. I always ship books Media Mail in a padded mailer. This book is shipped FOR FREE via USPS INSURED media mail (“book rate”). All domestic shipments and most international shipments will include free USPS Delivery Confirmation (you might be able to update the status of your shipment on-line at the USPS Web Site and free insurance coverage). A small percentage of international shipments may require an additional fee for tracking and/or delivery confirmation. If you are concerned about a little wear and tear to the book in transit, I would suggest a boxed shipment - it is an extra $1.00. 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We do offer U.S. Service Priority Mail, Registered Mail, and Express Mail for both international and domestic shipments, as well United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express (Fed-Ex). Please ask for a rate quotation. We will accept whatever payment method you are most comfortable with. If upon receipt of the item you are disappointed for any reason whatever, I offer a no questions asked return policy. Send it back, I will give you a complete refund of the purchase price (less our original shipping costs). Most of the items I offer come from the collection of a family friend who was active in the field of Archaeology for over forty years. However many of the items also come from purchases I make in Eastern Europe, India, and from the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean/Near East) from various institutions and dealers. Though I have always had an interest in archaeology, my own academic background was in sociology and cultural anthropology. After my retirement however, I found myself drawn to archaeology as well. Aside from my own personal collection, I have made extensive and frequent additions of my own via purchases on Ebay (of course), as well as many purchases from both dealers and institutions throughout the world - but especially in the Near East and in Eastern Europe. I spend over half of my year out of the United States, and have spent much of my life either in India or Eastern Europe. In fact much of what we generate on Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay goes to support The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, as well as some other worthy institutions in Europe connected with Anthropology and Archaeology. I acquire some small but interesting collections overseas from time-to-time, and have as well some duplicate items within my own collection which I occasionally decide to part with. Though I have a collection of ancient coins numbering in the tens of thousands, my primary interest is in ancient jewelry. My wife also is an active participant in the "business" of antique and ancient jewelry, and is from Russia. I would be happy to provide you with a certificate/guarantee of authenticity for any item you purchase from me. There is a $2 fee for mailing under separate cover. Whenever I am overseas I have made arrangements for purchases to be shipped out via domestic mail. If I am in the field, you may have to wait for a week or two for a COA to arrive via international air mail. But you can be sure your purchase will arrive properly packaged and promptly - even if I am absent. And when I am in a remote field location with merely a notebook computer, at times I am not able to access my email for a day or two, so be patient, I will always respond to every email. Please see our "ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SALE." TRANSLATE Arabic Chinese French German Greek Indonesian Italian Hindi Japanese Korean Swedish Portuguese Russian Spanish Material Paper Pages 452 pages Material: Paper, Pages: 452 pages

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