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Seller: guardianeatos (16) 100%, Location: Vingelen, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 401830307671 In this lot you will get 9 commons and atleast 1 foil and 1 card that is rare or foil. Most of the cards are near mint. It is mostly the commons that are played or heavely played. Starfoils and black rares are counted as commons! There are 6 special lots. All special lots also include the 9 commons and at least 2 foils (cards in the sets included). The first special lot is with all pieces of exodia. Sorry to say that one leg and one arm are played/heavely played. The second special lot contains the 3 sacred beasts (hamon, raviel and uria) + armityle. The third special lot is the cyber laser dragon set. This set is played/hp The fourth special lot contains all pieces of final destiny board. The N is sadly also hp. Number 5 contains the pyramid of and the 3 sphinxes that belong with them The last one contain the three pieces for the gate guardian, sujin, kazejin and sanga Here is a list of the other rare and foil cards and their rarities that you can get. There might be some rare cards in the lots that are not mentioned in the list below. Rares Musakani Magatama The selection Mind over matter Oh Fish! Polinosis 2x Dark illusion Evo-instant Option hunter Ninjitsu art of duplication 2x Toon defense Glorious illusion Dimension wall 3x Urgent tuning 2x Battle mania 3x Core Reinforcement Trap of imperial tomb 2x Virus cannon Starlight road Skill successor Rainbow life Prideful roar 2x Over capacity Life equalizer Jar of greed Hope for escape 3x Hidden soldiers Fake trap 4x Evil blast Dark spirit Art- greed Call of the eartbound 3x Chain destruction Card of sacrifice Formula synchron Road warrior Turbo warrior 2x Stardust dragon 2x Psychic lifetrancer Nitro warrior 6x Majestic star dragon 3x Junk warrior 2x Hyper psychic blaster Iron chain dragon Drill warrior 2x Dark flattop Armory arm Blackwing armed wing Blackwing silverwind the ascendant Legendary flame lord Battling boxer lead yoke Thunder end dragon number 104:masquerade Darkfire dragon Xz-tank cannon Elemental hero glow neos XY- dragon cannon Ryo senshi Master of oz B.skull dragon Light barrier Emergency provisions 2x Foolish return 3x Grand convergence Revoke fusion 2x Gagagabolt Dark city Cards for black feathers Horn of the unicorn Spell calling 3x Sages stone 2x Thousand energy Six samurai united Battle waltz 4x Double summon 2x Toon world The world tree Paralyzing chain Miracle fertilizer Messenger of peace Arcane barrier Centrifugal field Black garden Shrine of mist valley Psuedo space A deal with the dark ruler Ascticism of the six samurai Phantom knights spear Rank uo magic doom double force Super quantal mech ship magnacarrier Overpowering eye 5x One for one 2x Psychic feel zone Reptilianne poison Red dragon vase Fish and swaps Heavy storm 2x Morphtronic accelerator Synchro gift 3x Summoned skull Dark rabbit Ultimate rares Thought ruler archfiend Dandylion Atomic scrap dragon Karakuri steel shogun mdl ==X Bureido Wind up carrier zenmanity Metal reflect slime Seed of flame Ancient fairy dragon Gold rares Naturia barkion Dragocytos Corrupted Nethersoul dragon Arvcanite magician Formula su\ynchron Blackwing tamer Obsidian Hawk Joe Advanced ritual art Gagaga cowboy Cat shark Temple of the kings Pot of duality Pot of avarice Frost blast of the monarchs 2x Mistaken arrest My body as a shield Mask change 2 Parrallel twister Time space trap hole 2x Ring of destruction Fairy wind Exchange of the spirit Drak mirror force Crush card virus Obelisk the tormentor Santa claws Grapha, dragon Lord of dark world Absolute king back jack Angmarl the fiendish Monarch Farfa, Malebranche of the burning abyss Libic, Malebranche of the burning abyss Scarm, Malebranche of the burning abyss Traptrix Dionaea Kozmo strawman Morphing Jar Blackwing Gale the whirlwind Dandylion 2x Sylvan Sagequoia Rose lover Junk giant Ghost Charon, the underworld boatman Isolde, belle of the underworld Sinister serpent Peropero Cerberus 2x Ultra rares Red nova dragon Junk warrior Shooting quasar dragon 2x Masjestic red dragon Life stream dragon Black-winged dragon 2x Black rose dragon2x Azure-eyes silver dragon 3x Ancient fairy dragon Blackwing armed wing Relinquished Number C39: Utopia ray V 2x Number 86: Heroic champion Rhongomyniad Number 39: Utopia Evolzar Solda Super quantal mech beast magnaliger Number C39: Utopia Ray 2x Bujintei Susanowo Shadow of the six samurai 2x Black Luster soldier 2x Elemental hero electrum Five headed dragon Elemental hero great tornado Temple of the kings 2x Court of justice Mark of the rose Trade-in Fallen paradise 3x The seal of orichalcos 2x Parallel worl fusion Instant fusion 2x Rank up magic limited v\barians force 2x Monster reborn Harpie lady phoenix formation Fiends sanctuary 3x One for one Destiny draw Cards of consonance Book of life Dragonic tactics Metal reflect slime Stardust flash 2x Mischief of the yokai Mind crush Dust tornado Card of last will Dark mirror force Black horn of heaven Blue eyes white dragon sdk Blue eyes white dragon sdbe 3x Dark magician sdy Jacks knight Blue flame swordsman Gauntlet warrior Dark necrofear 2x Gorz the emissary of darkness Dark