Starter Brush Holder Assembly W/Brushes Ford Pmgr Windstar 3.0L 3.8L

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Seller: Top-Rated Seller jhapp85 (14,042) 99.1%, Location: La Habra, California, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 132242962823 Brush Holder Assy. 12 Volt For : Ford PMGR Starters Replaces: Ford E9OZ-11061-A, E9OZ-11061-B, E9OZ-11061-C, F3RZ-11061-A, SB-331, SB-335, SB-337, SB-348, SB-353, SB-356 Notes : Introduced on Ford PMGR starters w/ M6 x 1.0 S-terminal post solenoids but will also fit starters w/ male spade S-terminal solenoids. Components : 68-219-1 Brush 68-220-1 Brush 69-2206 Brush Holder 69-2704 Spring 72-2115 Insulator 76-2304 Bracket Features : Premium Quality Mfd. by WAI Part Numbers FORD F3RZ-11061-A, F6VZ-11061-AA, SB348 Applications FORD Car & Lt Trk AEROSTAR 3.0L(182) V6 1992-1997 AEROSTAR 4.0L(245) V6 1996-1997 BRONCO 4.9L(300) L6 1992-1993 BRONCO 5.0L(302) V8 1992-1996 BRONCO 5.8L(351) V8 1992-1996 CONTOUR 2.5L(155) V6 1995-2000 COUNTRY SQUIRE 5.0L(302) V8 1990-1991 CROWN VICTORIA 4.6L(282) V8 1992-2009 CROWN VICTORIA 5.0L(302) V8 1990-1991 ESCORT 1.8L(112) L4 1991-1996 ESCORT 1.9L L4 1991-1996 ESCORT 2.0L L4 1997-2003 E-SERIES VANS 4.2L(256) V6 1997-2003 E-SERIES VANS 4.6L(282) V8 1997-2009 E-SERIES VANS 4.9L(300) L6 1992-1996 E-SERIES VANS 5.0L(302) V8 1992-1996 E-SERIES VANS 5.4L(330) V8 1997-2009 E-SERIES VANS 5.8L(351) V8 1992-1996 E-SERIES VAN 6.8L(415) V10 1997-2009 EXPEDITION 4.6L(282) V8 1997-1998 EXPEDITION 5.4L(330) V8 1997-1998 EXPLORER 4.0L(245) V6 1991-2006 EXPLORER 5.0L(302) V8 1996-2001 F-SERIES PICKUPS 4.2L(256) V6 1997-1998 F-SERIES PICKUPS 4.6L(282) V8 1997-1998 F-SERIES PICKUPS 4.9L(300) L6 1992-1996 F-SERIES PICKUPS 5.0L(302) V8 1992-1996 F-SERIES PICKUPS 5.4L(330) V8 1997-1998 F-SERIES PICKUPS 5.8L(351) V8 1992-1997 MUSTANG 3.8L(232) V6 1994-2004 MUSTANG 3.9L(238) V6 2004 MUSTANG 4.0L(245) V6 2005-2009 MUSTANG 4.6L(282) V8 1996-2004 MUSTANG 5.0L(302) V8 1992-1995 MUSTANG 5.8L(351) V8 1995 PROBE 3.0L(182) V6 1990-1992 RANGER 2.3L(140) L4 1991-1997 RANGER 2.5L(153) L4 1998-2001 RANGER 3.0L(182) V6 1991-2008 RANGER 4.0L(245) V6 1990-1997 RANGER 4.0L(245) V6 1996-2009 TAURUS 2.5L(153) L4 1991 TAURUS 3.0L(182) V6 1992-2005 TAURUS 3.8L(232) V6 1990-1995 TEMPO 2.3L(140) L4 1991-1994 TEMPO 3.0L(182) V6 1992-1994 THUNDERBIRD 3.8L(232) V6 1989-1997 THUNDERBIRD 4.6L(282) V8 1994-1997 THUNDERBIRD 5.0L(302) V8 1991-1993 WINDSTAR 3.0L(182) V6 1995-2000 WINDSTAR 3.8L(232) V6 1995-2003 JAGUAR Car & Lt Trk X-TYPE 2.5L 2002-2005 X-TYPE 3.0L 2002-2008 LINCOLN Car & Lt Trk CONTINENTAL 4.6L(281) V8 1995-2002 CONTINENTAL 3.8L(232) V6 1989-1994 MARK SERIES 5.0L(302) V8 1990-1992 TOWN CAR 5.0L(302) V8 1990 MAZDA Car & Lt Trk B SERIES PICKUPS 2.5L 1998-2001 B SERIES PICKUPS 3.0L 1994-2008 B SERIES PICKUPS 4.0L 1994-2007 NAVAJO 4.0L 1991-1994 MERCURY Car & Lt Trk COLONY PARK 5.0L(302) V8 1990-1991 COUGAR 2.5L(155) V6 1999 COUGAR 3.8L(232) V6 1989-1997 COUGAR 5.0L(302) V8 1991-1993 MARQUIS 5.0L(302) V8 1990-1991 MOUNTAINEER 4.0L(245) V6 1998-2006 MOUNTAINEER 5.0L(302) V8 1997-2001 MYSTIQUE 2.5L(155) V6 1995-2000 SABLE 3.0L(182) V6 1992-2005 SABLE 3.8L(232) V6 1990-1995 TOPAZ 2.3L(140) L4 1991-1994 TOPAZ 3.0L(182) V6 1992-1994 TRACER 1.8L(112) L4 1991-1996 Original Starter Part Numbers AC DELCO 323-508, 323-509, 323-514, 323-515, 334-1810, 336-1114, 336-1115, 336-1194, 336-1194, 336-1805, 336-1809, 336-1934, 336-1935 FORD 1F1U-11000-AA, 1F1Z-11002-AA, 1X4U-11000-AA, 3L54-11000-AA, 3L5Z-11002-AA, 4R3T-11000-AA, 4R3T-11000-AB, 4R3Z-11002-AA, 6L5Z-11002-BA, 93BB-11000-KA, 93BB-11000-KB, 93BB-11000-KC, E9OF-11000-AA, E9OF-11000-BA, E9OY-11002-A, E9OY-11002-B, E9SF-11000-AA, E9SF-11000-BA, E9SZ-11002-A, E9SZ-11002-B, F02F-11000-AA, F02U-11000-AA, F02Z-11002-A, F0CF-11000-AA, F0CU-11000-AA, F0CU-11000-AB, F0CU-11001-AA, F0CU-11001-AB, F0FZ-11002-B, F0OU-11000-AA, F0OY-11000-AA, F0OY-11002-A, F13U-11000-AA, F13Z-11002-A, F23U-11000-AA, F23U-11000-BC, F23Z-11002-A, F23Z-11002-B, F2DU-11000-AA, F2DU-11000-BA, F2DZ-11002-A, F3DU-11000-AA, F3DZ-11002-A, F3RZ-11002-C, F4CU-11000-AA, F4FU-11000-AA, F5OU-11000-AA, F5OU-11000-AB, F5OU-11000-AC, F5OY-11002-A, F67U-11000-AA, F67Z-11002-AA, F68U-11000-AA, F68U-11000-AB, F68U-11000-AC, F68U-11000-BA, F68Z-11002-AA, F68Z-11002-BA, F77U-11000-AA, F77Z-11002-AA, F7PU-11000-AA, F7PU-11000-CA, F7PU-11000-DA, F7PU-11000-FA, F7PU-11000-KA, F7PZ-11002-AA, F7PZ-11002-CA, F7PZ-11002-DA, F7PZ-11002-FA, F7PZ-11002-KA, F7SU-11000-A1B, F7SU-11000-AA, F7SU-11000-AB, F7SZ-11002-AA, F87U-11000-A1A, F87U-11000-A1B, F87U-11000-AA, F87U-11000-B1A, F87U-11000-B1B, F87U-11000-BA, F87U-11000-CA, F87U-11000-CB, F87Z-11002-AA, F87Z-11002-BA, F87Z-11002-CA, F89U-11000-AA, F89U-11000-AB, F89U-11000-BA, F89U-11000-BB, F89U-11000-CA, F89Z-11002-AA, F89Z-11002-BA, F8DU-11000-AA, F8DZ-11002-AA, FO7U-11000-AA, FOTZ-11002-A, YF1U-11000-AA, YF1U-11000-BA, YF1Z-11002-AA FORD ENGINEERING 1F1U-AA, 1X4U-AA, 3L54-AA, 4R3T-AA, 4R3T-AB, 93BB-KA, 93BB-KB, 