summoning beast 3x Mystical beast serket 2x Guardian eatos 2x Obelisk the tormentor Harpie queen Dark armed dragon Flamevell commando Space time police Guardian sphinx (USED) Lava golem 3x Quickdraw synchron Bri synchron Red gadget Lionalligator Spawn alligator Earthboun immortal wiraqocha rasca Phoenix gearfried Hedge guard Rosaria the statefly fallen angel Kaiser sea horse Hamon lord of striking thunder Earthbound immortal cusillu 2x Dragunity arma leyvaten 2x Darklord edeh area Darklord superbia Darklord asmodeus t.g rush rino 2x card ejector Endymion, the master magician 3x Inzektor gigamantis Cyber larva Battle fader Kings knight Tuningware 2x Harpie dancer Junk synchron Blackwing zephyros the elite Blackwing shura the blue flame Blackwing Jetstream the blue sky Gravekeepers recruiter Destiny hero malicious Destiny hero disc commander Yubel the terror incarnate Secret Rares Black luster soldier envoy of the beginning 2x Pot of greed Shooting star dragon 2x Armory arm XX Saber gottoms t.g wonder magician 2x power tool dragon Malefic paradox dragon Frozen Fitzgerald Black rose dragon Junk gardna Flamevell uraquizas Number 52: Diamond Crab King Blue eyes ultimate dragon Elemental hero shining phoenix enforcer Elemental hero dark neos Red-eyes black dragon sword Predaplant Chimerafflesia The claw of hermos Mound of the bound creator 2x Mystical space typhoon Exchange 2x Magical meltdown Anti-spell fragrance Trap stun Time machine Starlight road Rope of life Seven tools of the bandit Mirror force Torrential tribute 3x Dark magician Evil dragon Ananta Elemental hero neos alius Clear vice dragon Tidal dragon of the water ruler Malefic rainbow dragon Giant rat 2x Super nimble mega hamster Nova summoner 2x Necro gardna Dark magician knight Sillva warlord of darkworld 2x Invader of darkness Winged kuriboh lv 9 Mystic tomato 2x Windrose the elemental lord Predaplant chlamydosundew Ras disciple 3x Malefic red eyes black dragon Exodia the forbidden one Predaplant spinodianaea Predaplant drosophyllum hydra Quilbolt hedgehog Malefic parallel gear Injection fairy lily (USED) Marshmallon 3x Dandylion Meklord emperor astro mekanikle Super rares Stardust dragon Yubel The agent of creation venus Red dragon archfiend Ally of justice catastor Black-winged dragon t.g blade blaster scarred warrior 3x reptillianne hydra junk destroyer junk warrior gai knigh the force of earth hundred eyes dragon 2x Dark strike fighter Chaos king archfiend Colossal fighter 3x Underground arachnid Vortex the whirlwind Zeman the ape king Samsara dragon of rebirth Maestroke the symphony djinn 2x Melomelody the brass djinn 2x Muzurhythm the string djinn 2x Super quantal mech beast aeroboros 2x Number 39: utopia 2x Blade armor ninja Temtempo the percussion djinn 2x Superdreanought rail cannon gustav max Frightfur wolf Dragon master knight Dragon knight draco equiste 3x Chimera the flying mythical beast Masked hero vapor Elemental hero grand neos Elemental hero tempest Destiny end dragoon Black luster ritual Shiens smoke signal 2x z-one 2x surface swords of revealing light the flute of summoning dragon scapegoat mystical space typhoon dragon shrine 3x dragged down into the grave dark eruption infected mail ectoplasmer miracle fertilizer fusion conscription fusion recovery 2x polymerization predaruning charge of the light brigade nobleman of crossout elegant egotist graceful charity gold sarcophagus magical mallet solar recharge synchro blast wave lightning vortex card destruction de-fusion tuners barrier urgent tuning fusion reserve predaplanet 2x gravity bind 2x escape from a dark dimension discord coffin seller psychic trigger phoenix wing blast meklord factory magical cylinder malevolent catastrophy magicians circle limiter overload 3x eradicator epidemic virus chain disappearance hysteric party black feather beacon mirror force Tyrants temper 3x Roaring earth Dark magician sye 2x (1 is used) Harpie lady Karakuri ninja mdl 339 sazank Aurkus lightsworn druid Meklord emperor granel Blackwing- hillen the tengu- wind 3x Cyber valley Brotherhood of the fire fist- bear Blue eyes shining dragon Socier de fleur 2x Necro fleur 2x Black luster soldier envoy of the beginning Turret warrior Armageddon knight Amazonnes paladin Fortress warrior 2x Sky scourge norleras Doomsday horror Earthbound immortal ccapac apu Masked chopper Fluffal dog Fluffal owl Fluffal pinguin Doppelwarrior Brain crusher Legendary six samurai kaigeki 2x Symphonic warrior drums Sympgonic warrior basses Drill synchron d.d sprite maiden with eyes of blue 3x majestic dragon homunculus the alchemic being quilbolt hedgehog hunter owl rai-jin botanical lion darkstorm dragon evocator chevalier darklord desire dragunity arma mystletainn 2x Dragunity aklys 2x Elemental hero bubbleman White-horned dragon Prime material dragon Penguin soldier Ape fighter Aleister the invoker King of the swamp Summoner of illusions Predaplant pterapenthes Performapal trump witch Featherizer Wind-up rat Inzektor hornet Sets Exodia Destiney board Pyramid of light + the 3 sphinxes Kazijin, suijin and sanga of the thunder Cyber laser dragon Sacred beasts + armityl Condition: Used, Features: Full Art, Language: English, Character Family: Yu-Gi-Oh!

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