93BB-KC, E9OF-AA, E9OF-BA, E9SF-AA, E9SF-BA, F02F-AA, F02U-AA, F0CF-AA, F0CU-AA, F0CU-AB, F0OU-AA, F0OY-AA, F13U-AA, F23U-AA, F23U-BC, F2DU-AA, F2DU-BA, F3DU-AA, F4CU-AA, F4FU-AA, F5OU-AA, F5OU-AB, F5OU-AC, F67U-AA, F68U-AA, F68U-AB, F68U-AC, F68U-BA, F77U-AA, F7PU-AA, F7PU-CA, F7PU-DA, F7PU-FA, F7PU-KA, F7SU-A1B, F7SU-AA, F7SU-AB, F87U-A1A, F87U-A1B, F87U-AA, F87U-B1A, F87U-B1B, F87U-BA, F87U-CA, F87U-CB, F89U-AA, F89U-AB, F89U-BA, F89U-BB, F89U-CA, F8DU-AA, FO7U-AA, YF1U-AA, YF1U-BA JAGUAR C2S-1396, C2S-47479 MAZDA 1F60-18-400A, 1F82-18-400, 1F85-18-400, ZZL0-18-400, ZZM1-18-400, ZZP0-18-400, ZZP0-18-400A, ZZP1-18-400, ZZP2-18-400, ZZP2-18-400A, ZZP5-18-400, ZZP5-18-400A MOTORCRAFT SA-769, SA-769A, SA-771, SA-771A, SA-775, SA-779, SA-784, SA-787, SA-790, SA-799, SA-800, SA-807, SA-815, SA-818, SA-831, SA-832, SA-833, SA-836, SA-841, SA-850, SA-851, SA-853, SA-854, SA-857, SA-858, SA-859, SA-860, SA-862, SA-864, SA-871, SA-887, SA-888, SA-891, SA-896, SA-921, SA-930, SA-942, SA-949, SAE-777 MOTORCRAFT VALUE SERIES SAV-769-ARM, SAV-784-RM, SAV-787-RM, SAV-800-RM, SAV-832-RM, SAV-860-RM 69-201 WARRANTY INFO: Car-Go products are warranted for 1 year. Warranty is for part replacement only. If there is a problem with the item please notify us prior to altering or installing the item. Altered, abused or improperly installed/maintained items will void the warranty and are not returnable. Warranty is not transferable. Warranty does not cover shipping, labor, towing, rentals, storage, legal fees, lost wages or any other incidental fees. INVENTORY INFO: CAR-GO makes every effort to ensure that we have a full stock of products. Occasionally, a product you have selected may be out of stock, discontinued or no longer available from a manufacturer. Should this occur, we will substitute the product with same quality part. All parts are aftermarket unless otherwise specified. SHIPPING INFO: Shipping is to the contiguous 51 U.S. states only. World wide shipping costs vary, so please inquire before ordering. Shipping is by ground service unless otherwise noted in the auction. MY GOAL IS 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION For any questions that you might have call toll free (800)491-4490 Thank you for stopping by and be sure to visit our store and auctions Powered by eBay Turbo Lister The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Condition: New, Manufacturer Part Number: 69-201, Warranty: Yes, Part Brand: WAI, Brand: WAI World Power Systems

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